Assimilation Of New DNA: I Still Have Not Physically Assimilated To The New Divine Mother Wave.

Not Yet Assimilated To Divine Mother Wave(s)

The month of July has tested me both physically and mentally, more so than any other month this year. I thought that the first half of 2022 was beyond difficult; I have since changed my mind. The truth is that I am still assimilating to the new Divine Mother Wave and the DNA restoration that I received. I’ve also noticed that many in the collective are still struggling with this wave of Divine Mother template, because it is still being embodied into the world at large. It has not been a kind month, but it is exactly what we need right now in order to proceed further. 

This is Phase Two of Cycle Two life. This is what we are going through and the quicker we can assimilate to the small waves of Divine Mother Template. The better off we will be. It’s moving slow but we’re getting through it all, but damn if it hasn’t been one of the most challenging months that I have ever lived through. Notice how it goes on and on in this manner, and how many times for those of you, who have read my articles these last few years have heard me say this. It’s a natural progression of our evolution for us to feel like we have reached new heights, and sometimes these new to us experiences will leave us feeling challenged in multiple ways. 

New DNA Restoration Is Taking It’s Time

I have not been able to write much this month due to physical issues. I haven’t wanted to either. I have not been in the right frame of mind, and not enough time has passed for me yet where I have noticed the more positive physical changes to my DNA. I just have not assimilated entirely to the gigantic Divine Mother Wave that we got hit with at the end of June into early July. It is still a struggle. I still find that my body has not assimilated to it, and I’m acclimating in my own way as I am sure many of you also have too. It really is a strange thing to talk about, because my body feels so different that I can’t yet explain how it feels. Yet I want to. It’s like a puzzle; I can see the image but not every piece is yet put together and that can be frustrating. I know what I’m looking at, but through my words I don’t know yet how I should describe it. This is just how I process information, but in time I am sure I’ll be able to explain thing’s finally.

They say (Scientists, Medical Physicians & Cellular Researchers) that every 7-10 years our body completely replaces itself. Whether or not many people believe this to be true is up to each individual person, and because of the current state of our world. Not many people do. There are many people who are so out of touch with themselves, reality, that they cannot believe a factual truth even if they were slapped in the face with it. With proof. I also tend to not believe everything that people say, because you don’t always know where they are coming from with their version of the truth. However, if it sounds logical and reasonable enough to be true. Then I am likely to believe it, only after a considerable amount of thought has gone into it. That is why many of us tell other’s to be exceptionally careful with their consciousness, that people need to be more conscious of who is really doing their thinking for them. I personally believe this statement to be true, that this process is real. The process they are talking about is a process by which our cellular patterns, our Cells & DNA, just to name a few, they go through a process of restoration and rejuvenation. This is what they mean. Old Cells die and new ones are born. People who study this know this to be a factual truth, while some other’s don’t for their own reasons. To me this sounds very truthful, logical, and I always err on the side of if it sounds like common sense to me, then I am most likely to believe it. That is what my internal guide tells me to do. Other people might be different.

The body is such a complex structure, and there are so many thing’s about this structure that the Medical Field and Community just do not understand. They just don’t understand the Ascension Process. They don’t understand evolution. They aren’t fully there yet. They may never be, and if they do get there it’ll take them a long time. I’m not suggesting that the medical system is a great one, it’s a very broken one. A broken system, by broken people. That sounds very true to me. They get fixated on one issue, and they forget that it can be multiple issues. They don’t go higher and they get stuck in lower forms of thought processes, but that’s the world today. In two or three hundred years, that could be very different. When they do get it right, which sometimes they do. I really do have to applaud them. I have to applaud those very few who are using their higher consciousness, because when it sounds logical it changes the entire game. Here are a few aspects of this process, that is exactly what I have experienced in my body the month of July.

How The Body Replaces Itself

Mitosis: The process by which a cell splits into multiple new cells which are referred to as daughter cells. 

Cell death and Rebirth: In order for new cells to be birthed, old cells have to die to make room for them. 

There are massive changes that occur in shorter spans than just the 7-10 year time frame. The cells that line your stomach can renew as fast as two days. Cells that make up your skin are replaced every two to three weeks. Red Blood cells last for a month. White Blood Cells can last for a few days to a week. Fat cells can last on average ten years. The bones in our body regenerate about every ten years. There are parts of your body where cells can never be replaced, enamel, your brain, your eye function. The process of aging.

When the Medical Field and Community get it right, well they do get it right. However, they have a long way to go until they understand the complex structure of the human body and consciousness. They have yet to fully understand the bodies design, and that many of us are designed to embody light energy. We are volunteers after all.

They have yet to understand brain recognition from past life events, that can effect the mind of a person in their current life. They have yet to figure out that nerve pain is really just the embodiment of light energy, not to mention just how complex veins really are. Veins are the tubes that carry light energy throughout the body. They have yet to figure out that consciousness is everything, that it can even effect the health of a human and it’s physical vessel. They also need to realize that many people need to learn to take control of their consciousness, and that pills won’t fix any mental issues that they have. It’s strictly a consciousness issue. They have yet to link DNA and a person’s consciousness, because DNA and consciousness go hand in hand. Your DNA is who you have been and who you currently are, it is a genetic picture of you. It is also an energy picture of you, and if you want get to the root of your current issues in this life. They need to connect the DNA to your consciousness, once they do that. They’ll understand your past and what is going on for you and your body in the current life your in. When your a money making machine, the money sort of wins out because that is all they tend to care about. They have to get Consciously Advanced if they want to understand anything that I and many other’s write about on these websites, and it may never happen. The body is energy and I have worked with light energy my entire life. I have come here in ancient lives to work with energy, to learn about energy and I was taught that the human body when seen as an energy. Could be healed through light and energy manipulation. You always carry the energy around that you want to. 

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