New Humans Of New Earth: The Entrance Way Is About To Open.

New Humans Of New Earth

There are key moments for me when everything starts to come together piece by piece, and all of those connections begin to form into a perfect structure. This formation has been happening for all of 2022, and sure enough it has looked exceptionally chaotic with many people moving into different directions. There are reasons why these people are shifting now and if you notice this then step aside and let them go their own way. There is structure that is being formed, even if you don’t think that there is. All directions for all are unknown, but the volunteers have been energetically working hard for decades to open this entrance way, by first creating this new earth. The volunteers have been slowly building and creating this new earth that soon the regular humans will have access too, this is why when the call out happened for volunteers many of us said that we would do it. 

The volunteers created the new earth and now from what I perceive there will be an entrance way, that is going to allow regular people to enter new earth as we have reached the aquarian age. Regular people will begin embodying the new earth template, which is Divine Mother Feminine and that template. This has been slowly happening for all of 2022, when Divine Feminine Mother returned, and that template was inserted into the grid lines of planet Gaia. It always happens for the volunteers, but now small groups will begin entering new earth and embodying for themselves. The Aquarian age means that we follow the aquarian way, this is the return to an advance species of new human beings embodying new human templates. You’ll start to notice this much more as we move through 2023. 

In 2014. I became physically activated within my current lifetime as a volunteer to help energetically create the recent New Earth For New Humans. That was the contracted agreement that I made while in the higher dimensions, and that is what a lot of volunteers agreed to do who activated in cycle one of the ascension process. All of the ascension volunteers have been working too hard physically in cycle one to embody, clear, dismantle, and restructure the earth in a way where this new earth world was being created on an energetic level. Then we moved into 2020. This is where things started to shift slightly, because it wasn’t the same cycle one work that we were doing. There was a transition that was happening, and it changed from creating new earth to being the first few to step into this new ascended earth world ourselves. We’re always doing it first and then allowing humanity to follow suit, and that’s only if they want to. 

I know that there have been so many weary, tired, and not so sure if you’re going to make it through yet another year, ascension volunteers, that have felt like they haven’t contributed in anyway. I need you to know that you have, you absolutely have over these last difficult years. Your one of the first to enter new earth and hold yourself in it, we all have done this since 2020. There is always more going on in the higher dimensions first, before it explodes down here in physicality. Remember that. Rest assured that since 2020 you have been living and existing on new earth, but now you’ll start to notice that there will slowly be groups of regular humans who are going to be making that transition into new earth and cross through it into that entrance way. There is no timeline for this at all, and this could take years and decades. None of this is happening in a linear manner either, because it all happens in a non-linear way and that’s how it’s happening. 

The Entrance Way & The NEW Human Template

In June 2022; I started to perceive that there was going to be an event that would happen around the winter solstice. There was something massive that was fast approaching and that whatever it was, it would happen around the solstice for this year. I did perceive that there would be a secondary movement through cycle two, phase two of cycle two and I wrote an article about it. I’ll share the link for those who are interested at the end of this one. It wasn’t until the beginning of November where I received even more information about this event, that I felt was entering my awareness at that time. The event that I saw that would happen around the solstice was a Cosmic Mother Entrance Way opening up, so that humanity could access new earth and the Divine Mother Template. The entrance way will usher the first group of regular people into new earth, both physically and consciously. What does this all mean? That there will be many more people who will finally awaken and understand more aspects of the ascension process. There will be many more regular people who will begin to embody more and who will have to do the work, and it isn’t just that because many regular people will now be embodying the NEW Human Template.  

The NEW Human Template will be a combination of Body/Mind/Heart/Soul awareness, and the Divine Mother Template. There has been collective upheaval for eons within the current old human template. Human beings have spent the last few thousand years living through their lower aspects. To put this all another way. Humanity has been functioning through their three lower chakras for a long time. They have focused more on the survival aspects of their design: survival instinct, reproduction, desire for power. Those were the old ways of existing on old earth reality, and that is where many of them still live in. On new earth they have to focus on the four higher chakras that they ignore time and time again: love, communication, intuition, understanding cosmic consciousness. There is so much more going on with this than just a change in template structure, this is the Aquarian Age where what was shifted during the Age of Leo will be corrected. Pay special attention to the world as we shift into 2023 and to all people, it’ll be a very important year and I’m going to be discussing these aspects a lot more as well. There is much more to be said and I wish I could say all that I needed to right now, but there is always a right time for everything. 

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