November 2022’s Eviction Notice: The False Anti-Divine Engine Has Been Separated, From New Earth.

November 2022’s Eviction Notice

There have been certain significant key-moments during the Ascension Process, where something new has been achieved by the volunteers. Then there are those moments where the earth and the regular people also achieve an important milestone themselves, and that is what is currently going on in November 2022. We’ve reached a considerable milestone, both for the volunteers and the regular human beings. Without really knowing it, the regular folk have been slowly actively embodying the Divine Mother Template for all of 2022. Meanwhile, the volunteers have successfully managed to clear out another huge chunk of the ancient Anti-Divine Satanic Engine, that has been chained into the fabric of earth keeping her imprisoned. Along with the earth all of her inhabitants. This is such an important milestone, and it is this separation of this anti-divine engine from new earth that is exposing those who are not moving into this new earth.

This all-month long November eviction notice has left me personally Ascension disabled; I have never experienced anything like this in all of the years that I have been called on to embody. It started right at the start of November for me, and I have been finding it difficult to write anything because of how I feel. I don’t do anything unless it involves needing to lay down, drink water, eat, and allow whatever is happening through my body. The second half of this month has been the most intense. If you think December is going to mean that this stops, well you better think again. 

I have had my fair share of beyond-this-world, personal only to me experiences with both embodying, and transmuting, in which I have experienced some odd stuff in the almost ten years that I have been physically activated as a third waver back in 2014. This November has hit different and for so many reasons, but the main one is the fact that more of that Anti-Divine Satanic Engine has been removed by the volunteers in November 2022. It hasn’t only been removed I have perceived that it has been fully separated from New Earth, and because of this all that remains are those in the lower dimensional realities of earth. These specific people will either now make the choice to step into New Earth as New humans, or they’ll remain where they are. I want to be as candid as I possibly can be when I say (not everyone is going to enter New Earth,) and those who don’t will slowly devolve into lower functioning creatures. That is exactly what LowCon people are, and that is what they will choose to be if they don’t make the necessary shift. 

The Anti-Divine Satanic Engine was a worldwide negative power grid, and it was set up by Negative Satanic Forces and Entities to steal organic energy from humans and this planet. It acted as more than that because it gave them access to this planet, and they have been here siphoning off of humanity for eons. That changed in November 2022 for the volunteers, when it was early on in the month that I perceived that I was transmuting old ancient energies. Ancient energies from this specific Anti-Divine Satanic Engine. Eviction notice: ancient beasts and satanic entities are now unable to access ascending new earth. Not only that but their power grid, is no longer integrated into earth. This is monumental, it means that you can only enter Ascending New Earth and have access through divine law. The divine laws of love, energy respect, and from an open heart to mind, and body to soul, service to others and not service to self. Long live divine law, so long to the Anti-Divine Satanic Engine. 

In-Depth Look At November 2022

I have been transmuting and embodying all month long, and it has not stopped since my first article in November titled: Down Into The Shoulder Blades. The structuring for this article is going to be a little different, because I am going to share almost everything that I have been experiencing this entire month. I want to give the best in-depth look at how I have handled the physical aspects of what I have dealt with this entire month and why. If you’re also a volunteer and you have wondered what these physical changes have meant, I’ll be explaining a lot of what has happened on certain days and why. 

November 4th, 2022: 

On November 4th, I had received a powerful energy download of Divine Mother Template and those codes, and they entered my physical body through the crown chakra area. This event was a public event. It happened to me while at work and the sensation of having this template and those codes enter me, and blast down into my shoulder blades. It left me feeling like half of me was being cut down by a Black Dao Sword. The feeling felt like such a quick and sharp motion, and this isn’t the first time that it came in at an angle with these Divine Mother Template codes. These specific codes have always felt a tad bit sharper than other codes when connecting with the body.

I spent the rest of that work shift in physical pain as parts of my shoulder went out of place, and I couldn’t let on that I was in pain or else people would notice it. I eventually left and managed to make it home, as soon as I got home I passed out on my bed because I couldn’t stay in my body anymore. 

November 11th, 2022:

On November 11th, I woke up feeling like I had been hit by something NEW and strong. My body must have been integrating while in my sleep state, because I hadn’t quite adjusted to this next Divine Mother Template drop of codes. It took all of the strength that I had to just leave my higher vibrating home space, and then immediately make my rounds down into the lower dimensions to get to where my physical work is. While at work. I was not even able to function because when my energy collides with certain LowCon People, it becomes unbearable for me after a certain amount of time. I spent that entire day at work in physical pain, while I embodied another round of Divine Mother. 

November 12-14th, 2022:

On November 12-14th, These next three days I had still been feeling slightly off from the multi-events that involved embodying Divine Mother Template and those codes. The one thing that I kept perceiving for each of these days, was that something ancient was being shaken out and removed from the earth and her grid lines. I felt it strongly being dismantled from within the connecting lines of the earth, and it felt to me like the earth could breathe again from this ancient negativity being removed. 

