Entering New Zones Of Freedom: Inserting New Multidimensional Structures Into Reality Through Personal Experience.

New Zones Of Freedom: Practice Inserting New Earth Into Reality Through Personal Experiences.

When we first entered 2023; I knew that more and more people would be awakening in larger numbers because we had entered a new layer of New Earth. I knew that the theme of “New Humans of New Earth” was exactly what this year was going to be about, because more people had to make that energetic leap. There are tons of people who are still stuck in the 3D reality and I make no mistake of knowing that. Everyone has the potential to evolve through experiencing these intense frequencies within our current movement through the Galactic Photon Belt, and many are able to evolve at greater speeds than ever before because we are currently moving through the Galactic Centre. We are merging with these golden electromagnetic frequencies, and the further we move into this light the more that we begin to understand more of who we are.

In January 2024; Pluto will once again enter the sign of Aquarius and we will experience more of the same theme with people who will be “New Humans Of New Earth” that are traveling through these radiant golden electromagnetic light frequencies. We will experience new zones of freedom within Earth and whatever realities that get created both collectively and individually. When certain realities were removed on November 11 and never to be felt ever again, the earth became almost like a blank etch-a-sketch after you shake it. The truth is there isn’t anything about reality that can’t be easily shaked away and re-written or drawn. There are new zones of  freedom and we owe it to ourselves to explore new avenues of self expression through personal experiences, and I’ve said it more this year than in any other year that I have been writing. You/We/I have got to start participating in creating a new reality. 

The entire 2023 year so far and the Frequency Range that we have been moving through within the Galactic Center, has felt like the hardest period for humanity. There continues to be chaotic pulsations within the energetic template design(s), for both humans and the Earth. It isn’t because nothing is shifting away from 3D realities and trapped phantom timelines, we are and have been moving further away from these. However, because those ancient 3D realities keep being erased many people are finding it very difficult to let go of them and allowing for new situations to step into all of these new zones that are opening up. What I have seen with these new zones is that they are various blank spaces within reality itself, and they are pouring certain frequencies out of them into and onto Earth. There are frequencies that are coming through from the 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D and so on and on and they are bleeding through these blank zones. We are and have been consistently hit with these frequencies, and instead of creating with them new wonderful aspects of how we want to live, we are crumbling under the physical pressures of our bodies.

In 2023, the Collective Human Body Design for all New Humans alive is going through a massive intense purification. We all know something is up and we feel it in our bodies like never before, and it’s all part of moving through these next 2,000 years of Galactic Center golden electromagnetic frequencies. My physical body changed some more when this year started; I experienced the biggest jolt to my body that I have ever experienced in my entire life. This is happening with more people and for some for the very first time, and many are focused on how much their body hurts and feels instead of creating with these energies to change their reality. Many people have been mis-educated on what Earth life is all about, they’re told what it is about. They become disoriented and confused when Earth changes happen due to advanced dimensional frequencies and they don’t know what they should be doing about it. They don’t know how to really utilize these energies and use it to function along side Earth. We are navigating body energy confusion and for those who were taught how the world should be, as opposed to how the Earth really is they’re being tested in all ways to come into alignment. The Earth will always have the last word in all of this, not those who are trying to utilize her organic energies to build a negative toxic society. One full of confusion and disconnection.

New Zones Of Freedom: Swirling Zones of Photon Light From The 4D Bleeding Into Earth.

After the potent November 11/11 Reality Dismantling event, I experienced reality in the strangest way possible up until Nov (20th.) It has been challenging having to navigate myself through all of these new zones of freedom, and it isn’t just me who is feeling uncertain about what directions to step into. One thing that I am learning at this time is that I need to participate more in molding the Earth out of deranged darkness. My participation is very necessary. The work that I do and the healing that I undergo, that has a healing effect on other people that are around me right now. There are pockets of zones that have been freed up within the 4D which is allowing higher dimensional frequencies to enter the Earth and people. What I have seen moving through these zones are swirling frequencies and it has been reaching down into the Earth. They’re like swirling beams and these beams are bright gold. These are the image(s) that I have seen with them as I have been following these zones clairvoyant-ly, and they’re merging with the Divine Mother Template.

I mentioned earlier in the article that my body has been through the ringer this year, and these changes are happening because we are transitioning even further into the Galactic Center. There have been strange sensations moving through my body this year, and plenty of people are experiencing these same sensations as well. It is all an individualized experience, because everyone is at their own level of knowing and understanding what these changes in frequencies mean to them. When we do the work and clear our bodies, we begin to understand that we can survive these energies. New zones are here and they have left blank spots within the fabric of reality, and now it is up to us to decide what we want to do in order to help bring more New Earth realities to fill those spots in. How will you spend the rest of 2023 and what will you be filling these new zones in with?

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November 2023’s 11/11 Portal: The Culmination Of Old Timelines & Freedom From Familiar Realities.

November 2023’s 11/11 Portal: Culminating Timelines & Freedom From Familiar Old Earth Realities. 

When we begin to pay attention to the events in our lives we find that there is a rhythm to everything that we do, and that is a doorway for us to then access higher levels of awareness. Which then leads to accessing higher dimensions and in understanding that we are multidimensional. Over this past week I spent most of my time observing reality, because I knew that the rhythm of life was on the brink of changing. When I did that; I realized that we were in another period of intense reality erasure. There are timelines and realities that are shattering, and I have felt this all November long. 

There are those who write about the event, changes, thing’s to come and then they jot down specific dates. They prophesize when certain events are going to happen on a massive collective scale, or, just when they will happen to small groups. We’re all participating when we need to, and when new energies arrive via certain locations within our universe, it comes in tapped into the different dimensions of reality. These energies are the events, they are what we can use to change ourselves. We are the event! The energies that we are embodying are the event! We have a responsibility to shatter aspects of our identities that no longer serve us, and aspects of the collective identity so that we can create more of New Earth. 

The entire month of November 2023 has been reality defining. We are once again in that familiar movement where the 11/11 portal is hitting us with advanced information, this is coded information and often times this information becomes one with our brains. Those who are not in tune will find it the most difficult to integrate it, and so certain areas of the body need to be cleared. This week reality has changed again as it naturally does when higher light information comes into our Earth, and there are both realities that are shattering and timelines that are disintegrating. I first noticed these Culminations Of Old Earth Timelines on Wednesday, and like I mentioned above the event is always us making necessary changes. The more that we make these changes the more these realities shatter, and certain timelines that we move through don’t repeat.

I have experienced enough Repeated Timelines and Time Loops from past lives and in parallel lives to know when they begin showing up again, and this past week this happened again when familiar people returned for a reunion in one of my lifetimes to culminate certain issues. I won’t go into the full details but I did my part to clear what needed to be removed on my end, so that those timelines and realities do not repeat themselves ever again. We are participants. We decide what we want to participate in and what we no longer want to with people from our past, present, and future. When we choose to release ourselves via which ever energy is arriving on Earth, we make room to change this Earth and we help New Earth and New Life arrive so much faster. We will create the new civilization and bring in what we want as opposed to doing what we are being told we have to do, we are the New Earth creators and we better start consciously manifesting this 5D earth that we want so bad ourselves. Remember to be the event that you want to happen so bad and it all starts with your way of thinking. Do the work! Stop waiting around for people to tell you that it’s coming soon. It’s happening now within you.

November 2023’s 11/11 Portal: Freedom From Old Earth & Creating New Realities that Lead To New Earth Civilization. 

The lead up to this year’s November 11/11 Portal and those matching frequencies, energies, light codes and information are coming in and absolutely changing the definition of reality. We are on a collision course to bringing all of the elements together to create a new society, and it’ll be a tremendous amount of time until that New Earth concept becomes a reality. This all won’t just manifest over night. The Earth will experience continued purging and restructure of it’s land masses, and more people will be born with the opportunity to spiritually evolve. There is a future civilization that is coming that will be extremely reminiscent of Ancient civilizations of long ago, where it’s people will have attributes within themselves that do embody the Age of Light. This future civilization will take place during a time in what many scientists are calling Pangea Ultima. A total unified continent. Humanity will be vastly different then and there will be absolute freedom for all, the kind of freedom that we do not have in this age. In this time. This is a time to purge. This is a time to begin participating and to learn about ourselves. In that future timeline, we won’t be learning about ourselves anymore. We will already remember and know who we are.

