The Transition Into June: May Was Hard, But In June… We’re Reaching New level(s).

Transitioning Into Eclipse Season 

We’re in eclipse season once again. Two for the month of June: The first on {June 5th} and the second on {June 21st}. Then we have the final one at the beginning of next month on {July 5th}. It is no surprise to me that the Solar eclipse falls within a few hours of the summer solstice this year either. Which tells me a lot of things: the first that this years summer solstice is going to be strong and second, that more masculine energies are going to be entering our physical bodies as it all is taking place on fathers day. These connections are all very important, and I believe that males especially will be embodying these new levels of energies, light energies, codes, and rainbow triangle energies, much more into themselves and their bodies this upcoming month. It is all connected and extremely important with where we all are in the midst of this Next-Level Ascension and Evolution.

I have always watched closely at when the eclipses would happen, where they would happen around the world, and where on an astrological level they would hit. It’s been important for me to know this, because of the next layer of energies and how they would literally shift us into a new dimension. Each three month interval pushing us closer and closer to reaching a completely new place, that we never walked through. It’s always been exhausting, and on a physical level it has been draining. This year it’s shifted from July into June. Which means Gemini/Sagittarius is likely to be getting hit harder. These points in time are strong, and it allows new energies, lights, codes, crystal light, from the sun, the higher dimensions, and from god to pour into this physical plane. We’ll be going through a complete new upgrade, and the energies that I have been seeing are the similar rainbow, pastel, triangle light energies and codes. However, a new one that I have been seeing is a solid light triangle that glows and sparkles. 

This new solid white triangle looked more transparent, glowed around the edges, and these are the only two representations that look sort of like what I saw when I first noticed them. It’s interesting to see these Light energies, their codes, and especially the Morphogenesis Process that they go through. When you think about it… isn’t that what we do each time we shift into new energies, become upgraded in them and evolve and understand ourselves, our lives, our situations, our patterns, and the events that we have all gone through collectively and individually. We are morphing and undergoing Morphogenesis ourselves. Morphogenesis is defined as: the biological process that causes an organism to develop its shape. It is one of three fundamental aspects of developmental biology along with the control of cell growth and cellular differentiation, unified in evolutionary developmental biology. Enough about that. We have so much more to think about right now. 

The month of May was another big, painful, unbelievable, long, dragged-out, nerve hitting, hair pulling, paranoia running rampant, anxiety ridden, claustrophobic, like month that felt like it would never end and the pain I felt either. I mean, don’t get me wrong it felt much better than January, February, March and April put together. As some stuff and issues got pushed off and away. However, it has felt like just a struggle to remain in any kind of stable state. It is all part of the shift that we’re feeling. However, I found myself really struggling the closer we got to the end of the month and as we transitioned into June. We embodied another big and important portion of light energies, and those codes, while also and if you have been doing the inner work releasing a lot of dead and stuck energy in your body. 

For me the headaches, which have felt like my entire body is slightly vibrating, and pulsating has been the most peaceful at times. The worst has been the lower left back pain. Into my legs. Hitting my nerve and causing me to feel sciatica pain. This was caused when I first awakened, and it all had to do with a past life I had in Egypt. However, as we go through this process these pains tend to happen. Especially, near body parts where we died from previous past lifetimes. Hey, you carry all that stuff and those issues with you to. For me those were the issues I was dealing with. It got slightly better when I experienced four different lifetimes, from different vantage points, from multiple view points, all at once while outside rocking on the swing that we have outside. I cried for about a few minutes and then the pain slightly eased off. It’s all about going inside of yourself and getting a better understanding of who you are. So, if you have done the work in May the eclipse season should be a lot easier for you. 

I suspect that June is going to be another powerful month and onwards and so, do what you need to do now so that it becomes easier when the hard energies, shifts, pushes, and more energetic shoves hit you. Take care of yourself, and remember to look within to understand why your feeling the way you are. Why am I angry? What is irritating me? What feels out of alignment right now? How can I improve it? Evolution after all is a process of improving from one state of being, to the next. Improve, improve, improve. 

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