Energetic Earth: Return To Source

Energetic Earth: Returning Back To Source Through Reclaiming Energetic Sovereigty 

The Earth is experiencing a frequency shift that is happening right now that has never happened on it’s soils before, and it is that reconnection to Divine Source and those elements that we are experiencing. It is what Starseeds and Ascension Volunteers refer to as The Ascension Process.

The Earth is a battle ground and we are here to help Earth transition through this process. We are here to reclaim our “energetic Sovereignty” back that was stolen, as well as bring the Earth back to her sovereignty which was stolen from her. The Earth and her “energetic sovereignty” include: Earth and all of her natural organic energies (which have been corrupted, stolen, and energetically assaulted for eons.) These battles and energy theft has been led by non-physical negative entities, galactic parasites, AI Satanic forces, and so much more. The Ascension Process is underway to remove all lower dimensional elements from this earth reality and return them back to the god force, thus returning Gaia back to her original state of sovereignty.

I first realized that I was contracted to begin writing about The Ascension Process in 2014. I soon realized that I needed to begin writing in late 2015 and in 2016 my first online website manifested. In February 2019; I created and started writing in Energetic Earth – Ascending New World, which is my second website that I created to further discuss the multiple changes that were happening to the Earth right now through my connection to the Pleiadian Consciousness. The Pleiadians have helped me understand all of the Earth Changes that are happening now, and I have really grown to understand what my role is on New Earth. 

I first created Energetic Earth – Ascending New World in February 2019 where I have written weekly articles for the last 4 1/2 years. My articles have mentioned information about where we currently are on The Ascension Process. Along with my own personal experiences that I have ordealed through due to these changes, from personal healing to ending personal karmic debt to people and locations. Included in these articles are the transition(s) that I made from leaving cycle one Volunteer life and stepping into cycle two of the Ascension process where the manifestation of New Earth took place. Then our first entrance into the Aquarian Age and the return of Divine Mother Feminine to physical Earth to reclaim her sovereignty. In 2023; I have been focusing on the continued activations of New Humans as we shift into the end of duality via the Pluto in Aquarius shifts. 

Themes Within The Ascension Process: Unfolding Themes For Humanity 2019-2023

The 2019 Year: In 2019 the Ascension Volunteers exited the last cycle of the first Ascension cycle. In 2012 that was the cut-off point for humanity when the Mayan calendar ended, but we were still in the early stages of the Ascension process and this is the year that the Ascension Volunteers left this cycle behind. We entered New Earth Ascension Cycle two in early 2020.

The 2020 Year In 2020 the Ascension Volunteers entered the New Earth reality and then the rest of the entire world followed. The Covid-19 Pandemic was an entire world wide energy purging and activation. This secondary cycle will continue to focus on humanity entering the New Earth reality, while that isn’t everyone all at once do to evolutionary levels. That does include younger spirits who can evolve at greater levels than before from 2019-2023.

The 2021 Year In 2021 the Ascension Volunteers entered New Earth and the beginning of the Aquarian Age. This is my personal opinion. I know that Humanity has been transitioning from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age for a while, and many believe we already shifted into this astroogical age and some think that we have not. This year is to focus on the fact that we have begun and entered the NEW Ascension cycle of the Aquarian Age.

The 2022 Year – In 2022 the Divine Feminine returned within the New Earth template. The Divine Feminine returned into the New Earth Template in all of her glory and made persistent downloads into humanity. This was the main year of the Divine Feminine energy Sophia returning and many more of these downloads will take place within the New Earth Template.

The 2023 YearIn 2023 the Ascension Volunteers began to help New Humans enter New Earth reality and the first group of those who wanted to begin the Ascension process had started to get DNA activated. This is all connected to Pluto in Aquarius and that back and forth into the sign. Humanity and consciousness will continue to be activated as we move through the next 20+ years.

It has been my hope that as I continue to write these articles, that Energetic Earth can become an online library of information for many who will find themselves doing what the early volunteers have done thus far. A library filled with various amounts of higher information, about our Earth, and all of the massive changes that are taking place right now on it. I am hoping that Energetic Earth can be a bridge between the higher and the lower, for non-volunteers to eventually make their transition into New Earth if they so choose to. I am Energetic Earth. I am a thirty-two-year-old highly sensitive volunteer, who is on a mission; to raise the frequency of the Earth. I have experienced a lot in my life, all of which is too long to list. Rest assured it has been both wonderful and horrible, but my experiences are my own, and I have lived them the best that I can. I hope that my experiences and writings can help you. If you are reading any of these articles, I hope that it helps you on your path. Here is the first link to my first article. 

Welcome To Energetic Earth: The New Ascending Earth Reality.

The earth is in the cradle of humanity, but mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky