The Pleiadian Teachings

The P’s Pleiadian Consciousness: Contact With The Pleiadian Beings

The first time that the Pleiadians made contact with me in this life was back in August 1990 at three months old, I remember experiencing an medical issue just a week before my Baptism. I was comforted by three Pleiadians and then shielded by the same three Pleiadians during the ritual event. I was raised Catholic and even at three months I didn’t like the idea of religion and what it was all about. The Pleiadians showed me comfort and loving attention, they eased all of my fears and made sure that nothing would happen to me that would get in the way of my mission as an Ascension Volunteer. 

The second time that the Pleiadians made contact with me was when I was 6/7 back in 1996/1997; I experienced a medical issue where I ran into a car licenses plate and lost consciousness. I left my physical body soon after that and hovered above watching the scene unfold, when the same three Pleiadian beings were there comforting me and helping me through the ordeal. I stayed with them all until I returned back into my body and regained consciousness. 

The two early childhood contacts that I have had with The Pleiadian Beings and the Pleiadian Consciousness has been an important part of what has made this physical experience here on Earth for me in this current lifetime as this Michael aspect. These two visitations have given anyone who is reading this and who is interested in the Pleiadians and their energy, a good idea of just how warm and loving that the Pleiadians really are. I felt nothing but a gentleness and a warmth from them in those two contacts, they expressed how much they loved who I was and they made sure that I was comforted in all that I was experiencing within 3D physicality. They took away my fears and pains. I was left assured that there was nothing to worry about and I take comfort in those first and second contacts with them. 

The best way that I can describe the Pleiadians really is by stating that they are the Heart and Wisdom of the Galactic Federation, my understanding of who they are through our connection is that they are here to assist humanity through their ancient wisdom and knowledge. The Pleiadians have shared with me that they’re here to teach humanity how to unlock their hearts and how to live through the heart, and that they have access to the keys that unlocks the heart center as the way of living on New Earth. They have also taught me that service to others is the best way to show that you hold a pure Energy Signature, because you are one with source through realizing that you are helping unify all others.  The Pleiadians are here to assist humanity through the Ascension process, by sending energy waves from their location within the higher dimensions. These energies are meant to help humans understand that love is the key and that the heart is the way to live by. They have so much love and they really share a joy for how far humanity has come. 

The P’s Pleiadian Consciousness: The Hub Of Information, The Pleiades & Pleiadian Teachings

The Pleiadians and Pleiadian Consciousness is an ancient one that holds Ancient Wisdom and Knowledge. The Pleiadians and the consciousness are the ones that hold all of the information about Planetary Systems, Galactic Wars, and are the information holders of multiple Galaxies itself. Within around the Pleiades itself there is a central hub of information and there are many beings who do travel to the area to learn and gain from that Knowledge. Near the Pleiades there is a Hall Of Information and many energies and beings do arrive and have studied there just before taking on an Incarnation. The Pleiadians are the nerds of the Galactic Federation and it is an advanced consciousness, because it understands even the most microscopic aspect of every process of existence. 

The Pleiadian Teachings do take place nearby the Pleiades and their teachings are based more on: Head, Heart and Mind studies. The Pleiadians have shared with me that knowldge is one way to survive the Earth as it transitions out of 3D Frequencies and into 5D Heart Living. They expressed that knowing and using all of your higher tools to navigate life is important right now. They also shared with me their knowledge of Energy Signatures and that learning how to read certain energies during this transitional time is also helpful. They mentioned that living through the heart is the only way to survive these harsh transitions right now into 5D frequencies, that 5D frequencies is the vibration of love and unity. The Pleiadians have also stressed the importance of water and to the color blue, to surround ourselves with these substances and colors to connect with them. The triangle is the most important shape for Pleiadians, they often use it to show the importance of Head, Mind and Heart. 

If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded. Maya Angelou