Sacred Sites: Sacred Energy

Sacred Sites: Places That Hold Stong Power, Portals & Vortexes Throughout The World

The Earth is an Energy planet and because it is there are certain areas around the world with a stronger Energy Signature within the general area. There are an infinite amount of places in our world that hold high energy because of a spiritual connection to Source, there are Portals and there are Vortexes scattered around the world that are both positive and negative in nature. The world is filled with Energy and this planet is an Energy one and we have to always remind ourselves that Energy has it’s levels. There are layers and components to different levels of energy, within the soils and human beings. 

Sacred Sites are what I consider places that hold the highest Vibration that you can feel and get close to without dying from it. There usually is a strong feeling of “Being Uplifted” that happens for a person when they travel to a sacred site, it changes you and how you are to course correct your very consciousness. These changes happen within our body as well and whether you were called to go to these Sacred locale, the higher self understands the purpose behind the visit to such sites. There usually is a higher knowing that there will be a change which is the intended goal and you will leave these sites a changed person. The same thing can be said about visiting a negative site that has a destructive past behind it, it does change you and usually it takes the life force from the person. It leaves you feeling robbed of your energetic signature and which makes it difficult to combat Spiritual battles against your consciousness when those components happen for you.

There are only a few places that I have travelled to in this lifetime and that has to do with the physical body that I chose, it has been a very challenging body for me but it does what it needs to do in regards to the Ascension process. The few places that I have personally travelled to include: (Niagara Falls, Ottawa, New England, Azores Islands (Remnants of Atlantis) and a few places in Ontario. There weren’t very many places that felt very uplifting, the only place where I felt changed was in Niagara falls do to the waters themselves. The interesting thing about Niagara Falls was that the waters were surrounded with light, but then there were lower frequencies that were nearby the water falls which nulled it’s positive effects on the collective. This is the standard usual Negative Signatured Non-Human and Human entities tactic to siphon off from higher frequencies from the collective all for themselves.

When we do feel called on to travel to various Sacred Sites they usually feel very pure in nature and organic, I have noticed that with the more important Sacred Sites like The Pyramids of Giza and The Sphinx. Sometimes negative frequencies will attached themselves to the sacred sites. Negative Energy Signatured humans and non-humans do this to siphon energy from Sacred Sites, and ultimately not leaving it open for people to go and experience that upliftment that they need. I could never return back to Egypt and re-vist the Pyramids and The Sphinx – it wouldn’t serve me any kind of purpose to go back there with the modernized gift shops and we need currency frequency to visit. The composition is different, the land layout has changed and there are more aspects to Ancient Egypt that is still buried beneath the sands. It isn’t like what I remember it at all and it is a perfect example of energy exchanged for currency, an uplifting Sacred Site that is being used to Siphon current negative energies.

Sacred Sites: A List Of Sacred Sites That Hold Higher Vibrating Energy

The Pyramids Of Giza, Egypt:

The Pyramids Of Giza are one of and if not the most Sacred sites on Earth due to the position and function of the pyramids themselves with the Sun. The Giza Pyramids bring energies and information into our Earth template from Orion’s Belt. 

Great Sphinx Of Giza, Egypt:

The Great Sphinx Of Giza holds a special place in my heart. The Sphinx had a different purpose in Ancient Egyptian time periods than the Pyramids, The Sphinx and the tunnels leading underground into the ground were where many of us were initiated. We were initiated inside the Sphinx through the god Horus to understand the different dimensions of existence.

Stonehedge, Wiltshire, England:

Stonehedge is another Sacred Site because of the Stones and it’s position to the Sun. Stonehedge is another area where there is a Portal there because Solar energies arrive in that location around the Spring and  Fall Equinox. 

Maya Pyramids, Mexico:

Machu Picchu, Peru: 

Niagara Falls, Canada: 

The Southern Alps, New Zealand:

The Himalayas, Asia:

The Ganges River, India/Bangladesh:

Deserts of Australia, Australia:

Uluru Kata Tjuta Nataional Park, Australia:

Mount Shasta, California:

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