Correcting The Cosmic Upheaval Timeline: Divine Mother Codes & Correcting The Higher Timelines.

Sudden Eruption Of Divine Feminine Codes

This article for all intents and purpose is going to remain a very short one, and that has more to do with the fact that I am currently still in the process of experiencing this latest embodiment. This is still an ongoing event in my life for me, and while I cannot fully write about it all in full detail. I do need to give an unexpected quick update as to what many volunteers might have experienced, especially over these last few days because this just came on suddenly. 

The current event that I am referring to is the sudden roll out of divine feminine mother codes that were distributed, suddenly for those specific volunteers, participants, who have already and continue to embody the Divine Feminine Codes. 

The sudden and unexpected are not new to me in anyway, not when it comes to the ascension process. There have been events of energy embodiment that have come out of no where, that have left me in great agony over the years. What I have experienced since 2022 started has not shocked me, and neither has it surprised me. In fact; I have been experiencing periodic installments of Divine Feminine Mother Codes for all of 2022, and even after the actual template was physicalized into new earth in January. I have been very aware of this, and I have actively been doing all that I can do. I even experienced a huge download of this in May when more codes came in. However, this latest event was a shocker for me, and it left me asking what was going on? My higher light team only had a few specific thing’s to say, and that all included minor mentions of divine feminine mother and a distribution of more codes. 

This abrupt Distribution of Divine Feminine Mother and those codes, began for me specifically on this past Saturday {Jun 25th} during the afternoon hours. I experienced an almost physical body change-over within hours, and by that night I was on the brink of almost physically exiting. It was so intense. It was this quickly escalated energy event, that left me reeling and there was nothing that I could do, but to just allow whatever it was to continue doing what it was designed to do. This carried over into Sunday {Jun 26th} and that was not a good day for me either, and it is still ongoing even as I write this. It is still moving around in my body, but for those of you who have experienced something similar that started on June 25th specifically. You might be wondering what in the world is going on? You’ve just been hit by Divine Feminine Mother and those codes. 

There is a lot more that I want to write about; I am still in the process of taking care of myself on a physical level. Which is why I am not going to write anything further. This is a part of the Ascension Process that I have never enjoyed, because you are physically at the whim of anything energy wise. When those roll outs come out you’re obviously one of the few volunteers around the world, who does embody what is given to you. That’s part of your physical body design. I’ve had challenging moments with this aspect of the ascension process, each time I’m left wondering during specific moments when I’m going to die. If this will be the moment when that does happen, I felt that way in May of this year too. I have felt this way since Cycle Two began in 2020. I felt that way when I was physically activated in 2014. There is always that thought of well I may not make it, until I realize well this is what my physical body was designed for. I’ve had terrifying moments where the embodiment process was just a horrendous experience, but I have never felt anything like this before.

In my next article I’ll be getting really detailed and real about all of these issues. The embodiment process, this current download, what I felt physically, the feeling like death might have been imminent, how that is a real fear for me and other volunteers, all of the PTSD that I have that involves what I have embodied over the years. All of that, and maybe more. 

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