Think about what has happened to you today. What has happened to you this week and think about what timelines you have left behind. What realities have been shattered so far in November 2023? What are you participating in that is helping to manifest New Earth and New Earth Civilization in the future? What freedoms do you want to experience in the future: (There are body pain freedoms, freedom from earning a living, freedom from negativity, freedom from war, freedom from separation.) There are so many freedoms that we all want to experience, what are you creating in terms of these new (realities?) What are you over-riding in order to manifest it. We have been collectively working hard on removing old realities, and overriding certain negative entities within the 4D to free certain aspects of Earth. What will you now replace it with. What do you want to replace it with. This and so much more has been happening during this 11/11 portal this year and I’m enjoying my new found freedom, after releasing myself from old timelines that have not been good for me at all. What did the 11/11 energies do for you as an individual and how are you moving along with it.

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Shattering Realities Through The Heart: The Shattering Of Multiple Realities & Triggering The Heart.

Earth Is Shattering Left-Over Realities: The Shattering of Multiple Realities, The Heart & Triggering The Heart Response. 

While humanity is still in a transitional process while shifting into 5D New Earth and those NEW frequencies, we will be experiencing this transition for decades to come. The 22nd century will be and feel even more Aquarian in nature than right now, and a massive aspect of this transition is the purging out of incompatible energies. The Earth has it’s very own cleaning-up system when it comes to those lower vibrating humans, who think that they can cause traumatic chasms on Earth. Whether physical destruction or energetic. The Earth always bounces back and responds in a way where it leaves us open to experience reality in new ways, realities that get shattered are the very ones that open our hearts. 

The current population of New Human of New Earth are learning that they are being Heart-triggered right now to change, to merge with New Earth and these new experiments within new earth reality. There are always inserted events and then there are opportunities for us to open our hearts as humans, this is what connecting with the Pleiadian(s) has taught me. The Pleiadians are here to help us all connect with our true emotions, and to open our hearts to one another through the movement into physical 5D heart life. 

I have intuited that November 2023 is going to be a lot like October was, in the sense that what we’re experiencing now is Multiple Shattering Realities that continue to unfold between Earth and all people. The start to November was like being jolted by the new Triunity Energies and those ever evolving light codes, and now that we’re moving further into the Photon Belt this will increase. The Solar maximum is increasing in intensity and they have mentioned that it will increase further during 2024. These are all contributing factors to these shattering events within reality and it is happening world-wide. I am going to do my best to be as active on here this month despite all of the energy, due to events that will unfold during this month. These events of shattering old Earth realities are going to be unfolding quicker for many people, it’ll last longer period(s) of time, and it will happen in ways that will look and feel destructive to the human perspective. It will involve the human system(s) and it will test the beliefs that each and every individual holds. That’s what shattering old earth realities means, we’re releasing ourselves from false insertions of what we believe our world is. Then we merge with the Heart and New Earth Reality.

I have worked with the Pleiadians for my entire life and I don’t necessarily want to consider myself a Channeler (because I don’t think that I am;) I am a conduit of information. I have received information from three 7D Pleiadians about the upcoming events for Earth, this information is more received just by tuning in. They have telepathically communicated to me (in 2023 especially,) about how humanity needs to open their hearts. The Pleiadians believe that human beings are out of tune with their emotions and that there are new realities that they can access by opening up their hearts. Whether they feels that is is good emotions or bad emotions, they stress the importance of connecting with how one feels. The expression of emotions is healthy and leads to connecting with ones heart, and accessing higher forms of consciousness and information in higher dimensions. They emphasize the importance of shattering ones own personal realities and triggering the heart, and for many people across the world there are global events happening that are triggering those hearts. 

Earth Is Shattering Left-Over Realities: The Left-Over Realities From Old Earth, Healthy Heart Responses & Actively Participating On New Earth.

As we continue to shift through the rest of November and December 2023; We will be actively participating in the Shattering Of Left-Over Realities From Old Earth. What does this mean? Well we are shattering realities yes, but, those realities are very much still parts of old Earth. These old Earth realities are still activated in the template of Earth and it was first inserted in by the old ancient gods. These insertions are currently being removed because New Earth is about freedom from ancient everything. The more humans evolve the more these old templates get removed. Anything that is part of old lower duality consciousness and lower vibrational energies, that is being removed because New Earth is being lived through the heart and not the mind or ego. All ideas about Male and Female roles are being thrown out of the history book, forming connections to ones own sexuality and to have a balanced outlook on integrated feminine and masculine attributes is important to living on New Earth. Having a healthy balanced mind and heart through the heart and third eye chakra is important, anything that is not about the advancement of humans is not evolution.

The Heart and Heart chakra is one of the most important areas of the body that the Pleiadians work with, but the irony here is that the Heart is the most closed off and underactive chakra in human beings. We are so closed off to love and that includes the ability to love the self. There are many humans who are not even able to get past the lower chakras, but the Pleiadians have communicated to me that they are trying to reach more people by having them connect to their own heart centres. Connecting with the heart. Falling in love. Self-care and self love. Expressing our emotions. Thinking about something that brings us joy. This all connects us to the power of the heart and to love. This opens our hearts. This is a healthy heart with a healthy heart response. The best way to have healthy heart responses is by participating in life, and in the New Earth Reality. Whatever you love, whatever it may be express it.

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Hold A Safe Energy Signature: Be A Safe Human For Other People.

A Safe Person: New Humans Are Safe For Other People

As an Ascension Volunteer; I have tried all my life just to find a balance between keeping myself safe in this world and in being a safe person for other people who I am around on a daily basis. It can be difficult to be any kind of example because anyone can be misrepresented in this day and age, we all experience different forms of lessons and sometimes the hard lesson is that sometimes you’re the one that isn’t safe to be around other people. I have had that realization about myself and that is why I have had to work hard at knowing ME, if there is something off with my energy I deal with it. I am the one who does the work and I keep my distance from other people on days when I am off. I am not perfected; I am always a work in progress and I understand that. The majority of people don’t and they are not as aware of when they are the problem. 

To be a safe human we have to see all of our own imperfections, and we have to realize that on some days we are the ones who are not safe for other people and that distance is necessary. I remind myself that I AM responsible for who I am and the energy that I carry around. There is no one who is responsible for me. There is no one who is responsible for doing my work and there is no one who can change my view point when I am being negative. A huge part of how I AM a safe person for other people is by being aware of ME, and in noticing when I am having a bad energy day. I am reminding myself to do the work and to stay clear of people until I have. That’s what being a safe person means in my honest opinion. 

This Earth Reality is all about organic and inorganic energy. There is energy in every single human being alive today who has their own Energy Signature, which they carry around with them. The (Oceans, Rocks, Animals, Plant life, and Sacred Sites) it all carries energy and we know that – not all energy is uplifting, there are many animals and people who do hold their own specific energy signature and it can be at a lower frequency. It can also be at a high frequency. There are so many layers and levels to people, animals, and nature, and reality itself on this Earth. The only constant is that this Earth is a cesspool of all kinds of energies that are mixed-up together, and depending on who you are and your level of awareness it is difficult to know what energy is safe. How can we know when we can be safe? When should we pay attention to ourselves and our actions when we’re not being safe for others? I pay attention to how other people react to me and I usually step away from others that I feel are not in a good space. Those are the main tools that I use to navigate myself, and really taking the time out to be aware of the energy in your surroundings is important too!

