Divine Mother Template & (DNA) Restoration: The End Of June Into Early July Has Been Physical Hell.

Divine Mother DNA Restoration

I had first began to experience an unexpected onslaught of more divine mother codes, hit my physical body on June 25th. That was a week in-a-half-ago. This is now July 5th and ever since that specific day; I have not had a break yet from this surprise upgrade and DNA Restoration. I initially had no idea what was going on, but, eventually I started to sense that something big was happening with my body. It was not only big, it was important, and it was happening to a lot of the volunteers. I could sense it that much. I’m not a fan of it when Source decides to send these surprise energy templates, of coded light energy for me to embody at random. Those of you who have the ability to sense when energy is going to be sent, you can pick up on it as if you have an extra sensory antenna. Which is more or less how I have known what is going to be sent, and you have years worth of body patterns, that you have already deciphered, that tells you something energy wise is incoming. So you prepare yourself, and when it happens it’s not usually so strong that you cannot cope through it. This time it was another story altogether; I felt like I wasn’t going to make it this time. 

I felt like I was dying for the first 24/h of receiving this surprise divine mother code DNA modification and restoration. It felt exactly like when I got slammed by those energies for all of 2020. It was this electric whole body buzzing, that started from the head and went all the way down into my toes. It was relentless and lasted a full 24/h and then it started to lessen up, but, then new, and strange physical body modifications began happening, one after the other in various parts of my body. There were various days after where high energy days made it worse, and the DNA release and restoration process began. It has taken me a long while to write something new, but I am still in the process of living through this end of June into early July physical body insanity. 

We Will Embody Divine Mother Codes All Of 2022

I need to make one thing very clear right now before I start explaining what has been going on for me on a physical level, and what has been happening for you on a physical level. What we experienced on June 25th and what we have for all of the month of June, is a much more advanced level of Divine Mother and those Codes. That is what has been happening for all of 2022 and it needs repeating; I want everyone to understand that the template was implanted on new earth like a blanket. When that template became apart of new earth in January, that was like source laying down the foundation work for this earth and humanity. That template, that energy blanket is now laying there, it is a permanent fixture, but, from time to time, more advanced codes will penetrate it, and add onto it. Which has been happening since the template was first laid across the world in January; I have felt each advanced new sprinkle of divine mother codes onto this template and we have been doing it all year long. We will continue to do this all year long, and during some specific moments it won’t be important. Which is why I haven’t mentioned a lot of those periods when they do happen, now at times (like in this article,) I will mention them because it’ll be important enough to bring it up. This latest event was and is important enough, and I’ll always write what I think is the most important thing. 

This sudden Divine Mother DNA Restoration event had commenced for me on June (25th, 26th, 27th) and (Jul 2nd, 3rd & 4th,) these were High Energy days where I had experienced the most intense body upgrades. The initial first full day was the worst of it, and I wrote down all of these dates, just so that you, can also piece together when you might have also been feeling this, and on what days. I mentioned it in my opening paragraphs, but initially I had no idea what we had been hit with. After the 24/h of physical hell where I thought I was going to die, I was strong enough to sense that what I and we all got hit with was so important. It was bigger than what we had thought it was, for so many reasons. There was a release and restore process going on with my body, and I feel that this has been happening for other volunteers as well.

The DNA Restoration & Release

Over these last few ascension years; I have embodied a lot of energy through the embodiment process. I know when the natural evolution process is changing me, and when it is also modifying my DNA. I know the difference between how I feel during, and then how I feel after the fact. Usually, it goes smooth sailing and then there are other times where it takes a little bit longer. There are moments of body modification where it is easier than other times, but, it all levels out in the end. This might also happen for you in the same way, and if it doesn’t – do not worry so much about it. We all have our own patterns and rhythms.

What Is DNA?

DNA: DNA is a polymer composed of two polynucleotide chains, that coil around one another to form a double helix, and they carry genetic instructions for the further development, functioning, growth and reproduction of all known organisms.

That is a text book definition of what DNA is. Did you read the part where it states; that they carry genetic instruction for the further development, functioning, growth and reproduction of all known organisms. This is exactly what we repeatedly go through when we embody, specific codes, that are meant to genetically instruct us to evolve and grow. That also means our DNA is impacted by these codes, these shifts, our sun, the moon, our universe, it all impacts our DNA and evolves it. We become modified.

