Being A Light Worker In 2019: No Longer Holding My Light Against Dark Energy In 2020.

Being A Light Worker In 2020

The November 2019 Double 11 Portal and all of those energies for this year were extreme. They started a chain of events that I will forever remember as being and feeling very liberating. A liberation of all those specific things that felt very dark to me and that I was struggling with for years. There have also been multiple days throughout this month where the 11:11 days and dates are also, releasing, and preparing more people in the world to crossover into a new cycle. Think of this all as a world-wide liberation for humanity. It is in many respects. A new cycle always means new change, but what will that new change look like? Will humanity be able to handle it?

As we enter what I believe is going to be a transitory month, as I believe December 2019 is going to be one for the history books. At least that is how I view thing’s. I’m thinking more and more about my role and what it’s going to be like in 2020. I keep wondering if it’ll be easier, or, if I’ll not have to deal with a lot of lower, and darker aspects of earth life. Will I no longer be holding my light up against dark energy in 2020? Will other Ascension volunteers and embodied participants just like me be experiencing the same thing as well? 

A few articles ago; I wrote one specific article titled: Time Is Almost Up For The Old World. When I wrote that article I meant that timelines, realities, physical locations, and people were also going to be closing down, shutting down, dying off, and being released from this physical world. Which is what I felt and saw in multiple vision(s) about what was going to transpire after the Solar Eclipse on Dec 26th and beyond into 2020. I needed to state that here, because I didn’t in that article. Not as articulate as how I just did now. 

One of these physical locations that is going to close down, shut down, become extinct, be retired, be erased, become dismantled, shut off entirely, is where I currently work until the end of December. Mainly, because it is part of the old 3D world and too many crimes against people (both workers and clientele) have been committed here. Everything, from petty theft, to sexual harassment. A lot of negative events have happened here over a long period of time. Decades worth. Which involved a lot of people in this area. So, it’ll be a complete liberation for this area that I live in. It is what I like to call a negative LowCon service. It’s a place where lower conscious people can congregate, parasite off of one another, and steal other people’s energy basically. It isn’t a proper service to others. It is a service to self. So, because of this my role and my specific work here is done. Which was To Hold My light Up Against This Physical Location and The People Who Work(ed) Here.

All of my life the darkness on this planet has felt very extreme to me, it is vastly different than where I know my real home is. My home dimension. I could never cope well with it. During my childhood years; I have had childhood illnesses that were never really illness, but they were direct manifestation(s) of the negative energies that I was experiencing at the time. As an asthma sufferer when I was younger; I always found it difficult to breathe on this planet. I felt that it had more to do with the drastic polarity between the negative energy on earth, and the higher energy that I had within me. I never believed that it was about a lack of oxygen. It was because and here is where many of you reading this might relate. It was hard to breathe because it was so damn negative here. I could not breathe in such darkness and negativity. It was so toxic. From my home environment, to my childhood elementary school. Up until my high school years. The depression and anxiety that I felt during my teen years, and some minor mental breakdowns, were because it was such a dark, and negative place to be in. Your completely surrounded in it, like your walking through a dark black fog that swallows you whole. It completely envelops you entirely and if I wasn’t shining brightly for all those years. I would have ended up dead. I would have only known and felt the darkness my entire life, which is why I chose to come here completely knowing more than the average person does. I needed to bring more spiritual tools and more of my higher self, so that I could survive it. So, it has been hard to hold my light in such a dark place, a dark planet. A hell hole. This was part of my early life as a Light worker and being a light worker was not fun and easy. This ran it’s course in 2008 and I physically activated in 2014. As we move into 2020 will this be different?

Why 2020 and not 2019?

I wrote that I was no longer holding my light up in 2020. I never said 2019 because this is still part of the old cycle. I’m not saying that I won’t ever be called on to hold my light up against the darkness; I just do not have to hold my light up against, the current location that I had been holding my light in, for the past four years anymore. In 2020 I don’t have to do this kind of work and it was hard work. I think if anything in 2020 I’ll be doing serious transmuting work, because I sense the world is going to be be involved in this transition into this new cycle. 

Since physically activating in 2014; I have had to go through many periods in the last 5 1/2 years, where I was involved in events that Involved holding my light up against, up into, up towards, the darkness on this earth. It could have been a location. A building. A person. It was a frequent daily event. It is a huge aspect of what it means to be a Light Worker and I have had to be a beacon in some really messed up places. It was not the hardest job, but I have had moments where I have feared for my life. Not a lot of people talk about this aspect of what it means to work with light, and I’d rather discuss it because I have lived through it. It’s dangerous work. If I’m doing it, then of course other people are doing this same kind of work. Your basically a conduit for light, light energy, energy codes, higher levels of, and various forms of consciousness, to enter, and live inside of you and that is one aspect of your job. The second aspect involves having transmuted old energy and embodied higher forms of energy. Then you act as a grid worker in the specific location you live in. Holding all of these new energies in place. This is the kind of dangerous, life threatening work, that I have had to do during this first cycle, this first phase, this first stage, of Evolution and Ascension. All of this while being around negative LowCon people, while being on site-of-some-of the most negative job location(s,) and on a negative hell hole planet earth, and reality to match.

We are here to take out the darkness, just as much as it tries to take us out. To take us away from it and from specific LowCon people, who are conduits for negative entities and energy. We are shutting down locations, closing negative portals, putting an end to abuse and negativity. There are times where we are just doing it with our very own presence. So, expect more of these themes as we move into 2020 because it is going to be one heck of a year, for busting darkness and all of it’s systems. However, I won’t be holding my light up in 2020 like I did for the last four years of my life. I also hope as we transition into 2020, that I won’t have to hold my light up against the darkness like I have for the last twenty-nine years. I’ll be existing in a new cycle and not just me either, but everyone else will to. I will need to embody more in the new year and I already know that’s what I’ll be doing. I won’t have to deal with any of the darkest stuff. Like work, money, people, because that is going to end for me in December. This is what being a light worker means. Embody and then shine your light. 

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