September 2023 has arrived; the commotion has really begun to unravel with the energies this month. There are currently six planets that are retrograde and that magnetic pulling that each and every single one of us feels towards the Equinox is getting closer. Both September and March are the two most powerful months of the year, that is because both Hemispheres get equal amount of sunlight from the Sun. There is a complete balance and because of that, we tend to feel hyper-charged during these time periods. We’re more likely to feel more in alignment, or we’re thinking about how we need to be. The frequency of our energy changes; I am sitting here writing this and all that I feel is a super charged energy moving through my body. With intense ear ringing blasting through my head and ears. This is how I have felt all September long. When we feel much more aligned, the energy in our body changes and that can be difficult to navigate. That also attracts other people to us, and then it can leave us open to all kinds of different energies. I have found it difficult to know when it is safe to be near other people, and when I am safe to be around other people to. One wrong intention and I can effect the life path of another person, one wrong mindset and I miss out on the chance to positively influence another person with my actions. We are creatures who are profoundly influential. We have the ability to make someone’s day or ruin it, the power of our words and body shapes the whole world around us.

It Starts With You: Hold & Carry A Safe Energy 

What Is Safety? Safety and the state of feeling safe is defined as the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause irreparable danger, risk, or injury to and from another person. In order to feel safe and be safe for another – it has to start with you, and that means living through the heart. I mentioned this earlier that for most of my life; I have had to balance when I feel safe to be around other people and when I felt that they were not safe around me. Personal responsibility does come into play here, because I have learned that I need to monitor ME at all times. I realized that personal responsibility was the only way that I knew how to be a Safe Person For Another Person. It starts with you and how you manage your energy, then there are moments where deciding what is a danger to you is important to. How you hold and carry your energy really matters and learning to work with energy and your body is important.

There have been and will continue to be people who will cycle in and out of your life, Who Are Not Safe People and that has nothing to do with whether we are advanced or starting out on this Earth. It is obvious that many people choose to align there energy with lower frequencies, that is a personal choice and they can choose whatever they want because this is the great experiment. Free will is law. I am in no position to judge because I also abide by the laws of free will just like everyone else. I choose and have chosen to return here as an Ascension Volunteer and these little articles that I write are just small messages. All have the right to learn at every level and to do with their energy as they please. How we react to people is important; I usually state that I see who is who and where they are and I distance myself and allow that to take form. There is no single direction that is the wrong one, and each flower blooms in it’s own time during the spring season. There are many who will and who do become angered when you point stuff out, there are those who will become energetically unsafe around you even if you open a door. An unsafe person will react instead of integrate, part of my being a safe person is knowing when to allow people to just be. It is safe for you and safe for other people around you. The safest decision is the healthiest one, and if it ain’t your broken stuff to fix then don’t fix it.

It all starts with you and as we move into September and beyond, we’re going to see how all of these energies are going to be in play. Once we cross the 12-31-23 date (which is a 123/123 frequency date,) we will cross into Pluto in Aquarius early next year. This will begin to activate more DNA within more of the population. Those who understand all of this, we know how important that it is to be a safe person right now.  Be the safest person you can be for those who are just going to begin understanding that New Earth is being created right now. 

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The First Group Of New Humans: Second Wave Of New Humans Are Undergoing DNA Activations.

The First Group: Second Wave Of New Humans On Earth

During the long month of June 2023; I started to notice that there was a new pattern being weaved into the early formations within the New Earth reality. This was a pattern that held a different energy signature to it, we have once again been adjusting to more layers of New Earth as it comes into physicality. The 5D New Earth reality still has a lengthy amount of time left until it is completed and that won’t happen in my lifetime. What I can do is write about the genesis of New Earth life and how people begin to adapt to these manifestations in this world. 

In June 2023, another wave of New Humans activated. This group is still part of the first wave and now more people are having their DNA activated. Those familiar with Barbara Hand Clow you that she calls this time-coded. Starseeds are time coded to activate our DNA and to slowly remember the past in the future. To remember who we are. This is happening for New Humans who want to enter the first stages of the Ascension process, which means entering and living within the New Earth completely. They will then begin to understand life and how to live it by aligning to a higher energy. 

In January 2023, I wrote an article about how the First Group Of New Humans would be DNA activating and entering New Earth. This was happening because natural evolution tends to push us to understand ourselves far beyond what we currently know. The next organic step that current humans can make is to enter New Earth and to begin their natural evolutionary process. This started in early 2023 for many and that is where we are right now. What I didn’t know at the start of the year was that I myself would undergo my own secondary awakening, a full Starseed awakening but with that came ancient knowledge that I could not access before. What I understand at a deeper heart level is that the Ascension Process is not just for the Ascension Volunteers, we may have helped create New Earth but Earthlings (Humans) are just as much a part of all of this as well. They carry New Earth with them too! The majority of the human population is not DNA Time-Coded and I will explain that further in the second section of this article.

The higher connections that I became hyper aware of is that New Humans Are DNA Activating due to the early transit of Pluto in Aquarius. Those of you who don’t follow Astrology in the exact same way as this incarnated Starseed, Pluto shifted signs on March 23rd from Capricorn into Aquarius. This was a gigantic moment for the collective and in those early weeks before this energy alteration, the energy was being cleared so that the old way could make room for the new. Pluto entering Aquarius is the dominant energy for 2023 and it still is. Why is this important? On June 11th, Pluto returned to the sign of Capricorn for a short stint. This transition is now activating more people from the first group, this is the second wave of New Humans. These DNA activations are all connected to the Aquarian energy and triggered by it all in the same breath. We are consciously awakening to the truth of who we are and the Starseed/Human roles that we play for one another. We are all Galactic friends and neighbors. We are more than the life that we think we are here and we are only just starting to get connected.

The First Group Of New Humans: Activations Of The First Group Of New Human Beings.

Humanity Is Time-Coded To Enter New Earth 

Humanity no matter how much you would try to deny it, we are moving towards evolutionary perfection. It doesn’t look or feel that way but we are. Humanity is time-coded to enter New Earth and we will be on this 5D Earth vibrating planet. If you have read Catastrophobia by Barbara Hand Clow you have heard her use the term time coded. She writes that humanity is time coded to change forms. If I only had access to this book when I was physically awakening in 2014, I would have understood my role as an Ascension Volunteer a lot better. What Barbara Hand Clow means is that through our own specific DNA, we are Time Coded to begin the Evolutionary Process. This DNA activation sets us on a direct path to remember our past and integrate our history with our future, to return to the Golden Age from where we first came from.

The Second Wave of New Humans are DNA activating because they are time-coded to do this now. As we move into 2023 and 2024, there will be more people who will be DNA activating. This is not a whole second group of new people, it is a second wave of the people within the first group. I have been paying attention to what has been going on in the world during June 2023 and there is no doubt in my mind that people are making the shift. The world and New Earth is coming online in a way that has never happened before, and while there are still the same old players who think that they are getting away with the usual games. The world is changing for the better because we’re seeing what does not align with us, which makes it so much easier for us to manifest within the New Earth reality.

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Undergoing Energy Interferences: Expect To Feel A Massive Amount Of Energy Interferences In 2023

Undergoing Energy Interferences In The 2023 Year: Experiencing Energy Interferences On New Earth

As an Ascension Volunteer; I work extensively with energy embodiment and distribution by helping to bring in new layers of New Earth into physicality. I understand energy dynamics very well and it has been a big part of my Starseed mission here on Earth. I have even modified my own energy at times but this year has been different, I have had to clean and clear my energy within this body. I have turned to Reiki in order to understand the congestion within myself and my body, because over the years no matter how much I try to do the work myself I cannot seem to clear it all. A lot of the time this energy congestion within my physical body isn’t even my own, as a Volunteer I soak up energies like a sponge. I am very sensitive to energies and if your also the same way, then most likely you are a Starseed or a Volunteer. 

All of 2022; I really struggled with having to deal with people and their Energy Signatures. I started to notice that I was picking up on energy from other people very quickly. It wasn’t a good year for me and I don’t know any sensitives who had it easy last year, then 2023 arrived and the energies got much more intense and so did Divine Mother and the Triunity Light Codes. This all combined to make life on physical Earth most difficult, with the energy causing a secondary awakening that had me remembering my full Starseed mission. However, the energy that I was carrying still felt secondary and out of place and a lot of it was not mine. What I was experiencing was Energy Interference. 