The physical embodiment that I experienced from June 25th and onwards, it has felt like nothing that I have ever experienced before. This is the part where I am going to get extremely real, honestly raw, and serious about the physical insanity that I have experienced during this late June into early July timeline period. I need everyone to realize that I am having a human experience; I do have my own feelings, emotions, about all that I go through within my own ascension process. I rarely ever open up about everything, and it is mainly because I keep a lot of the crazy experiences that I go through private. I can’t imagine what I already must look like to many people, who find this place and explore it. You don’t gain very many friends when you experience all of this, and I could care either way. I do not always act accordingly most of the time, and just because I go through what most volunteers do. I absolutely HATE when I have to embody. While physically I am designed to take the hits, and be here at this time and anchor all of what source needs me to. I don’t always like playing this role. Not very many volunteers do, and I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten angry during the process. I have screamed and ranted at the higher dimensions, my higher light team, (more than I can count.) I’ve asked for relief. The majority of the time, I don’t get those requests granted by them and there are higher reasons for it.

On June 25th, we didn’t get hit with more divine mother codes, again with this bloody embodiment process, that is unfolding once again down in physicality. We experienced a DNA Restoration & Release event. What do I mean by this? What we experienced was a release of old ancient DNA, that has been genetically instructed, to repeat itself over and over, in every lifetime, after lifetime, and it got shish kabobbed permanently. It felt so different, and what was explained to me by my higher team members, was that DNA was released, removed, and DNA was restored via divine mother and these advanced levels of energy. While that is amazing, and it is brilliant that ancient DNA has been released and restored. That does not stop the physical brutality that we experience from happening, it is a real physical process where ego, pain, old aspects of self, these are removed time and time again. Then when we wonder why it has been so intense lately, it is just DNA restoration at a level that we just never thought possible.

Living With Embodiment PTSD

During all of these past few ascension years; I have dealt with many periods of high embodiment, template integrations into new earth, light codes, the world shifting in and out, the very many LowCon people who get used, entering into the Aquarian age, divine mother returning, and the list has gone on and on. At least since I have written on Energetic Earth: New Ascending World. The truth is that during all of these events, and years before them I have accumulated tons of trauma along the way. I have tons of accumulated trauma. I also don’t know any other ascension volunteers and participants, who haven’t accumulated tons of trauma themselves. We are all dealing with some form of PTSD.

Embodiment PTSD On June 25/26th

On Saturday afternoon, I began to physically get hit with an unknown wave of light codes. It was such a strong wave of codes that within a couple of hours, I was unable to function and needed to lay down. As the evening rolled around I got worse, by midnight I was experiencing what could only be an intense whole body energy intake.

The worst moment for me happened when I was laying in bed, while my entire body was vibrating with an electric current. This electric current was the divine mother template which was blanketing itself within me. It began to render me unmovable for hours, I could not sleep, and the only thing that I could do was lay there feeling every horrible minute pass by. This lasted for hours where I was laying down in the same spot, while intense, divine mother codes entered me like it was entering the earth itself. I eventually passed out asleep, despite fighting wanting to go to sleep because I felt that I would die if I did. I made it to Sunday morning, after only sleeping for three hours.

On the Sunday, I couldn’t eat anything all day Sunday; I also could not sleep. I laid there feeling every electric current of these light waves, move around my body. The intensity of it was more in my head, and it was spinning around making me dizzy. I felt nauseous. I felt like I wanted to throw up, but my body couldn’t because I wasn’t able to eat since Saturday afternoon. By lunch time the hot flashes had begun, and I couldn’t do much of anything. If I got up, I would immediately need to lay down. It felt better when I laid down. By Sunday night it started to ease off, and by that point I felt as if I was out of the woods.

I have Ascension PTSD and Embodiment PTSD. I have had this for years, and mainly because I don’t always know what I am going to experience while on this journey that I am on. The physical embodying also has given me PTSD, as I have had moments where I thought I was going to die. That it was done for me and I was on my way back to the higher dimensions, and this is exactly what happened to me again. This happened to me on the night of June 25th and into June 26th. I decided to share this experience so that people see what it is that I go through, on a physical level, and if you also need to read it because you go through it to – then it’s what I am here for with these articles. 

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