Protecting Your Energy Field

Protecting Your Energy Field: Protecting Your Energy Field & Shielding Up 

If you’re reading this specific page on this website, well chances are that you’re needing to cultivate some form of protection against the lower dimensions. The lower dimensions: deal with anything that is 4D, 3D, and 2D elementals. The lower dimensions involve having to deal with both human beings and negative entities alike. I have had to deal with both LowCon people (lower vibrating humans,) and Negative entities, Demons, Parasites, and Devils most of my life. I am one of the few who are contracted to deal with such entities, and this is not everyone who is on the Ascension Journey. There are some who deal with other aspects of the Ascension process only, while I have always dealt with Polarity Consciousness up close and personal. I have also dealt with the darker aspects as well, so for me I have had to protect myself whenever I have felt unsafe from those entities and their attacks.

The most important part of my life while having lived the Ascension Process for so many years, has been needing to remind myself that I need to protect myself more often than what I have been doing. Protect myself from all of the chaos and mess that is roaming free within the lower dimensions, it has a way of slipping through the cracks and it ends up effecting your physical body. Then there are the negative alien entities themselves that have projected out specific thoughts, and who have tried to make me feel different emotions over the years. Which I had to be vigilant with. There have been too many situations which I have experienced personally that I have not always given the details to. I have my limits and most of what I have endured has been flat out traumatic over the years. Locations are also heavily influenced by these such beings, and then there are places on our earth that are protected from them for their higher attributes. Not to mention the protection I have needed from negative alien agendas, and groups in the public eye that have come on here and read information off of this site. I can feel them. 

Protection and Shielding have been important necessary tools that I have used for my personal safety for these last few years of my life. If I hadn’t cultivated these forms of self-protection, I would have been left unprotected and wide open for constant attacks. I usually am targeted by negative alien entities and LowCon people who lack awareness of self. Those of us who deal with this hold light and that in itself is enough to be considered a target. I’ve been threatened to be killed twice in this lifetime, so I know when it comes time to shield up and protect. I know where I am and what I’m doing here. 

One form of protection that I do is Shielding. Shielding is about protecting your energy field, your aura, as well as your physical body from anything getting in. The shield protects you and the intention that you ask, from being wide open to attacks. There are some good shielding techniques out there, from well-known Ascension teachers. While I have tried a few and mostly The 12th Dimensional Shield by Lisa Renee. If you don’t know about Lisa Renee’s shielding technique you can just google her. Over time, I have opted to do my own shield. I do my own shielding now and generally protect myself, there are reasons for this. My main shield that I have been using is called the 5D dome of light, which I have worked on personally while creating this light energy structure. This ability to work with light and energy to formulate a form, is a tool that I picked up in ancient Egypt, and in other lifetimes in Atlantis and Lemuria. This was one ancient teaching that I had learned from higher dimensional beings, who did visit the earth at that time. 

The 5D Light Dome Shield: Activating The 5th Dimension Dome Of Light Shield 

The 5D Dome Of Light Shield: is essentially a protective shielding technique that I personally created for the sole purpose of self-protection. When done right and fully activated this shield can keep negative energy, negative parasites, from entering the aura of the body. When this happens there is potential for certain things to latch onto you and eat away at your energy. I have had this happen to me and I have needed to remove these ties to my body myself. The intention with this technique is to call upon the strength and light energy of the 5th Dimension to assist you. To protect you when you leave your home, when you’re out in public (if you need to be.) To completely surround yourself with light in the form of a Dome around your physical and etheric bodies. Especially, in situations when you need to be and feel safe. How does it work?

The very first step is to call on (Divine Source/ Higher Self/ Christos/ Divine Masculine and Feminine) and then state your intention to be protected. That your intention is to be safe and to be protected. Then visualize light surrounding you, by allowing the highest and the purest energy from source into your Crown Chakra. Then move it down into the ground. Passing all the other chakras within your body. When it reaches the ground, expand the light 3 ft. in all directions and create a Dome. You can do this as many times a day as you want. It is very simple, and it does not take that long to do. The most important part of this is to visualize and really be clear about what your intention is. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Benjamin Franklin