“On June 1, 2023 – My sister’s two children were taken from their school by their father who was threatened by my cousin’s wife, she is a whole entire story because I have picked up on a very traumatic life and childhood. The event was/is a kidnapping. The woman not only did threaten their father but also held them hostage for hours until we finally called her directly and threatened police action, she finally let them go very quickly. This not only traumatized the children, but it also traumatized my sister and our entire family. The unfortunate part in all of this is the father was also in on it and planned it.”

In December 2022 – I was out at the grocery store just picking up a few thing’s for the next few days. I went in and got everything that I thought that I needed. I made my way to the self checkout because as an Ascension Volunteer I try to avoid people altogether, when I got there I began scanning my items. Out of no where a female worker comes in and basically interferes with the purchase. She placed herself and her energy around me and my body for no reason, did whatever she wanted and then left. ‘

In November 2022, I was at work and found an object in the washroom and because I work in building cleaning and maintenance, we have to take the object and keep it for holding until the owner requests it or the building tenants ask management for it back. I was approached by a tenant who was inquiring for it, when I went to bring it to him I returned the object and then he mocked me and his energy came out at me and attacked me right in the center of my heart. I initially felt something enter my body and push me back as if I had been hit, I was then laughed at by him and his co-workers until I scurried out of there. I never returned back to that office again. ” 


These three stories that I have shared above are very personal experiences that I have experienced with Energy interferences, it isn’t new to me and I have plenty more stories about the experiences that I have had my entire life that I just won’t share. The three experiences that I chose have happened in the last few months and one happened at the very start of this month. I knew that as we entered June 2023, that the energies would evolve on New Earth because there are a lot of new layers entering into our planet. It has to evolve on Earth and New Earth is always changing, it is always modifying itself and so are the energies. This is happening now this month and it has for all of 2023, and not everyone is on New Earth and I have said this so many times in these articles. There are layers to New Earth and still some layers to old Earth and there is this fighting that is going on, which is why many Ascension Volunteers call this the Separation Of Worlds. Those people who do not want anything to do with New Earth energetically are devolving on a conscious level and that is where all of these Energy Interferences are forming and playing out.

Undergoing Energy Interferences In The 2023 Year: What Is Energy Interference? 

Every living person on Earth right now has an energy because everyone is energy and I call this a person’s Energy Signature, as an Ascension Volunteer I work a lot with energy. I work on correcting my own energy and I work with new energy layers that come up to further help New Earth. Every living person has an energy and so does every living thing, we are made of energy but we each have our own signature filled with experiences or lack there of. The entire planet is a cesspool of energy and during these intense times we will experience multiple collisions with other people’s energy, which I’m calling Energy Interference. The general process of how this works is: when one person is moving their body and energy in one location and another person comes along with their very different energy. These two energies will eventually collide with each other. It does change the dynamics and at times the timeline of another living person.

I have experienced these sudden Energy Interferences by other people and it isn’t fun at all. The worst ones are usually when a lower vibrating human being meets a higher vibrating being, that is usually the case for me with my life and because I am a Starseed Ascension Volunteer I will get annihilated and torn to bits on an energy level. When one person is intentionally doing something to anyone to get in another person’s way for any reason, that is purposeful intention to mess with another human being. I won’t sugar coat any of this and wrap it up nicely! I have 33 years of personal experience with this, where I have been targeted for being an Ascension Volunteer who is here to bring in New Earth into physicality. The three stories of my experiences aren’t even hitting the tip of the ice berg, the size of my experiences are buried deep down in the depths of the ocean. The iceberg is hidden and gigantic! Since 2023 began; I have experienced much more of EI experiences and I have noticed that other people are experiencing it too. There are certain ways that certain LowCon people (lower conscious humans,) actually intentionally do to interfere with you and they’re not even aware of it. 

  • When in a public setting if they are coming in closer to you while you walk, in the grocery stores, streets, public transit, and purposely getting closer into your space. They’re energetically interfering with you. 
  • When a neighbor(s) are continuously making loud noises at all hours of the day and night, with absolutely no regard for you at all and other people in the neighborhood. This is interference and they might not realize that they are even doing it.
  • When someone comes in out of no where while you are doing something, then just tries to interject themselves into the activity that is interference. They chose you for a reason when there were other people around you. Take notice of this!
  • As a Starseed and Ascension Volunteer; when someone takes the time out to speak to you and you don’t know them they are doing it for a reason. They chose you specifically and most are attracted to your high vibrating energy or aura.
  • When you hear loud noises that are not human orchestrated, then you are definitely being interfered with energetically by non-physical entities and beings.
  • When the same person is consistently bothering you every single day, they are energetically interfering with you and your life and life path.
  • When you are being sent all kinds of text messages, emails, and phone calls from people who you don’t know but they are long and unhinged messages about you and who you are. Well then that is an energetic interference.
  • When you are near a certain person or a group and you feel tired or drained and confused when near them, that is energetic interference and you must teach yourself how to distance yourself from other people.

There are countless other circumstances that I do want to mention but the list is already getting so long, essentially these are the many ways in which you can be Energetically Interfered with by both people and non-physical entities alike. This has been happening now with a lot more people in 2023; especially those who are part of the first group of New Humans. There are many people who are colliding and crashing into one another, I’m someone who’s experienced this for years and I can tell the signs in certain people who are doing this. There are many who cannot tell the signs and who don’t even know why this is happening, who do still watch the news play out and wonder why so many people are all over the place being chaotic. They are a part of the remaining scenes of old Earth reality and they will have to learn soon, that they need to energetically stop interfering in other people’s energy spaces.

Can You Read Energy Signatures: An Energy Signature Acts As Your Identity On This Planet.

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Are You On New Earth: How Can I Tell If I’m Living Inside The New Earth Reality.

New Earth Reality: Are You Existing Within The New Earth Reality?

In early January 2023; I wrote an article about how the first wave of Humans were going to enter New Earth. In that article, I stated that the majority of people who were an energetic match with New Earth would finally enter it. The Ascension Volunteers had first created New Earth and then started to enter it at the end of 2019, the Ascension Volunteers finally got to enter the New Earth reality for the first time after decades of energetically creating it. This is the beginning of the Golden Age, despite the fact that chaos is slowly unraveling all people and circumstances.

The Second Wave of New Humans within the first group, are getting ready energetically to enter this New Earth reality and live through the heart frequency. This is happening right now as we move further into the the 2023 year, by the end of the year all of the second wave of New Humans will be activated to live within the New Earth. As we prepare for more to enter this New Earth reality, we will need to understand exactly how it feels to be fully living in it. There are ways to know and understand when you have made the energetic shift into New Earth and when you know you’re living within it. 

We’re now into June 2023; that was hard for me to type as a Starseed Ascension Volunteer and mainly because life has gotten more unreal in ways that I know only the Ascension Process could have caused. The intensity has hit a new high and for many people the only way now is to move upwards, which is why we are seeing these increased periods of bulldozing within the systems and structures of our society. Nothing works like it used to and people have to work harder to create new ways of living that they didn’t know before. The currency frequency is dying off and the systems that are in place are in continuous upheaval, thing’s always have to shift and change before they can be modified and we are in the death throes of Evolutionary Change. These outward changes that are currently looking like chaos has spread throughout the dignitaries of our Earth Realm, this is because we’re making that transition. We cannot gain anything good, if we do not lose everything we know to destruction. Those of us who have had all kinds of loss in our life we know that very well, and we have had to heal ourself beyond what we could have imagined. This New Earth is only just beginning to unfold and the more that we walk the walk, the more we can understand when we have arrived on New Earth energetically.

The Sacred Heart Template: Heart Living Is Essential On New Earth.

The First Group Of New Humans: Activations Of The First Group Of New Human Beings.

New Earth Reality: How Can I Tell If I Am Living On New Earth?

