Can You Read Energy Signatures: An Energy Signature Acts As Your Identity On This Planet.

Do You Know About Energy Signatures?

No man or woman is the same. No child is the same. There is nobody in our world that is the same. That goes for everyone and their energy, because there is no-one who has the exact same energy frequency. There are slightly different levels where people sit on, but all in all no one has the same exact energy signature. Even then, there are levels where if a person has a much more negative signature not everyone sits near that negative signature. The same way of thinking can be applied to those who have a more positive signature. Not everyone is there on that same level, and if they’re nearby it doesn’t feel the exact same. It is a different variation. 

Most of my work is knowing how to feel people out, and you would be surprised to find out that a good majority of what I do, on a daily basis, is feel the Energy Signature of other people. It is a gigantic part of my work, and I could not do it, if I couldn’t take a step back and really see who that person is. What they are about energetically. What level they are on and a big part of that is to see their signature. It’s an important part of my line of work and for any volunteer, many would tell you the same thing. Reading people and locations is a big thing for all of us, and it saves us time when we don’t necessarily have to put up with someone not on the same level as us. It’s a big heads up when we need it, because we just don’t have time for bullshit at this point in our lives, our current state of evolution, and where we are on the ascension process.

In March 2019, I wrote an article that at the time I felt needed to be written by me that was about understanding the basics of energy. In that article, I did mention how there was a way to identify a person’s energy based off of how positive and negative they felt. I had referred to this identification tool as being able to read a person’s Energy Signature, but at that time I never managed to elaborate more on that. At this point in time, I am a little bit more ready to delve deeper into this, because it is too important to ignore just who is who, and what’s going on in our world right now. I’m not talking about the big players, and you can easily see who it is for yourself if you take the time out to feel their energy. I’m talking about the every-day people who you might know in your neighborhood, who for unknown reasons are just not acting right. There are a lot of chaotic events unfolding in the collective and making sure you understand exactly why many are freaking out right now is important. It all has to do with the Separation of worlds, and many are separating into either one or the other. At this point you cannot be shocked at those who have showed you where they are moving into. You have to see them once and for all, and never doubt them as they are. 

An Energy Signature acts as your identity on this planet. There is no-way that anyone could ever escape their own Energy Signature, because that really is your identification, and it remains intact until you leave your current physical body in this life. There is no way that you could modify that signature either because it is binding, you are bound to who you are and how you feel on an energetic level. That is what you are, that is how you are. There is no changing it. I cannot change my own energy signature and let me tell you not many people like it. There are many Volunteers who absolutely do get targeted by the more negative signatured people out there, I’ve had my fair share, but I have never had it all that too bad. I have been harrassed. I have had random people try to step on my toes, but I’m one of those few who has a zero policy when it comes to dealing with nonsense. I go straight towards it and try to put an end to it. I don’t like to be messed with and I usually know where it’s coming from, I can get really angry about it and if you’re good at reading my energy signature you know this about me. If you can’t read that yet, practice and then you’ll be able to view me as I really am faults and all and anyone else. 

Who Is Who, How Can You Identify Them

It can be difficult for people to identify another entity’s Energy Signature and for those who have no idea, there are some tell-tale signs in noticing who is who and the variation. The most interesting thing that I want to touch on first, is that most people won’t always show you exactly who they are at first meeting. They won’t. Those who have never felt a person out before don’t understand this, most unaware think when they first meet someone who is kind it means they really are. Most volunteers are capable of picking up on people and their energies on first sight, and sometimes it is them who has caught sight of us. I will never be fully capable of describing to those reading this, just how terrifying it is when someone you have never met has made contact with you and you never initiated it. You don’t know them, but you know what they’re about. I can never describe in full detail how terrifying that is to me, because that means they’ve caught onto the fact that you’re not like everyone else. There is something different about you and your energy. Most times it isn’t even the actual being in the human vessel it came in with, it’s a darker entity that has somehow gained control and it’s now fixated on you. It is the most frightening thing and I recently experienced this in September with two teenage males, who showed up out of no-where and then suddenly disappeared when I dealt with them. When I dealt with the entity. 

As you become more aware, you start to pay closer attention to the sound of their voice. You pay close attention to how they speak to you, and you can easily figure it out if it’s someone who wants something out of you. The second thing that I want to touch on is, the more you are around them and that is if you need to be around them. The more that you start to notice their Energy Signature, and you’ll be able to pick up on who they are more. How does it feel? Is it uplifting or energy consuming to you?  

The Woman With A Negative Signature

In my early twenties, I was working in one of the lowest frequency jobs in the town that I live in. I was in a situation where I was coming home from work in the middle of a snowstorm no less, because I didn’t know how to drive. To clarify I do not drive, and I never will. I had to walk. It wasn’t a problem for me because I preferred it, and where I lived it was pretty close to where I worked.

I didn’t like the majority of my co-workers that I worked with because, I could feel there was a slight difference between me and them. I had no idea what it was at that time, but there was something off about them to me. On my way home walking in the snow, one of the ladies pulled up and offered to take me home. I declined and then I noticed that she continued to badger me about it, and it was in that moment where I felt something strange about that interaction. I continued to decline to the point where she finally left in frustration, but in the back of my mind I was ecstatic that I didn’t get into that car with her. Looking back on that moment in my life, I realize how much of a negative signature she had. I look back on that and I am glad that I stayed away from her, and that I never entered that car. At times we tend to think a nice gesture is a nice gesture, it can be an unfortunate moment where you’re placed in danger because of another person and their energy.

There is a slight difference in human people who have different variations in their energy signatures, but then there are those energy Signatures Of Demonic Entities that also have an even complex feel to them. They vary. There are some that barely get a reaction out of me, and then there are those that are so ancient that they give me goosebumps and chills that run up and down my spine. Then there are those human beings who have negative signatures that also have an entity that is tied to them, which gives a hybrid mixture of a negative signature and a demonic latch-on signature. There are many different signatures of people walking around in our world, both positive and many negative. All of them valid and totally binding by all individual parties involved, learning how to read an energy signature is the best way to avoid those who are not ascending into New Earth right now. 

Basics Of Energy Matter: How To Understand Different Energies.

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