November 15-18th, 2022:

On November 16th, I am mentioning this specific day because I experienced an odd out of reality experience, during the early morning of the 16th. This morning felt so out of place for me that I could feel an immense negative force all around me, it started while I was still at home and I had to quickly leave to the lower dimension just to get away from what I was feeling. The only problem was the lower reality had bled through where my higher space was, and it felt lower everywhere. It quickly shifted back and then I found myself in an even higher space than I was before, this day was especially difficult on my feline friend Cody. He was struggling with what I could sense was an energy headache, and I could sense that he was transmuting a lot of old ancient stuff himself. 

The rest of this week, I was having a difficult time around the very many LowCon people while at work, who were constantly being used and positioned into the right places at the right time. I know when this happens it’s because many of the negative entities, want to find some way to siphon off some more energy from me by causing some emotional reactions by me. I hate to admit it but they got some of that emotional reaction out of me, because it was one of the hardest weeks I have had since I started working there in late 2021.

November 19th, 2022:

On November 19th, I got hit with a strong wave of grief for someone who is very near and dear to me, and this grief was also connected to old wounds from other timelines and lives that we had together. They say that grief can kill, and no true words could be spoken because I was unable to function emotionally all day. After the wave of grief passed. I began to experience the transmuting process happen for me, when intense inner heat and hot flashes persisted all day long. There was a connection to this ancient Anti-Divine Satanic Engine, that was being removed from the earth and her grid. 

In the late evening. I started to perceive that more and more regular people, were now embodying those Divine Mother Template Codes. This was something that took me by surprise, because at least in my area in Southern Ontario there are tons of people getting hit with all kinds of variants of light codes. The “Flu” is especially hitting harder than normal this season, and this is happening for a reason. I am not talking about people getting sick. I am perceiving that more regular humans are making that physical body shift, whether they know it or not this is what they’re doing. Especially children, who are making those physical awakening shifts right now more than adults. I have been surprised to see who is getting hit with this template, and you should pay attention to who is exhibiting physical awakening symptoms at this time. Who also is not showing these signs and that is all a personal choice. 

One last mention. I remember visually seeing positive E.T beings come through many of the rooms in the basement of my home throughout the night. I have experienced this many times over the years, but this just added to the allure of this entire day. 

November 20th, 2022:

On November 20th, I had continued to transmute a lot more of the anti-divine ancient energies for the majority of the entire day. It got so heavy at one point that as it was released from the earth via my body, there were instant New Divine Mother Codes that were being entered into my physical body simultaneously. The transmuting stopped and the embodying began, when I tell you that I spent this specific weekend in agony. I really did. I didn’t go anywhere. I could not eat very much of anything because my body felt so sensitive. I was buzzing from head to toe. My body felt like an aching, oozing, mess of hot electrical currents moving through me. There was no position that felt comfortable. I did not get any sleep. 

The most agonizing part was that my eyes got so sensitive and achy, it actually hurt to the touch. The only thing that would help was to close my eyes and try to rest, and then there would be certain spots on my head that would burn up and become overheated. In small patches all over the top of my head. When that wasn’t making thing’s difficult, I had perceived on this day that my CNS was being energetically rewired. The only thing that helped in any way, was if I took small sips of water. When I did my body started to slowly come back to centre. This lasted all day and with blaring ear ringing on top of it all.

November 21st, 2022

On November 21st, I started to feel better after getting hit with the latest Divine Mother Template and those Codes. I had to call in sick at work for this specific day because there was no way, that I was entering the lower dimensions while doing this. I had reached the end point of embodiment peak, which is a climax point within the embodiment process. My body was starting to shift. I got my appetite back and I was eating again. I still felt a tad bit out of alignment, but I was able to move ahead despite everything. 

November 23rd, 2022: 

On November 23rd, I had returned back to my body at 4:00 am in the morning. I had struggled to get myself to sleep again because of what my body was doing, and when it was done my body exhausted itself and I was too tired to function throughout the rest of the day. I went to work. When I finished up there (it was empty by the way,) and I quickly left and needed to spend some time asleep. The energies picked up on this day and I perceived that more of my area was getting hit with new divine codes at the current level that we’re at now. 

This is an in-depth look at what this entire month has been, looked, and felt like for me, and for the volunteers, as I am sure that many of them have had similar experiences. I am so exhausted right now and, in all honesty, I have not had such an extended period of time feel so energetically compressed. It feels like we’re cramming everything that we can into our bodies before this year ends, because 2023 is going to be this and much more. I wish there was a detailed way for me to end this article, but all that I can say is how glad I am to be done with November 2022. One step forward and onto the next phase. 

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