The New Earth Reality is really an energy earth. I want those who are reading this article to really take that first sentence in, to really take those words in and understand it at the highest possible level. New Earth is a high energy frequency Earth that was created by Ascension Volunteers for Humans to enter into and to match. This always happens when Earth is about to enter a new age, we show up in gigantic groups and then we work on elevating the Earth frequency until the next age arrives. This time it is different because old cycles are done, New Earth is the permanent Earth and the Ascension process will continue to unravel until we have regained full conscious memories of our early life on Earth. I can sit here and write all about New Earth and this new frequency, but it’s difficult for people to know whether they have made that Energetic Shift into New Earth.

  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will find yourself living from your Heart Center much more than you ever did before.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will feel connected to the god source and energy that is all around you.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will feel connected with animals, the Earth, and to other people and care about them and their well being.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you are more able to do the internal work on yourself and recognize your own fears, faults, and use that to work on blueprint healing.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you are more willing to be in service of other people and not expect to get anything back from them.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will have a much better understanding of the self and who you are and who you are not.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will understand who you really are and this is especially important for Starseed, Galactic travelers, and their specific missions on Earth.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will understand the laws of the universe and understand the Ascension Process and those Evolutionary changes.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will be able to discern different energies and how to understand all of the deceptions, lies, and corruption within the systems of this world.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will likely experience a sudden emergence of your psychic gifts, intuition, the 5 clair gifts, and have to learn to cope with new sensitivities as a New Human.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will remember ancient lives within the Lemurian, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt kingdoms and Starseed connections to those advanced civilizations.

There is a lot more that I could have written in regards to the list of changes that you can experience, especially when you match that Energy Frequency of New Earth. As we move further into June 2023 and these next few weeks of it, we will be experiencing a numerous amount of collective healing and chaos. The Solar energies are going to continue to intensify, but it is up to us individually to align with these energies and to decide where we want to be. Those of you reading this who are unsure if you have stepped into the New Earth, read the list above and see if you embody and emulate all that it entails. If you have experienced one or more than most likely you are living on New Earth.

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My Pleiadian Starseed Origins: I Came To Earth As An Ascension Volunteer To Create New Earth.

My Pleiadian Starseed Origins: An Ascension Volunteer For The Ascension Process 

In early 2023; I have quietly navigated myself through a secondary awakening, which was even more intense physically and emotionally than when I activated to begin the Ascension Process back in 2014. This started for me in early November and it still continues to untangle itself for me in many ways into May. It feels like I am experiencing myself for the very first time again, just like it had happened for me when I was physically activated in 2014. I have been in this process of modifying myself and this entire website again because I am being called to, it’ll make much more sense to those who are wondering what is going on with New Earth and what it means on a general level. 

There is another element to this secondary awakening, as it isn’t just about modifying the website and myself. This secondary awakening is part of a deeper transformation that is taking place for me, which opens everything up to share more about who I am with those who might need the guidance in the future. I am a Starseed; something that I read about before but that I never really activated to on a conscious level. This information has been activated from within my body template, I have now begun receiving downloaded information about my origins. This is so important and very big to me, there are only a few out there who are writing about the Ascension process very openly and honestly. These few are doing so by knowing that they are doing it as their true original higher dimensional self. That takes guts! I would like to think that I am one of those few who is doing this as well, by cutting through all of the bullshit and writing about what why we’re here. The creation of New Earth and holding that gateway open for humanity, there is a long road ahead and many future Ascension Volunteers and Starseeds will need the information. 

In February 2023; I experienced what I can only call a Secondary Awakening that activated new information about what my soul mission is within my body template. This activation revealed hidden information about my Starseed origins and what I am meant to do here initially as a Volunteer for the Ascension process. I have not been writing so much about the Ascension process, I am still adjusting to all of this NEW information and how to navigate myself while living out my own Ascension Process. There is current information uploaded, and if you have noticed that my articles do sound different in 2023 than this article will help clear some stuff up about why. My second activation has been beyond intense and it continues to be so, I have come online in a way that I cannot explain through my writing as of yet. The information that I am receiving is coming from my higher self and my home dimension which I will be talking about the further that I get into this article.

The Earth is currently making the evolutionary change from one age to the next and so are human beings too. This planet is not the only one going through the Ascension Process and Evolutionary Process. I’ve been aware for many years that this planet and it’s inhabitants were not the only ones experiencing this, our entire Galaxy is experiencing these evolutionary changes. Throughout this entire Galaxy there are a variety of planets, star systems, that do hold a 5D frequency and higher etc. One of these Star Systems is The Pleiades. It is from this specific Star System that we have been receiving a download of Light codes, energies, and higher information that has spread into New Earth and around the globe. This happens each year and it is an annual event, but this Star system is actually my home dimension where I do originate from. I did not initially realize that I am a Pleiadian Starseed when I activated the first time in 2014, the only thing that I remembered was that I had connections to the Pleiades and Pleiadian beings. I have certain memories of being there, but it isn’t out of the ordinary for anyone to incarnate on different planetary systems and Star clusters. Which is what I had thought initially, that I had a life experience as a Pleiadian being in the Pleiades at one point. I got it half right! 

I have been connected to The 5D Pleiadian Light Beings since my awakening in this life in 2014. I have had contact with some in this lifetime and at various time periods on Earth in other lifetimes that I have had, when they made contact with me in earlier civilizations. This isn’t anything new for me and Pleiadian beings aren’t the only Higher Dimensional beings that I have known and made contact with, there is a full listen of them that I will share later in another article that will be all about the different Starseeds and Higher Dimensional beings that I have made contact with in the physical and in the spirit/energy realms.

The downloaded information that I have received in early 2023 about who I am and my Starseed Origins is not very advanced, I was shown information about what I carry within my body and energy Template. As a Pleiadian Starseed I am part of the Pleiadians from The Pleiades Star Cluster, specifically Alcyone and we are a wonderful quaint group of higher vibing beings. Most Pleiadians range from blues to white’s and a combination. The majority do appear to come in with the typical blonde hair and are tall, but that variation is only one form as there are others. The appearance always gives a tall stature but if not, many Starseeds in a physical form are skinny as to give the appearance of being tall. There are many who have long bodies, despite being short in physical form. Pleiadians are also filled with incredible wisdom and vast Ancient Knowledge about this Earth and the Universe, we hold blueprints about advanced light technology too within our template! They have always incarnated on Earth and on other off planets as well, in order to bring harmony and peace to them as they help them to advance on an energetic level. There is a long history with this Earth and the Pleiadians were one of the first Starseeds to incarnate on Earth during it’s early history. We also came in during many Ancient Civilizations such as,: (Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, The Mayans.) There is so much more but I’ll need to do a separate article for all that I know about my high vibe family. 

Ascension Work With The P’s’: Ascension Volunteer Who Works With Earth Energy As A Mission.

I have always felt a strong connection to The Pleiades Star System and to the Pleiadians since my physical awakening in 2014. One of my Guardian Guides in this life later appeared to me a few years after and she had a blue aura all around. She was tall with long blonde hair and she had a strong wisdom about her. She is a Pleiadian friend who agreed to be one of my Higher Dimensional guides, that was assigned to help remind me of my contracted Starseed job. She isn’t the only Higher Dimensional being that has made contact with me, a being named Ashtar has made repeated telepathic contact with me earlier this year and he has also been assisting me on my Starseed mission which is to help Earth and Humanity Ascend into New Earth. 

My Pleiadian Starseed mission(s) vary and there is a list of all the thing’s that I do, as a Starseed I am contracted to write all about New Earth and the Ascension and Evolutionary Changes that are taking place right now. Another aspect of my job is to embody light and hold that light and all of this while I live out my own Ascension process. There have also been karmic issues that I have needed to work through over these early years, timelines that I have needed to close and end for good on an energy level. There have been people that I had to meet up with again and terminate soul contracts with from my earlier incarnations, because I do not intend on returning back here again and if I do it won’t be for a long period of time. There is a lot that I am doing; the most important aspect of my mission is to remember who I am and share this information on here for other Starseeds and Galactic Travelers for the future. I do not channel as I do not consider myself a channeler. All of my clairvoyant gifts are not associated with getting information from other beings, when I do make contact with higher dimensional beings it is always a very simple contact. The information is about my individual Ascension work and some of these beings I know. 

