The Lions-Gateway Point: Some, Early August Embodiment Heat, Pressures & Pains.

Approaching The Lions-Gateway Point

The very second that we physically phased out of July and into August 2020, my body immediately felt and sensed that energetic shift take place. I had felt thing’s slowly building up to it, but as soon as we shifted into this past Saturday. My body immediately felt the change, the gradual shifting and eventual merging that I and everyone was experiencing. It’s because of these NEW Light Energies and Codes via the sun from the Lion beings of the 6D dimension. As well as yesterday’s Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius, which was the peak of these physical discomforts for me. It has been one hell of a weekend and early start to this month, with a lot of physical pressures and pains. Due to me and (if your feeling these energies to,) you embodying more of these new next level ascension energies. This has all been happening and will continue to, because we are approaching the Lions Gateway which will peak this coming weekend on {8:8}.

While we are experiencing this yearly gateway and these light codes, it will all feel extremely different to us. I know it has already. Especially, because it isn’t just those of us who are sensitive, psychic, light workers and who were triggered to begin their ascension process all those years ago. The whole entire world is in it now and they will be feeling, and experiencing, these energies and having to personally deal with What these physical pains are? and Why they are experiencing them now. There is a lot of confusion right now for those who have no idea, what is happening on an evolutionary level. So, when waves and waves of heavily advanced and accelerated light energies, keep manifesting in the world. Like they have done all year so far for them, they have no idea why it is happening for them. They have no idea what is happening to them. They also have no idea what they should be doing about it. Should they see a doctor? or fully trust their guidance and see if they can find those of us writing about it online. A lot of them won’t. Many of them are just as lost as ever before. Most likely many of them would believe that they have contracted Covid-19. While some of the symptoms are similar, an energetic upgrade of light energies and codes is nothing like a respiratory infection that targets the lungs. There is no full disclosure about Ascension and Evolution right now, which is why many people do not understand what is happening to them during this Early August Lionsgate upgrade. 

However, those of us who have experienced this for years and decades now. We understand it and why it is happening. Many of us are excited about these new energies (despite them hurting like hell this year,) it is what we have been waiting for this entire time. 

What I personally and physically experienced towards the end of last week into this weekend was familiar, but because I am no longer as young as I was six years ago. It felt massively different. At 24 you can feel at least slightly comfortable, but at 30 and having gained weight and then losing a bunch of it. Not exercising as much because my body always hurts and then having gone through my Saturn return in January, when I really felt this second shift happen, this entire year has felt severely painful to me. Painful in new way(s) that I had never experienced before up until this point. There were a range of familiar Physical Embodiment Pressures Pains that I had experienced this weekend, that were old ones from all those six years of having gone through it. They felt different. It might just be me but they felt less severe than before and maybe it is because I have gone through it over and over. Time and time again. Here are a few symptoms that I felt while embodying these 2020 6D Lions-gate Light Codes.

The animated gif that I found and put up for this article up above, is the exact physical replica of what I have experienced this entire weekend on a physical level. While I am not a buddha. Dress or act like one either, the energy centers in the gif were all activated in the same areas as they were for me.

This weekend and leading up to the Full Moon I experienced serious embodiment symptoms such as: Kundalini Heat, Heat Flashes, Hot Bottoms Of The Feet and it all just felt extremely hot. All weekend long. I have personally experienced this symptom before and I experienced this a lot in February and March of this year too. This internal burning is literally you and me burning and transmuting, our own personal stuff and collective junk, trash, beliefs, atrocities, done to humanity and the earth. I personally have no issue with this specific symptom when it does happen, I prefer to feel warm because most of the time I do feel sensitivity to the cold. In my hands and feet especially.

I also experienced Severe Crown Chakra Downloads and Coded Light Beams entering my body, via my crown, at the top of my head. It did not hurt but I experienced some serious pressures on my head as they entered me. I also had some bouts of Nausea along with a sensation of feeling light energy rolling around in my head. The movement itself, went from right to left around and around. It only happened for a few minutes and then stopped. 

I also felt the need to Do Nothing and Sleep, Rest which I did plenty of Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning. Then of course there were the Digestive Issues on Monday which made it hard for me to eat anything at all. 

This is what I have personally experienced with these Lionsgate Light energies and codes. This will continue to happen for us for all of August 2020 and it will get even more intense as we enter September. I have already sensed and felt an energetic shift, which will transition more of humanity further beyond what they have ever experienced before. The Fall equinox shift. The Supermoon in September. The last three portals of this year. Plus, more Eclipses in December. This will not be and feel easy for all of us and humanity. So, heads up on pillows and blankets in position everyone. 

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