A Slow Build-Up To The Solstice: Feeling Euphoria & The Calmer Aspects To Living On New Earth.

Summer Solstice Energy Build-Up

Ever since I could remember; I have always held a strong propensity to observe anything and everything in life, whether it was self, or, other people that were around me. It never mattered to me that what I was observing was important, or, if it was just a minor detail. It was all important in the grand scheme of thing’s, even the littlest detail is so important and should not be skipped over. It should not be ignored. The smallest piece of information can mean everything, especially if your trying to process what you are witnessing in the moment. Knowing this about myself, this almost 7th sense as I like to call it – had begun to chime in earlier this week. Right on cue and as usual.

I’ve been phenomenally observant since about Saturday the {11th} and the reason why, is because I noticed a daily build-up of energy starting to form around my body, the area where I live, and in the world at large. Which let’s me know that another shift is imminent and about to occur. I make it my business to sense these thing’s, and at this point in my life it’s a part of me. I can feel it immediately. You have to watch the world. You have to feel everything in the world. You have to connect to the world and it’s natural energies. When you do this, it become so much easier for you to pick up on the little details that make up the bigger picture. 

It’s Building Up Rather Slowly

The start of this week has shifted a lot of people and situations; I have noticed that day-by-day there has been a slow incremental build-up in the world at large. There has been a slight uptake in High Energy Activity. If your like me and you have been observing the world right now, then you have picked up on how the world is slowly going through another period of timeline chaos: Information is exploding to the surface, earthquakes are more prominent, thing’s are erupting, people around you seem more stuck in life drama’s, unexplainable situations that leave you stunned, then of course there are people who are physically choosing to leave physicality, and it’s happening all over the world. It’s different than other years, at least for me and where I am because for so much of June 2022; I have experienced isolation and silence like never before. The first half of this month was just silence, and I’ve had to carve out and walk my little forerunner path all on my own.

The change over started happening Saturday-into-Sunday, then when Monday arrived; I noticed that my physical body was changing again. Like it usually does when big shift periods happen like the Equinox/Solstice. Ever since Monday, it’s slowly gotten more louder and busier. I’ve found it difficult to deal with all of the daily activity that I have to, while literally being to tired, or, internally shaking while out in public. In fact there have been moments where I have experienced Euphoria, and then the more calmer aspects of living life on new earth tend to come on. It’s a strange feeling to have, but it’s an aspect of living life on new earth, and in Cycle Two of the Ascension Process that I have not written so much about. I tend to focus on where we’re moving into, that I never stop to smell the roses and write about what new earth life is actually like. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that there are always important events that come up that need my attention. Also, the majority of new earth life events and situations that I have experienced, involve periods of high intensity embodying. With only a few moments and a few days where I feel elevated, to experience states of euphoria and the calmer aspects of new earth life. 

New Earth Life Experiences

When the Ascension Volunteers entered New Earth in late 2019 and into early 2020; I instantly noticed subtle differences in the experiences that I have had that I just never did while I was living on old earth. I didn’t have wonderful experiences on old earth, in the 3D world because I was always a giant target by various LowCon people. I was born in an area where it was super conservative, as well as, super negative, and the people that I had around me had no concept of spiritual gifts. They didn’t even have self awareness. I was enthralled into areas where Catholicism was a heavy way of life, and the church was a big thing in my family. It all felt and looked wrong and deranged to me even at a young age. I attended a Catholic elementary school and Catholic high school. Two experiences which were absolutely traumatic for me as a volunteer. I was surrounded by people who were so young in their earth lives, that it made life so unbearable for me while attending these establishments. I was the odd one out and they never made me forget it either, and I knew that I needed to stay as quiet as I could. It was a small town and suburban, but the vast majority of people were rich. They are rich. It was a challenge for me to keep myself in check, to keep my sanity in check. There were many moments where I felt like my life was in danger. The negative push back was extremely real, and no matter how hard I tried there was no other option than to just take it and stay quiet. This was life on old earth.

Old Earth was filled with absolute negativity. However, the transition out of old earth and into New earth was interesting. I felt it really begin in 2008, and then the transition got more pronounced even more so in 2014. Then 2020 happened and I knew that we had transitioned into new earth, at least the forerunners and volunteers had. 

Living Life On New Earth began to feel much lighter when I made that initial shift into that ascending world timeline. When I compare old earth to new earth, the experiences are the total complete opposite of one another. As an awakened 32 year old Volunteer, new earth feels like what a higher dimension would feel like. That is what new earth feels like, but not everyone is on new earth. All of the establishments that I was apart of, no longer exist. The people that were in my early life are long gone, including specific family members. I live a very isolated life. I don’t engage in many events outside my home and I generally keep to myself. I do have small moments of peace and life is good in many ways. It’s easier and I feel a sense of freedom that I didn’t have before, I’m not targeted by very many people these days. I still worry about my safety, but I haven’t had a dangerous encounter in years. The changeover in these last two years has really opened my eyes, because I’m in a higher ascending reality that feels vastly different from the descending reality that I was living on. New earth life is better, simpler, easier, calmer, and I feel safer than I did before. This has been a theme for this years’ Summer solstice, because it feels so much lighter than in previous years. 

Experiencing Moments Of Euphoria

When I think of 2022; I don’t necessarily think that this year has been the finest in our history. It has been down right exhausting, the Russia/Ukraine conflict made thing’s worse and I feel that on a daily basis. I can say that it does feel easier than it did in 2020 and 2021. To the point where I have actually had some really wonderful moments, and that is a very magnificent thing to experience. I don’t experience this very often, and when it happens it makes me feel very connected to earth. A lot of personal experiences that I have had, involved being put into States Of Euphoria. I really don’t experience this quite often, but there have been a few times where this has happened for me. It can feel strange, mainly because it’s like your taken out of your current position on earth, and it’s almost like being moved to another place and time. Your overwhelmed with such a strong feeling of what I would say is pure bliss, and it takes over your entire body and especially right in the heart center. It sort of sits there and spreads out in every direction, until it stops and that strong emotion of bliss dissipates. It’s a very random event, and I never know when it’s going to come on. 

Over the years I’ve experienced this with beings while in physical body, and with beings out of physical body. This year I have experienced these experiences with another Higher Dimensional Being, a being who is part of my soul group. This being is my primary soulmate who I have been with in many past lives as romantic partners. I enter into states of euphoria with this being from time to time, and as we approach the Summer Solstice I have noticed that this has been happening more an more often. There are other times where it’s just the energy coming in right now, which just fills me up with bliss. This has been an enormous part of the built-up to the Summer Solstice, at least for me, along with other physical experiences which will get more intense as we head into early next week.     

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