I have had Telepathic Communication with only two specific Pleiadian beings. I haven’t communicated with them in my childhood years, and neither did they make contact with me in my teens. I began telepathic communication with these two beings shortly after my physical activation in 2014. I was in my mid-to-late 20’s at the time, when they really started communicating and it wasn’t for very long periods of time. Just short spurts. These two beings and I knew one another from home dimension. One was a male and the other was a female. They never gave me messages that indicated an important message for humanity. They just made their presence known and tried to make me feel like I wasn’t alone.This sporadic connection lasted three-to-four-years after my awakening, then they left and never made contact again. 

As we move forward into the 2023 timelines; I will be sharing more articles that speak-out about the many different Starseeds that I have made contact with, their home dimensions and further information about Pleiadian Starseeds. What their Starseed mission(s) are on Earth right now, as we continue to make even further evolutionary changes into the Aquarian Age. 

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Solar Effects On The Body Design: The Sun Is An Extension Of Who You Are At Your Core.

Solar Effects On The Body Design: The Sun Is An Extension Of You

The last time that I embodied this kind of Solar energy and felt like I do currently, was in the month of February and I never want to experience that ever again. This isn’t as bad, but it has not been a walk in the park for anyone right now either. Have you felt all of this intensity since last week? Like all things Ascension related we learn and hopefully apply all that we know about our bodies and what happens to it during these intense moments. I have not been successfully applying all that I know because all that I have been doing, has been crying my eyes out due to the intensity, due to the massive amount of changes that are taking shape for me right now in my life.

I AM not always the embodiment of that strong Starseed Ascension Volunteer; I am at the perpetual mercy of what is happening to me via the Ascension Process on a daily basis. One of the hardest lessons that I learned this week is to surrender all of what I cannot control, which has been difficult for me and really getting to the deeper emotional trauma of my fear of death. These were all brought out and felt due to where we are now, it is important to understand that the Sun is a powerful force that we need in order to sustain us. In that same breath that powerful force can also effect our body design in ways that can also destroy us. The Sun is and will always be an extension of who you are at your core and your body design. 

I have always been very open about my Physical Pains due to The Embodiment Process and as long as I live I will always be, I think full disclosure about what I am experiencing as this Michael aspect of Divine is important and as a Starseed I am wired differently. I am wired to specifically share what it is that I am doing here and why it is so important to me, I am very much like many other Starseeds and Ascension Volunteers who are here to help Humanity. More specifically; I am here to help humanity Ascend beyond the lower world realities and live on an Earth that does vibrate to a higher vibration. That they can make that Energetic Permutation within themselselves and really live beyond what they already are, which in my opinion isn’t even scratching the surface.

The build-up to this Solar Hybrid Eclipse has not been fun or easy; I know not for me and defintely not on many other people that I speak to. The whole world has gone loco bananas again and you want to know something, let it, if you have been struggling to find out why the intensity has picked up. I would bring your attention over to the fact that Solar Cycle 25 has intensified, it hasn’t even peaked yet and that should be enough to let you know that many are not handling this at all right now. Myself included and I am being tested in every sense of the word,  to the point where I can’t even go to work and have not all week long. I barely can eat; brush my teeth, change clothes, shower, (that is all out the window.) My body has felt like it has been ripped into pieces and put back together again, it has left me feeling like a former version of myself. My entire body aches; I am bruised all over. There is a specific brusing and aching just under my shoulder blades, with a slight bruising on my right calf. The energies leading up to this rare Hyprid Solar Eclipse has felt electrifying and in all new ways, I wrote an article about this last year when I noticed that it began to intensify and I will leave a link for those who want to read about it. All of this and we’re only two days away.

Phase Two Electric-Energy Body Embodiment: Buzzing From Head To Toe, Like I’m Living In Earth’s Early Civilization(s) Again.

The Physical Vessel Is Changing: The Sun Is Modifying Everyone’s Body Design In 2023.

I have physically changed since last year; I am the modified version of who I need to be right now at this time. There is always going to be a change in how you look and feel with every single shift that the Sun makes. There can be weight gain and or weight loss, there can be muscle gain or muscle loss. It all depends on who you are and where you are at on your journey. Those of you who are within the first three groups of volunteers, you know that we have changed from regular looking people to former versions of ourselves. We have changed and it is all due to the Ascension Changes On Our Physical Bodies

Those of you who are New Humans Of New Earth who have just activated in Janurary 2023; you are now experiencing this for the first time and all of these changes may shock you. It will surprise you because you have no idea why these sudden Molecular Permutations are taking form, it all has to do with the Solar energies on your physical body design. The physical body is designed to need the Sun, when we agree to incarnate here and on any other planet with its own Sun we are designed in such a way. Human beings are designed to need the Sun and the Sun and it’s energies effect the Human body in more ways than one. The Sun is also harmful to us and has been the cause of our many illnesses, what humans have not connected to is that the human body design is meant to embody Solar energies from our Sun. They will figure this out in the future. This is what many Ascension Volunteers have done before the general public did during the Covid-19 pandemic. Those were the first few that experienced an energy download like they never did before, only a small first group physically activated and entered New Earth this year! You are now experiencing the effects of Solar energies on your body deisgn for the first time. The sun is an extension of who you are at your core, don’t forget that as you move through this very first of Solar Eclipses as the first group of New Humans. 

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Can You Read Energy Signatures: An Energy Signature Acts As Your Identity On This Planet.

Do You Know About Energy Signatures?

No man or woman is the same. No child is the same. There is nobody in our world that is the same. That goes for everyone and their energy, because there is no-one who has the exact same energy frequency. There are slightly different levels where people sit on, but all in all no one has the same exact energy signature. Even then, there are levels where if a person has a much more negative signature not everyone sits near that negative signature. The same way of thinking can be applied to those who have a more positive signature. Not everyone is there on that same level, and if they’re nearby it doesn’t feel the exact same. It is a different variation. 

Most of my work is knowing how to feel people out, and you would be surprised to find out that a good majority of what I do, on a daily basis, is feel the Energy Signature of other people. It is a gigantic part of my work, and I could not do it, if I couldn’t take a step back and really see who that person is. What they are about energetically. What level they are on and a big part of that is to see their signature. It’s an important part of my line of work and for any volunteer, many would tell you the same thing. Reading people and locations is a big thing for all of us, and it saves us time when we don’t necessarily have to put up with someone not on the same level as us. It’s a big heads up when we need it, because we just don’t have time for bullshit at this point in our lives, our current state of evolution, and where we are on the ascension process.

In March 2019, I wrote an article that at the time I felt needed to be written by me that was about understanding the basics of energy. In that article, I did mention how there was a way to identify a person’s energy based off of how positive and negative they felt. I had referred to this identification tool as being able to read a person’s Energy Signature, but at that time I never managed to elaborate more on that. At this point in time, I am a little bit more ready to delve deeper into this, because it is too important to ignore just who is who, and what’s going on in our world right now. I’m not talking about the big players, and you can easily see who it is for yourself if you take the time out to feel their energy. I’m talking about the every-day people who you might know in your neighborhood, who for unknown reasons are just not acting right. There are a lot of chaotic events unfolding in the collective and making sure you understand exactly why many are freaking out right now is important. It all has to do with the Separation of worlds, and many are separating into either one or the other. At this point you cannot be shocked at those who have showed you where they are moving into. You have to see them once and for all, and never doubt them as they are. 

An Energy Signature acts as your identity on this planet. There is no-way that anyone could ever escape their own Energy Signature, because that really is your identification, and it remains intact until you leave your current physical body in this life. There is no way that you could modify that signature either because it is binding, you are bound to who you are and how you feel on an energetic level. That is what you are, that is how you are. There is no changing it. I cannot change my own energy signature and let me tell you not many people like it. There are many Volunteers who absolutely do get targeted by the more negative signatured people out there, I’ve had my fair share, but I have never had it all that too bad. I have been harrassed. I have had random people try to step on my toes, but I’m one of those few who has a zero policy when it comes to dealing with nonsense. I go straight towards it and try to put an end to it. I don’t like to be messed with and I usually know where it’s coming from, I can get really angry about it and if you’re good at reading my energy signature you know this about me. If you can’t read that yet, practice and then you’ll be able to view me as I really am faults and all and anyone else. 

