Living In September 2020: We Are Now, Living In That Point Of No Return. The Brutality Of All This Right Now Is Real.

The Point Of No Return Is Here

I have not been writing as much, due to responsibilities in my life that need my attention right now. However, I wanted to write an article as quickly as I could (because things’ have advanced to such a degree,) that the collective and all of humanity is right now at the point of no return. This point is an internal choice, decision, feeling, desire and (most importantly,) the direction that you and every individual living on earth right now wants to move into.

So, who are you? What is the state of your conscience? What level of consciousness are you at? How advanced are you and how evolved do you want to become? Are you going to remain where you are or switch into the higher earth world and frequency that our planet has as of this year become? Which is what this is all about. The expansion and evolution of you and yourself. While simultaneously, helping others’ to consciously evolve by you yourself adapting, working hard, resolving internal issues, angers’, resentments’ and doing the job from within. Can you do that? Is that something you and every person right now wants to do? Do you want to work hard? Do you want to look inside of yourself? Do you want to make corrections? Are you ready to make that decision? If so, then what direction do you choose? 

The article for this week is once again going to be another energy update. Thing’s have progressed in such a manner so far this month, that I cannot ignore a lot of how I have felt on a physical level. Neither, would I want to skip over the harsher and harder aspects of my life. There is value in living the hard stuff. Which can be therapeutic to write about on here. Which is why I am choosing to write about all the physical issues that I have been encountering. Amid, intense planetary and earth weather events. While also talking about where we are as a collective planetary species, living within the very new earth world.

Over these last six-in-a-half years after suddenly and abruptly beginning what I call my physical metamorphosis, which catapulted me to begin my Ascension Process. I spent many days and nights either sleeping on or just laying on the couch. Just doing absolutely nothing while sitting on the couch. At times I was either paying attention to a movie, show, something on the television. The majority of the time and I mean 90% of the time; I was a complete hot mess. I was crying. I was either dazed or in too much pain to notice anything. To tired. Too sleepy. At times I was passed out. Mainly, I was awake while all of these physical pains, aches and different levels of massive embodiment downloads further changed my physical body. The whole entire point of bringing this up, is that it hurt like shit then and it still does now.

In {2020} I have been able to do nothing except plant my butt on the couch. I have not been able to move around as much. I have not been able to speak to very many people. I have done nothing but feel weak. Feel tired and dazed like a drunken monkey. I have done nothing but sit on, sleep on the couch and I have done this because that is literally all that I have needed to do. It is all I could do. Especially, when in the midst of embodying some intense and powerful energies into your being. I did it then and I’m doing it now. However, September feels like I am doing so much more of this than any other time this year. Which does not surprise me because there is so much going on right now. Dare I even mention it. This at times is starting to feel like its’ that thing that your not allowed to speak about. Nor state by name. Like Voldemort. September and all the internal and external division going on, it really hurts and it has been brutal. The brutality of all of this has felt so awful. Not just for all of us who are sensitive, psychic and light embodiers. For everyone else too, because they are in it to. The entire world is entirely in this Light filled world now and many of them are having to choose where, when, why, what and how they want to make this shift. 

For a lot of us we are choosing to evolve while we are on the couch. Nothing new. Sometimes, it’s not even the couch. It’s the bed. The car. The floor. Its’ a big, sleepy mess for many of us. My advice: honor yourself by allowing yourself to enjoy the pleasantries of a well needed nap. Whenever, you need to do it. 

Just to give you a little review of what has been going on. 

We have had a lot of planetary and natural weather events happen which is normal, especially giving where we are right now. Mars the planet of action and the masculine energy went retrograde. This happened on September 9th. 

That day I felt like my head was going to explode. I received massive crown chakra headaches and that lasted into the next day. Where I felt cold, tired, dazed and in a different reality all together. I felt gone and in another place the entire day on the 10th. The 11th I had a man parading around the house, installing a security system because the violence has gotten out of hand in my area. The new electric/tech stuff drove me absolutely insane. The 12th I woke up at 3 am and felt severe headaches, crown chakra downloads, pounding and it felt so severe that I couldn’t sleep any longer. The entire weekend I was on the couch, sleeping earlier and in severe aches and tender in areas on my legs and body. Specifically, my right leg. 

The strange thing about Saturday the 12th was that It felt so severe that I had thought, felt, like I had the flu, but I did not have any of the usual symptoms. That was the day that Jupiter went direct and after he did the next day I felt slightly better. So, from Sep 9-12 we had 6 planets retrograde. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Then Jupiter went direct on the 12th. 

Earlier, this week. The Monday felt extra severe. With energy parading into my being and causing me to feel nausea and immediately feel my stomach bloat up and get bigger. Not to mention there were 5 named storms swirling around in the Atlantic. Some, Hurricane systems, or close to being Hurricane status. It is the second time that this has happened in the entire history of Hurricane seasons. Once in 1971 and that season had 6. Multiple systems churning in the Atlantic ocean and multiple planets retrograde, during a world wide pandemic and the second cycle of the Ascension Process. Oh, this is so exhausting as hell. (Pardon, my French.) 

This is it folks. We have entered September and moved deep into the month, deep into the journey, deep into the current download of these latest, intense, iridescent white, plasma Triangle Light codes and Energies. It is like I was saying, It is now The point of no return. Point of no return for many people, many institutions, many brands, many beliefs, many systems and just to make a point. We’re soon to enter the second wave of these energies, which means surges in cases and they are already talking about putting us back here on lockdown. (Canada, Ontario). 

Division of people, world realities this is all happening right now. However, so is choosing which direction that your going to go into. Think carefully. Stay safe. None of this looks or feels easy right now. So, much is in the air right now. We still have so much to get through to. Like the New Moon which is a Supermoon on the 17th. The Fall Equinox on the 22nd. Saturn Direct on the 29th. 

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