Preparing For December 2019: We Have An Important Month Ahead Of Us.

December 2019 Will Be An Important Month

Now that we have transitioned into December 2019 the only thing that I’m focused on, is living in this current moment. I don’t want to look back and neither do I want to skip ahead too far into the future. This goes hand in hand with how I have felt about the importance of this month, because living in the first few days of this new month has felt incredible. The feeling that something big is going to shift me and my life, is getting stronger. It’s beginning to feel like a strong collective shift is going to occur as well, and that’s how strong everything feels right now. To me anyway. How this plays out can land in any specific way and since were not there yet; I can’t speak on how everyone will make it through.

The bottom line is December 2019 is going to be an important month for us all, and it is up to everyone individually, in how they handle the massive sweeping changes, that will be occurring this month into early next year. I suspect many people will be caught off guard and that’s okay, but it’s all part of the bigger picture. 

Over these last few months and weeks; I have been preparing myself for what it would be like when we reached the early December 2019 point in time. It’s an important point and I have wanted to know what the initial shift would look and feel like? How would I deal with the transition? Most importantly what would it feel like for all people around the world? Would they notice it or not? Most of the time when I see a clear image of specific energies; I can only really feel them and see how far away they are in the far distance. It is how I have always sensed these incoming NEW codes, and that is how I have been able to differentiate between certain waves of evolutionary shifts. As they have come. As a highly sensitive being, it helps to know what I will be feeling and at what point in time. It is one of the tools that I decided to bring in with me into this life, that I really love and that I am thankful for. The intuition of feeling energies ahead of time, and sensing shifts is most helpful. When your clairvoyant this is only one of the very many tools that you have acquired over time, over specific lifetimes, and they all get brought into whatever current life your living. They all get brought into this life. 

When certain shifts, energies, and important events begin to form an image in my mind; I do NOT always know how it will manifest on a global level. I’m not allowed to see the actual manifestation occur on a global level, and there isn’t anyone out there who can see that. There are so many variations that it would be impossible to know how it all physicalizes in this realm. I have no idea how everything towards the end of this month, heading into 2020 will look and feel like. All that I have been shown and what I see, is a major event that is going to transpire after the Eclipse on {Dec 26th.} This is what I feel and this is all that I know, and the aftermath of this is going to be bigger than anything I have ever felt before. Despite that, I don’t know how it will manifest in physicality. This is why December 2019 is so important, this is that period in time where this is building itself up. 

I have been feeling and seeing the energies that I saw in June, and then again more up-close and clearly in September. Everyday, I feel what I could feel in split-second visions during that time. However, where I am personally is not where I thought that I would be. I never thought that I would be feeling so liberated like I do, and I feel more free than I have while being physically incarnated on this planet in this lifetime. It is a very strange feeling to have. It is a feeling that I am enjoying as we experience what I believe, is going to be a shift out of the current Ascension Cycle that we are in. As we enter 2020 and pass that Solar Eclipse, this is where I believe we will experience this Cycle ending. It’s just a feeling that I am having, which means that this month is probably one of the most important months that we will ever live through. Historic from an Evolutionary point of view. 

This theme of Liberation From Darkness is repeating for other Ascension Volunteers and for many people around the world to. It will be happening as we transition into next-year as well. So, do expect more of these themes where being liberated from any type of toxic, parasitic, and dark people, as well as, situations to continue to occur. Which is what is happening now and it has been over the last few years and decades. It’s not just me. It is everybody and the earth herself who are finally being liberated from darkness. As I suspect it, we’re entering a new cycle. A cycle that I believe will feel a lot bigger than what we have previous felt, known, seen, and experienced, over the last few years and decades. No-one can stop this new cycle, and no one will be exempt from it. We will all feel it and experience it. So, expect December to be one of those months that shifts us to make some necessary changes. So, that we can move into this new Cycle of the Ascension Process, and make it a little more easier on ourselves when that moment arrives. Here are some important dates that will help us move through the last few weeks of this old cycle, and to begin this new cycle. 

Important Dates To Know In December 2019

December 2nd, 2019: Jupiter enters the sign of Capricorn. Which deals with structures, governments, the worker and in many cases the economy. This is highly important because there will be three planets in Capricorn. Jupiter will join Saturn and Pluto.

December 12th, 2019: The double 12 Portal falls on a Full Moon. This event will bring in more light coded energies, light energies, diamond like energies which I am seeing. Lately, these light codes have looked sharp and diamond like. It used to look like a rhombus for a few months. Than it just evolved.

December 19th, 2019: The Saturn/Pluto Conjunction. Saturn edges closer to the planet Pluto with a 2 degree orb. This will set off a chain of events that will effect the world and all of the structures that are currently set in place. In January this will be exact. We’re already experiencing a lot of stuff with this specific transit. 

December 21st, 2019: Winter Solstice. We have the winter solstice energies which will be the last of it’s cycle, mixed with light codes and energies from the new cycle.

December 26th, 2019: A Boxing Day New Moon/Solar Eclipse. We have a New Moon that is connected to the Annular Solar Eclipse, which will also bring the first light codes and energies of the new Ascension Cycle. Jupiter will be conjunct the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in early Capricorn and this will all be opposed by the North Node. Which tells me that this New Ascension Cycle will be a fated and destined global event.

January 12th, 2020: The Saturn/Pluto Conjunction. Saturn and Pluto finally make a conjunction at 22:46 in the sign of Capricorn. Two days after a Full Moon. This will set off a chain of events that will effect the world and all of the structures that are currently set in place. Expect specific establishments, businesses, the economy to take a hit. However, what is really happening with this event is the completion of entering Cycle Two of the ascension process. 

These are all of the important days and dates that I have looked at and into. They are encoded with High Light Energy from the old and new cycles respectfully. As you can see the end of the month will be the most busy. This will be a shift to remember as another aspect of the old earth, to some extent will be removed for good. Remember that all of these dates leading up to the shift on the December 26th are all small doses. We’re still in the old Ascension Cycle right now. But we’re in a transitional phase. We are being prepared right now and if you have been preparing, than it should look and feel a lot easier. Especially, the more work that you do. 

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