Transitioning Into Phase Two Of Cycle Two: Almost Out Of Phase One Of Cycle Two.

Phase Two Of Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process

We’ve been inching closer to this point in time for a while now, since we entered the month of June 2022. Here we are now taking our first steps into this monumental transitory state, that is Phase Two of Cycle Two of the ascension process. We are here finally at this point and it doesn’t feel at all like what I had thought that it would, it has continued to be a surprise. June 2022 has continued to surprise me with how strange it all feels. 

June 2022 has felt lonely and very quiet to me. Over the ascension years; I’ve learned that quiet can be misleading, and that usually it means in the general sense, that a new space has opened up for the forerunners to step into. This is exactly what I have experienced at the beginning of June 2022 and with the 666 Gateway Opening. That specific gateway was an entrance point for humanity, and those specific beings living on new earth. A new space and another part of the higher dimensions, was just embodied into New Earth. A new space was just opened up and guess who is walking those first few steps? That’s right the Volunteers and the first, second, and third wavers of this group. 

The Transition Into Phase Two Begins

June 2022 has surpassed my expectations of how I thought we’d move into this transitory period, because this is going to be an insanely important month and so will December 2022 and everything in between. I first started noticing that this specific demarcation line was approaching in January. Thing’s got more clear the closer to June that we got, and I knew exactly what this meant for the forerunners living on new earth. It means that we are entering Phase Two of Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process. This all sounds very confusing to people who may not know what it means, so I’m going to explain this event and what it means for those who maybe reading this. 

In December 2019 and moving into January 2020; earth moved into Cycle Two of the ascension process. Which is why thing’s escalated beyond what anyone could have imagined during that year, along with what we lived through in 2021 and even during this year. Which is still ongoing, but not as intense as it was when we first moved into this new cycle. So, that’s what that was all about. That is why 2020 felt so different and everyone was all up in arms about Covid-19, when really it was a global awakening which was happening all over the world. It was unprecedented. The signs were all there and by the end of 2019-into-early-2020 many forerunners realized that something different was going on. Different than before, like we had switched over into a new lane on the highway and got off at a secret off ramp. The symptoms were different. How we felt physically was off the charts. Many of us realized that we had moved into a different aspect of the ascension process altogether, so that’s what I’m talking about when I mention Cycle Two.  Now, the transition that we’re making between the months of June-December 2022; We are transitioning into Phase Two which will be completely different. It’ll be less chaotic. It’ll be less intense. There will be periods of high physical body activations, but not like what the world experienced in 2020 and 2021. There will be more frequent public disinformation by public figures, covert manipulations, continued lies, much more fear mongering, by many who claim to know what’s going on. I’m already preparing myself for these future events, by said people in the public, and I will continue to trust my heart, my awareness more than anything. Which is really all that I can hope other people would do as well, as we move into Phase Two Of Cycle Two which will come into full effect in December 2022.  

Further Silence As We Transition

The transition period began manifesting right when we moved into and through The 666 Gateway and the days afterwards. There were two specific days where the silence was very noticeable, not only silence but there was an emptiness to the outside world where I barely saw anyone. It was as if I was living and existing all on my own, and existing on new earth where a new space was literally being manifested before my eyes. I know this to mean that this new space was being created to perfection. Which is why there needs to be a period of inaction. Where no activity is getting in the way of source created higher spaces, now this is just happening in my area and I imagine source is doing this throughout the entire world right now. In various locations. With incarnated light embodiers put in place, to compliment said changes. The silence and inactivity in my area, is and has been beyond anything that I have ever experienced since entering new earth. 

Like Living In An Empty World

Friday, June 3rd: This phenomena first began on Friday of the (3rd) and lasted all the way into the Monday. On this specific day; I left my higher dimensional space on this earth which is my home, and then headed out into the remaining 3D realities and it was as if no-body existed there. It was the strangest experience that I have had yet, and it got progressively strange when Monday arrived. 

Monday, June 6th: The day of the 666 gateway; I once again left my higher dimensional space and arrived to an even eerily scene of total desolation. It was like entering into an empty world because there was just no one around, I saw no-one all day long and on my way home the streets were just as empty as I’ve never seen it. It was the single most bizarre event of my natural adult life, because it has never happened. I have never been in 3D world and out there while, it’s very existence seemed like it was washed away into a black void. Is this June 2022? Whoa!

I have never in my life experienced all that I have in such a manner as I did in early June 2022. What exactly is next for us? Aside from the transition period itself from (June – December 2022.) We have more Divine Mother embodiment waves to concretize into our physical bodies, into new earth, into the oceans and lands. We have more gateway openings in late July and into early August. We have the Summer Solstice in two weeks in the northern hemisphere, winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. Then we have the 10, 11, and 12 Portal openings in October, November and December. The last round of eclipses which will bring new codes into much of Europe and including Russia of all countries. Then, last but not least the final step into Phase Two Of Cycle Two

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