Phase Two Electric-Energy Body Embodiment: Buzzing From Head To Toe, Like I’m Living In Earth’s Early Civilization(s) Again.

Phase Two Electric-Like 5D Functioning

The Summer Solstice was yesterday. Yes. The past two days also had to be some of the hottest days of the year so far, which is telling all on it’s own. It’s been strong. The energies have felt strong. Now over the past few days since before even the end of last week; I noticed that my body was once again doing what it usually does when I embody more codes, more energies, and when I’m shifting along with the shifts. I have been tired. I have been struggling with this Solstice shift physically, and that includes barely getting by in the remainder of 3D world. Whatever is left of it anyway. It’s been difficult to balance the fact that I’m taking in so much of what source needs me to, and walking around in the outside world. Which is exhausting in itself and I know many ascension participants, volunteers, also understand the dimensional crossing that we endure at times. 

The most interesting thing this year has been the sudden realization of Electric-Energy Embodying, that I just realized, and that I became aware of that has been going on the closer we got to this years Solstice point. Even more so that I have been experiencing this since we entered Phase Two, and I’ll be explaining what this electric-energy embodying means further down in the article.    

 2022’s Solstice & Electric Energy Embodiment

Most of the time when I’m experiencing anything that is new to me it takes some getting used to at first, but eventually I get acclimated to whatever it is that my physical body is doing due to the ascension process. This is how I have processed these moments since I physically activated back in 2014, and the process is just as familiar to me as if I were to fall asleep during the night and wake up in the morning. These days it’s more like fall asleep whenever and wake up whenever, but you get my point. It’s as simple a process as if it were a mundane experience that you lived through on a daily basis. Now, often times what happens with me and this could happen with other volunteers, is that there are usually multiple events happening at one time. There could be multiple physical adjustments that are being made. Which tends to happen, and those changes sort of happen on a day-to-day basis. You won’t even know how you’ll feel from one day to the next, usually for me I tend to pick out that one specific part of my body that is getting adjusted. Which bring’s me to what was being refined within me during this years’ solstice point.

I personally experienced Multiple Brain Re-Wiring Adjustment Events within my head/brain region for this years’ Solstice, and that is where I got hit the most. I’m not new to these events and when they do happen; I generally know what is going on. Why did this stick out above everything else? It felt a little bit different than it usually does, and not only has it felt different during these last few days. I’ve realized that these adjustment events were also going on in 2021 and in 2020 too! Essentially, I had already experienced this at this advanced phase two level, over the last two years, and I just wasn’t fully conscious of the fact that they were happening for me. Not until these last few days and these events that unfolded. I began putting the pieces together when I noticed that what I was feeling, it had felt to me like there were electric currents that were moving through my head. I felt it all over the front of my head, and there was a gigantic pressure pressing up against it. At the same time it felt electric in nature, and these waves of electric currents began to move across from side to side. This is what has played out for me during the solstice point, and today this was not an issue. However, Saturday morning. Sunday night. Monday morning, these adjustment events took place. Then the dots got connected and it all started making much more sense to me.

Phase Two Electric-Energy Embodying 

I noticed that my physical body changed once we entered 2020, and of course that was when we first entered Cycle Two of the Ascension Process. When I look back on 2020 and 2021; I have had similar adjustment events take place that have been the exact same as I experienced during this Solstice point. It amazes me how at times I can miss these patterns that are going on, and then only to eventually realize and become aware of them after the fact. Now, in 2022 I have assimilated to these patterning’s and the only thing that feels different is the severity of it. This was a different story in 2020 and it continued in 2021, where I was experiencing something new inside of my body that I had never felt before.  What I had felt was this whole body next-level electric movement, almost like there was a electric current that was running within me. This got extremely intense and painful in 2020, but it eased up in 2021 even though it continued. I’m going to try my best to describe what this phase two electric-energy embodying feels like, both when it’s happening through my head and through my whole body.

Electric Energy-Embodiment

I have been referring to this phase two Embodiment Process as the Electric-Energy Embodiment. The electric part is self explanatory, as the energy feels like electricity is coursing through my veins when I embody it. I’m going to give two examples here: The first one is when it happened when I received an adjustment in my head, which was more severe than what I experienced during this years’ Solstice Point. The Second, is when it happened as I was experiencing adjustments on a whole body level.  