Who Is Who, How Can You Identify Them

It can be difficult for people to identify another entity’s Energy Signature and for those who have no idea, there are some tell-tale signs in noticing who is who and the variation. The most interesting thing that I want to touch on first, is that most people won’t always show you exactly who they are at first meeting. They won’t. Those who have never felt a person out before don’t understand this, most unaware think when they first meet someone who is kind it means they really are. Most volunteers are capable of picking up on people and their energies on first sight, and sometimes it is them who has caught sight of us. I will never be fully capable of describing to those reading this, just how terrifying it is when someone you have never met has made contact with you and you never initiated it. You don’t know them, but you know what they’re about. I can never describe in full detail how terrifying that is to me, because that means they’ve caught onto the fact that you’re not like everyone else. There is something different about you and your energy. Most times it isn’t even the actual being in the human vessel it came in with, it’s a darker entity that has somehow gained control and it’s now fixated on you. It is the most frightening thing and I recently experienced this in September with two teenage males, who showed up out of no-where and then suddenly disappeared when I dealt with them. When I dealt with the entity. 

As you become more aware, you start to pay closer attention to the sound of their voice. You pay close attention to how they speak to you, and you can easily figure it out if it’s someone who wants something out of you. The second thing that I want to touch on is, the more you are around them and that is if you need to be around them. The more that you start to notice their Energy Signature, and you’ll be able to pick up on who they are more. How does it feel? Is it uplifting or energy consuming to you?  

The Woman With A Negative Signature

In my early twenties, I was working in one of the lowest frequency jobs in the town that I live in. I was in a situation where I was coming home from work in the middle of a snowstorm no less, because I didn’t know how to drive. To clarify I do not drive, and I never will. I had to walk. It wasn’t a problem for me because I preferred it, and where I lived it was pretty close to where I worked.

I didn’t like the majority of my co-workers that I worked with because, I could feel there was a slight difference between me and them. I had no idea what it was at that time, but there was something off about them to me. On my way home walking in the snow, one of the ladies pulled up and offered to take me home. I declined and then I noticed that she continued to badger me about it, and it was in that moment where I felt something strange about that interaction. I continued to decline to the point where she finally left in frustration, but in the back of my mind I was ecstatic that I didn’t get into that car with her. Looking back on that moment in my life, I realize how much of a negative signature she had. I look back on that and I am glad that I stayed away from her, and that I never entered that car. At times we tend to think a nice gesture is a nice gesture, it can be an unfortunate moment where you’re placed in danger because of another person and their energy.

There is a slight difference in human people who have different variations in their energy signatures, but then there are those energy Signatures Of Demonic Entities that also have an even complex feel to them. They vary. There are some that barely get a reaction out of me, and then there are those that are so ancient that they give me goosebumps and chills that run up and down my spine. Then there are those human beings who have negative signatures that also have an entity that is tied to them, which gives a hybrid mixture of a negative signature and a demonic latch-on signature. There are many different signatures of people walking around in our world, both positive and many negative. All of them valid and totally binding by all individual parties involved, learning how to read an energy signature is the best way to avoid those who are not ascending into New Earth right now. 

Basics Of Energy Matter: How To Understand Different Energies.

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World War III Timeline: Dream Visions Of Potential World War.

World War III Timeline: Dream Visions Of Potential War Breaking Across The World.

This is not an article that I ever wanted to have to write about on here, and there are so many reasons for it. The only reason that I am writing it; is due to the relentless nudges by my higher guides and from some specific higher dimensional beings. They’re really hammering it home, and this has been going on since before the Fall Equinox. I had no real intention of being back here writing yet. I had wanted some more time to process all that I went through, over these last two years fearing the worst that I could have Thyroid Cancer. Now that I am relatively sure that I am fine and everything has been checked out, I can continue on with my life and this specific event is what is being highlighted right now by many of these higher beings. Whether I like it or not.

I know when I am repeatedly being hounded, shown specific messages, and flashes, of events both awake and out of body. I know that there is a specific focus on this event, rather the potential for a specific event to be currently unfolding within the collective. I say potential because I am very aware that there has been a World War III timeline, that has been set up by non-physical negative entities. Whether it takes place is up to humanity as a collective whole, nothing is ever really set in stone, and I understand this very well. Which is why I never mention a lot of what I see, what I am shown about certain potential events. Most of the time; the timeline shifts, and the events never end up happening. This time it’s becoming more focused within my consciousness, and over the last few years it has been brought to my attention more frequently. There is a pattern. 

I have been exceptionally aware for years now (and I have to be very careful here,) with even mentioning this because it is a sensitive issue. I have been aware that there is an existing World War III Timeline that has been created by specific non-physical entities. I know that there are other volunteers who are also aware of this timeline, and we as a collective have always watched out for it. I have been aware of it for a few years now and have received minor flashes of sound visions, where I can hear war going on and that comes in as just sounds. I have never seen the actual war itself taking place and I’ve been aware that they on the other side, are keeping those images of war from reaching my awareness. There are reasons for it and not everything is allowed to get filtered through, and so it’s not on their end. That has changed for me, and I have seen some images come through an out of body state. Along with being able to feel what was coming from those images as well, and I’ll be sharing them in this article. 

There was a certain moment that I have always held onto from when I was about 14 years old, and it is a moment that has always stayed with me because I felt how important my reaction was to it. This memory took place for a brief period in the early 2005, and it happened during history class while learning about World Wars I & II. This specific class had a teacher that enjoyed to for some reason, show the class the visual disturbances of those wars for the entire class to see. It was in that moment upon seeing both wars that I had a severe internal reaction to seeing it, and it was as if my consciousness had already connected to the fact that they were here. That they did it and that it wouldn’t be the last time that they had negative timelines set-up, which were aimed to mess with humanity to cause destruction on a wide scale. I have never forgotten that moment and I mention it, because just like I know specific non-physical beings started World War I & II. They are trying to create and manifest another one that would be bigger than any other in earth’s history. 

World War III Timeline: Working With Different Realities, Changing The Outcome & Remaining Free Of Fear Frequencies.

I have experienced only a few visions (which will remain with me,) about certain events, which a lot of them have never come to pass like it was shown that they could. I understand that a lot of timelines do shift, and events that could happen usually tend not to. There are a lot of people who get themselves into trouble by doing this, where they state that they know an event and, in the end, it just never comes to pass. There are many people who are into conspiracy theories, and into end of the world scenarios, and really anyone in the general public who claims to know all and to see all. I do not claim to know all and see all, and other volunteers don’t even claim to see all and know all. I will never state that I know everything and can see everything. It’s always changing. The world and all of us are always creating, and so nothing can ever be really concrete. The only events that can be considered definite ones, are those events that do affect the consciousness of the world in a profound manner. It would need to be such an immensely big event that it most likely will happen, as opposed to it being such a small event that has a small probable chance of manifesting within the collective. 

Even with all of that said, anything that is considered a big event for the world, because the big stuff does shift the consciousness of the world. It evolves people and the hope is to change they’re perspectives. That doesn’t always mean that it can happen, it is all about probability. Which is why I receive visions and keep them private; I know to do that. This will be only a handful of visions that I will share, throughout the years that does involve a major event. An event that has the potential to shift the consciousness of people in our world, and it involves this World War III Timeline

Visions Of War Through A Circular Screen

The Visions that I received took place out of body, on the early morning hours of Wednesday, September 21st. This event was a rare incident for me because of the manner in which it happened; I am not used to out of body visions. Dream visions I am used to. In body visions I receive, and I do get bad emotional reactions to them. However, I just have never received visions in this manner before. 

