About Me: Michael C Murdock

 My Life As An Ascension Volunteer: Humble Beginnings & High Expectations 

If you’re reading this specific page on this website, well chances are that I am no longer living. I’ve only ever stated in a few of my articles that I would only share my identity, when I felt that I was close to leaving this physical earth and leaving behind this identity. This person. There have always been reasons why I never revealed myself over the years, and I knew it wouldn’t be safe to do so while I was alive. I don’t need to worry about the consequences of those worries anymore, because I’m free and now is where the real work can begin for me.

In this page, you will find all that you need to know about me and the small details of my life. I won’t share everything, because I am allowed some small pieces that are just for me. Written in this page is my name, my birth date information, the town that I was born in, and the schools that I attended. You’ll read about my family. You’ll also read about my early life, my physical activation, and some of my personal struggles which I conquered in this life. I share this with you all in hope’s that you can conquer all of your own trials, challenges, and ascend beyond the lower aspects that this earth reality has to offer you. 

I was born with the full given name of Michael Camara Araujo which was, (later changed to Murdock,) on May 17th, 1990, in the small town of Oakville, Ontario. I was born to Portuguese immigrants who moved to Canada in the 1980’s. I lived in Oakville my entire life and never moved in all the years that I lived, I never had children and neither did I get married. I knew early on that wasn’t the life that I was going to live, that I chose something else entirely to experience. My one and only purpose for agreeing to incarnate here again, was to be a Volunteer for the Ascension Process. I knew that through my connection to the higher dimension, that it was going to play an important part in this life. Especially, once we shifted from the Piscean Age into the Age of Aquarius. Which we’re living through now. Not to say that I didn’t have other thing’s to quickly finish up here, I had tons of karmic debt that I needed to remove and release in this life. All of the Karmic debt to release from thousands of years of incarnations, which was also tied to the Ascension Process.

Oakville, Ontario

I had one older sibling who’s name I won’t be mentioning for specific reasons. My mother and father will also remain nameless, that’s for many reasons as well that I won’t mention. My relationships with all three of them were very complicated and challenging to say the least. I came from a very big religious family, and I was the odd one out. I was the Aquarian to their Piscean way of life, we often clashed, and I just couldn’t handle their religious lifestyle. I just didn’t have time for that familiar game. I didn’t follow that life and instead I followed my intuition, I knew what I was up against in this life, and I knew what I was doing here. I took all of my tools and higher awareness with me into this life, and I applied them in the areas that I knew were best for me to undertake. Which is how this website even got created, where I shared wonderful memories about my past lives and the current life I was living. 

As a child I was not liked by very many people, family, my peers, co-workers, in fact I had a wicked time dealing with many people, who I never always felt like they were fully conscious of themselves. I felt very tied down in the body that I chose for this life, and that’s because I was carrying all my tools with me. I was also carrying as many other aspects as possible with me, and karmic debt that needed to be worked on in this life. I moved a little bit slower than what I was usually used to; I was also Male in this life. I have usually been Female in almost all of my other lives that I chose, but I decided for specific reasons that being a Male in this life might be a nice change. It’s not easy being Female and I didn’t want to be attacked for a being a woman again. When your body is slower, and you have had multiple lives over thousands of years. You get what you bargained for. I dealt with real personal issues such as (bad health, scoliosis, attacks on my thyroid/throat/voice, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, depression, lots of suicidal thoughts.) There were also good points as well, I had higher help whenever I needed it. My higher light team was always nearby, and they were always there to comfort me when I needed it. 

I attended St. James Elementary School which no longer exists anymore and St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School. While attending both schools I experienced a tremendous amount of oppression, and my peers were a constant challenge for me on a daily basis. There was a frequency difference between me and a lot of people. I could see how different my trajectory was to everyone else, and already I was pre-embodying while dealing with Karmic issues that were slowly being dealt with. I ended up skipping out on my graduation and moving on with my adulthood which I was desperate to get started. When I turned 24 things began to unravel for me; I began to physically activate to begin the Ascension process in March of that year. With that came a lot of personal memories about myself, more than what I already knew prior to this blessed event. Past lives and other aspects of me all came rushing to my immediate awareness, with experiences that I experienced as different versions of me in other time periods. There were a lot of other struggles along the way, continued embodying and further attacks on my thyroid had destroyed it completely. Much of the feminine aspects of me and my voice have been attacked, in this life much like it was in all of those other incarnations when I was women. 

Consciousness Awakening, Manifesting Energetic Earth & The Connection To The P’s (Pleiadians.) 

In Feburary 2019, I first created, and then I began to write within Energetic Earth: New Ascending World. I was contracted to do so which involves writing about the Ascension process. As I find earth and earth life very uninteresting as someone who has been here many times, except on those occasions where I have intense experiences that I have endured as a Volunteer. I don’t want to be a part of what is going on around the lower dimensions of earth right now, aside from helping to create the new earth reality for ascending human beings. While doing so I spent a good while in my early thirties dealing with some health issues, which I thought could have been Thyroid Cancer. My grandmother on my mother’s side did have thyroid Cancer, and she ultimately got a thyroidectomy to remove it. In August 2022, I finally got confirmation that I did not have Thyroid cancer after meeting with a thyroid specialist. Which I waited almost two years to see because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis which is an inflammation of the thyroid. I began the healing process soon after. 

In Feburary 2023; I experienced intense physical symptoms that I have never felt before due to the Ascension Process escalating into NEW ways that I have never experienced before. I was then diagnosed with fatty liver and began the healing process once again, I began Reiki sessions to address all of the trapped energy within my Thyroid and Liver and my entire body. It was at this time that I became consciously aware of the Pleiadians and with the Pleiadian Consciousness at a much advanced level. I became conscious of myself as an aspect of the Pleiadian consciousness and this is when I really began understanding their teachings. The Pleiadians and other E.T beings have been in contact with me my entire life and have worked with me through my consciousness, the Pleiadians have taught me that the Earth and humanity must Ascend on New Earth reality by accessing the heart and holding love for one another by holding a pure energetic signature. The keys are for unlocking the heart. I have been reawakening my physical body to the Ascension process by energetically clearing my signature and holding a safe loving energy for all. 

This is my life and just because I am gone that does not take away from the fact, that this will always be one of the most important lives that I have ever lived. If you stumble upon this website and page section while you’re going through the Ascension Process, know that this is an online library that is in service to you. However long and whatever Astrological Age you find yourself in, whether it be the Aquarian Age. The Age of Capricorn. The Sagittarius Age. Whatever age your currently living in. Just think of me when you’re having a hard time, I’ll do what I can for you from where I am in the higher dimensions. If this website stays alive and on the internet for long. Here on this website lays all my earthly writing, and work, precious memories which include some of my past lives. These were my experiences and this is what I went through in my life. I hope that you read, love, laugh, and take what you need to move forward as you Ascend higher. 

In order to write about life first you must live it. Ernest Hemingway