The first Phase Two experience, happened in June 2020 and it was during that period where we received triple eclipses. I first remember feeling this new phase two electric-energy, during the Solstice point for 2020 and it continued the days after. On this specific day, I was laid up in my room and on my bed because my head was spinning so much. That was something I had never really experienced before, so that told me this was new. It felt like I had a swirling motion happening in my head, and the energy was coursing through my head from side-to-side. It felt like electric in nature. It was electrically charged. This event happened for an entire 24/h period, it was non-stop and there was no way to get relief. When it was over, it was over. That was the first taste of this new Electric-Energy Embodiment. Phase Two kicked my butt when it first arrived. 

The second Phase Two experience, happened the very next month in July. I had a moment where I needed to lay down again because, this was how everyday went in 2020. The physical embodiment process kicked up it’s gears. I was knocked out at this point. I was unable to be awake in my physical body because the intensity of this electric energy was too much to handle. I was spinning, and the sounds that I heard throughout my entire body was a high frequency screeching. Like the wheels of an airplane when making a landing. Then there was a big electric roaring sound, like nothing that I ever heard before and it was working together with the ear ringing that was exploding loudly in my ear. There were periods of time where I could hear buzzing from my head to my toes, it was all highly advanced energies, and ironically I remember this. I remember this feeling and this electrically charged energy running through me like I had experienced it before. 

Early Earth Life & An Almost Electric Like Body

While for many people around the world what I’ve been describing might sound very NEW or unusual, but the truth is that this is not new to me at all. I have been well aware that this Electric-Energy that I have been experiencing in Phase Two, what and how I have been embodying is very familiar to me. It is a process that I was already aware of prior to having these experiences with it in this life. As I have returned and returned to this earth realm multiple times; I do remember a few of my relatively more newer lifetimes on this earth, and a few times I had lived in a specific region which was very popular at the time on earth called Lemuria

What I remember about Lemuria is that I had incarnated multiple times in this specific region during this  time period, and I had a few lives during different eras of that civilization. The population was much more smaller on earth, because earth was much younger then. As beings we tend to gravitate towards where the “popular” places are, and already prior to leaving my higher dimension. I knew about Lemuria. There were many beings at that time from my recollection, who were talking about coming to this earth realm and going to Lemuria. Along with all of those other beings was little young version of me. That was one of the most interesting and most talked about places in the higher dimensions, at that time, because Lemuria was actually considered one of the highest and advanced Civilizations that this earth ever had. It was popular but not many beings at the time could get into this earth, there was limited space and you really did have to wait for admittance. It’s not like today where the population is bigger, and anyone it seems can get in here. The younger ones want to come here and they want to have a human experience, that’s great, but, not at the expense of the actual earth and her resources. The older ones want to finish up and wrap up their lifetimes worth of work, myself included, and we want to graduate, so that we can be done with earth and human experiences. To each there own.

My memories include: Multiple incarnations where I was always female, the beings in this civilization were tall, we were surrounded by tall beings, the climate was hot all year round because we obviously lived near the equator. The beings were highly advanced, everyone could communicate with extra sensory communication. We all had our roles. We all had our lessons to learn and to teach. We worked together and generally learned how to cultivate these extra sensory communications, which the world no longer has. I’m not sure what happened to the world and as time time went on, the world lost these abilities and gifts. It’s not here today.  The world has lost these abilities. The gift of intuition. The gift of telepathic communication. Working together with energy, because that is what we did. We learned and taught one another how to use our energy, how to best use our energy with other beings like us.

The most important piece of information that I remember, is how our bodies were designed. We were advanced beings, we were all embodying the natural energy that was being given to us from source. Along with other races and beings in our universe as well, and our bodies were designed in a way where there was an electric component to them. An electric component to them, just like in the way that I’ve been experiencing this ever since we moved into Phase Two of the Ascension Process in 2020. Do you get it now? Do you see how everything is starting to piece itself together? We’re on the verge of being highly advanced beings again. Those of us who have been experiencing this, and how many times have you felt like your body was short circuiting. How many times have you been zapped when you touch metal. How many times since your physical awakening have you felt like you were buzzing from head to toe? Just like what I experienced during this Solstice point, it is exactly what I experienced in those early lifetimes too. You have to pay close attention to everything in your body, what it is doing and what it is not doing. This may be a new 5D function for most, but for those of us who can remember early earth, and it’s early civilizations, we understand that it’s a reclamation of what was long lost a long time ago.

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    I have really appreciated your postings over the years … they are raw and real, addressing the reality of physical aspects and so much more for many of us and what we have been experiencing. And, I appreciate your personal voice with your varied personal experiences and processes.

    If you are not familiar, there is a piece of music called Lemurian Homecoming by Anders Holte you may like that captures an impression of his of Lemuria. Thank you again for your expressions …

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