On the night of September 20th into 21st; I was aware that I was out of body. I can differentiate between when I am in or out of my own body, and on this specific night I was out. I remember being in a space that was not of this world, and I was being briefed about this specific World War III timeline. I was standing in front of this big circular screen and standing beside this screen was a higher dimensional being that had a feminine energy. This feminine being showed me various images on this screen, and they flashed from one image to the next. These images were also filled with emotions that were connected to each image, and energy that was connected to those emotions. There were a few that I saw.

The first image on the screen was pitched black. The emotions that I felt were not good, and I could tell that this meant darkness. A dark period for humanity. The second image that flashed on the screen was a slow-motion movement, where people were deeply shocked, concerned, and lost with what was going on. The third image showed another group of people who were surprised by another event, that was closely connected to the World War III Timeline. They weren’t sure what they should do. Those two images also felt awful, because I could feel what they all felt. The images stopped and the feminine being turned to me, and all that she said was.

This could happen in your lifetime.

I am currently 32 and there is a far stretch of time that I am allowed to remain in this physical body, and I cannot tell you when I could physically leave physicality. There have been many opportunities in my life to leave, and I am still here. I have had two Exit Points come and go, which basically means that I have crossed two chances to leave earth. This specific feminine being mentions that it was an event that could happen and considering the fact that I was taken into a higher space and briefed about this event. It isn’t something that I am taking lightly. If I am receiving these types of briefings, then I am sure that other Volunteers are also having dreams. That they are also being briefed and have been briefed like I have over the years.

I am not claiming that World War III is definitely going to happen, I am stating that it seems like it is going to be one of those events that will happen. It will be big enough that it is going to cause a huge shift in people’s consciousness, and many already believe that it is already happening. Many believe that World War III is already in play, with governments trying to send people into poverty. The inability to make ends meet. Rising cost of housing and taxes. Inability to afford food and water. The poor just get poorer, while the rich just get richer. The bottom line is that I have felt an increase in activity with this timeline, and the frequency by which this is unfolding is a lot more substantial than it ever was. I have more articles that I want to write that connects to this, and I will be doing so in October. Especially as we move into Eclipse season and the last three months of 2022. This isn’t even all the information that I received about this event, and this timeline either. There is so much more, but timing is everything and there are things that I won’t ever reveal because it could change. Timelines change, and you as creators can change it. You can change this event. 

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Choose Your Preferred Language: Making It Easier For You To Read.

Select Your Preferred Language: Bridging All Of The Language Barriers Away 

This website is currently involved in the creation process right now, not everything is set up quite yet. I have been working hard on organizing everything from the design to all the certain add-ons that I have placed on this website, to make it a little bit easier for everyone to enjoy the reading experience more. There are also other add-ons that can help you navigate through this website; one such add-on is the one called Select Language

I’m well aware that there are people who find this website from all over the world and a lot of them don’t always speak the English language. It can be difficult for people to figure out what I’m writing about on here already, when some of the material can be unusual for many who don’t know what I’m writing about on here. This one specific add-on is there so that you can choose whatever language you speak in and translate most of my articles into your preferred language. I’m currently writing some early articles about what I am experiencing now, but this add-on is powered by google translate and it is a reliable source.  All you have to do is click on the Home Button and look to your right, there are plenty of add-ons and scroll down to Select Language and choose the language you prefer the most.  

There are other add-ons as well such as: Search Button, Categories, Article Display, Follow Button, Subscribe, Contact Form, and Search Terms. Which are all there at your disposal if you so choose to use them. Enjoy and happy reading!

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Welcome To Energetic Earth

Welcome To Energetic Earth: First Steps Into The Age of Light & New Earth Reality.

It has taken me a while to figure out just how I wanted to start creating what I have envisioned in my own mind for this blog site. I needed to know when, where, what, why and how to start it. I already knew why I felt the need to begin this blog site. I am contracted to write on a soul level about the current Ascension and Evolution of our Earth. I’m also contracted to write about my own Ascension Process, in the hope that other people can read about it and understand it fully. Then if they were experiencing similar hardships while on their own journey, then they could take comfort in reading about another’s perspective on everything they have lived. Incarnating and dropping your frequency into a tiny human body as an Ascension Volunteer is not easy to do and there is no guide to being one, which is what this blog site is essentially about. The complete understanding of who I am and what is happening for earth right now.

The most important part of this first article is to state that there is an energy shift going on within our Earth right now, the more that people begin to realize this the more that what we’re doing here collectively will matter. There are so many Starseeds, Galactic Travelers, and Ascension Volunteers who have come to Earth within the last century, all in the great call to help Earth as it transitions into a 5 Dimensional vibrating Earth planet. We are here to bring back the Earth to its sovereign state and to end all of the disillusionment that is running around within the collective. There is a real spiritual war happening right now on Earth between unaware humans and the negative non-human beings that are controlling human consciousness. This is what this place is all about in general. There is nothing left to say other then; welcome to Energetic Earth – New Ascending Earth.

Like my introduction already states; I have decided to start this website for many reasons and because I did Volunteer to do this, the main one is to discuss my own journey through the natural Ascension and Evolutionary Processes. The most important thing that I want anyone reading this to know about me is that I am an energy signature and it just so happens that our very Earth carries its own energy signature too. Everything has a frequency and a natural energy to it, so like my title states in many ways I am Energetic Earth. I have been briefed by many in the higher dimensions prior to undertaking this current lifetime that I am living as this Michael aspect of me, it has not been very easy to get to this point in my life. There have been many people who have tried to prevent this from happening for me. We’re given opportunities to experience pain, suffering, and trauma in hopes that we work through it to become more aware of who we are. However, what I was briefed on and the information that I was given has not happened entirely as I would have expected. I have had to adapt to the terrain and adjust myself when something has gone terribly wrong, which has happened many times because of who I am as an Ascension Volunteer. 

I first physically activated to begin my Ascension Process within the Third Wave of Ascension Volunteers, within this first cycle of the Ascension Process that we are currently living in right now. This took place in March 2014. It has been five years since this happened and I have been re-learning all that I was briefed on, I have been working with Light Energy over these last five years through my body to help stabilize the Earth through these changes. This was what I probably was doing before my physical activation, I just wasn’t consciously aware of it and that is what happens when you come online. I have been privileged to work as an incarnated volunteer for the Divine in order to assist humanity, the Earth herself, as we experience these ongoing changes that are taking place at this time.

Welcome To Energetic Earth: About My Writing & What You Need To Know

There will be certain information that I will be writing about on Energetic Earth – New Ascending World, that has to do with my Ascension Process and how it all started for me. I did experience a spontaneous physical activation on March 1 2014 and I will be writing about that experience on here in depth. I will also be writing about how that happened for me and where that has taken me in these last five years and onward. There has been a small period of re-educating myself on many of my past life memories and experiences that I have become aware of that have formed me as an entity, these memories will be shared on this website as well. To help those understand that I am a small speck of consciousness just as much as all of you are and there is a story here that I will be unraveling article by article. I will be writing all about the Ascension Process of this physical Earth, as this is occurring in our world right now and I will help explain why all of these changes are unfolding. That also includes who is involved and why they are here helping to manifest what I and many other people are calling New Earth. 

Ever since I could remember; I have always been a highly sensitive child and that has become more noticeable as I have matured into an adult. This sensitivity has expanded even further from just people to our Earth and I feel everything that is happening through this body. I have been sensitive to Earth energies too. I have clairvoyant abilities and these abilities grew the more that I developed and this escalated when I physically activated. I embody light for the Divine Creator and I can pick up on multiple events that can happen. I have and work with my abilities at my own level of awareness, there are many other Ascension Volunteers who do understand higher concepts at their level of awareness better than I do. There is no need to compare and no-one is better than the other, we’ve all just mastered our own abilities and we do have specific areas in which we do excel in at those levels. Many Starseeds have returned back to Earth again to help contribute to the Ascension Process right now. I will have different categories that I plan on setting up on the right side of this site, my very first category is called Ascension Process & Body Changes. This category will showcase the generalized concepts about the Ascension Process, in order to help guide those new to the process and journey. Thank you for being here and being you right now as we transition into this NEW Earth.

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