Full Acclimation Of New DNA: A New Divine Mother Wave & Full Body Restoration Is Complete.

Full DNA Restoration Is Now Complete

I don’t think that I have to tell you how strangely unique and difficult July 2022 has been; I am concretely positive that everyone in the world right now has been going through life changing situation(s). It also does not matter where their level of consciousness is at this point in time. Whether they are aware or unaware. Whether they are embodying or not embodying, not even a single wave of divine feminine aspect of the god force. Everyone is in it now, we have been since the end of 2019 and into early 2020. The world(s) are the current stage that this is taking place in, at, and where you reside, whether on new earth, or, what’s left of old earth which keeps descending. We have all been affected by this latest wave of Divine Mother Template, being installed into earth, throughout July 2022. 

I have felt a sense of completion sweep over me within the last few days, and I knew that it was time for me to write about this process being completed for me. It might also be fully complete for you as well, and you might sense that too. It has been a long hard month, and there have been massive physical changes that I am finally ready to write about. It has made more sense to me, and the process of what this restoration did to my DNA and my internal body. Well, I have a better grasp at how to approach it now within my written words. 

The July 2022 DNA Restoration Process

I haven’t written very much for all of July 2022; I spent the entire month going through this unique process of being physically restored from within by divine feminine. This initially happened when on (June 25th,) the world got hit with a small wave of Divine Feminine Mother that settled into the already existing template. This template had been set up throughout the entire world in early January, through important geographical locations and the Volunteers. When it became apparent that the feminine aspect of the divine was returning, which has not existed here for millennia(s). The first thing that I did was write about it, and each time that I have experienced that return of divine in my own body. It has molded and transformed my internal body in such a manner, that I feel in awe of it’s alarming strength. I instantly knew that I would never be the same after this event, and my body started (the what seems like now) such a long time ago. A long process of acclimating to more divine mother being installed into my body and on new earth. 

Divine Mother Template Is Now Fully Physicalized: Have You Felt It Deep Inside Your Body Yet?

This process of DNA Restoration had it’s specific stages. When it began it was a full on physical process by which I could not get out of; I really wish that I did because the beginning of this process – felt to me like a foreign invasion. There was such a feeling of all that I was going through being so foreign, so maniacally new, something unknown becoming known as time went on. The second stage; I have to say was a metamorphosis stage at least in my eyes. I began to notice my structure change within. It’s that encasement in the cocoon when all your dark and troubled aspects get confronted. Your struggling with yourself. There is no way out of the entrapment that has been created for you, you have to stick it out and proceed in the best manner possible. The changes will soon reveal itself. The last stage, was acceptance that this was something that I had experienced and I was fully aware that I was about to move on from it. I began to sense this feeling only just a few days ago, and the strange part about this is that there was a sense of calm within me. The entire month of July I felt like I was going through test after test, challenge after challenge. I was not in a state of calm. I was not at peace with the process. I was fighting the physical, mental, spiritual aspects of that small wave of divine feminine returning. I was working through so much pain, a lot of anxiety, and it was all such a huge release for me. 

The moment that it happened, I recall exhaling and I felt at total peace within myself. I remember saying, “I feel so good inside of myself right now.” I knew the long month process of DNA Restoration was over. It was not a moment to soon either, because I had never been so ready for anything to be over and done with in my entire life. We can endure anything, until it all starts to become a state of never ending torment. 

Identification Of Different Body Markers & Changes

The body. The body has a wonderful way of creating life for us. Life is our body and how it functions determines everything. We as souls have so many options in terms of (where we want to go, who we want to be.) I cannot stress to the reader how many times I have sat in a place of selection, in the higher dimensions as I have gone through body after body. Identity after identity. Quality after quality. Design discrepancies after discrepancies. I’m not a perfected being after all, and when it’s time to embody I can throw a mean tantrum at having to do it. That feeling is different when I work with energy, that is much easier. It doesn’t matter if I am a volunteer or not. That doesn’t automatically make me a perfect being and I don’t always know everything about anything having to do with earth life. I’m trying to get by just like anyone else.

That is just what we do. We choose an identity. We choose a body. A form of life. We choose the planet. We choose the galaxy and or universe. We incarnate. Then we get to work with whatever it is that we have to do, the volunteers are energy workers. We’re energy workers for this planet earth. What did you think you were here to do, have fun at the beach and spend endless amounts of time drinking and partying with the locals? I’ve never had time to spend with the locals, and I have never wanted to either. During these last four weeks; I have been practically bedridden and filled up and down from head-to-toe with energy from this latest wave. I’m just doing my part with the body design that I selected. Not enjoying it at times, and relishing in it during other moments. The body. The body has a wonderful way of creating life. It also has a wonderful way of transforming itself, evolving if you will. Which is what many of us experienced this month who were called onto embody more. Never forget that you are also part of that template, just through your body and what you can do as an energy worker. A volunteer. There are different body markers and identifying them is so important. Here are some of the physical experiences that I experienced during this month long DNA Restoration Process

Identification Of Body Changes

June 25th – July 8th:  Whole Body Changes.

This period was a highly intense period that began for me on a physical level. I had never felt such an intense internal electrical buzzing, because that was exactly what I experienced in each part of my body. Each part of my body went through some sort of restoration. The head felt like it was being re-wired. Filled with new information. Old information being removed and released. My neck felt like it was out of balance, that it needed to be corrected. My entire body was weaker than usual, burning up and burning off tons of old energy.   

There were tons of changes being made and over the course of this week-in-a-half period; I had to identify each marker within my body. I got to see a visual of the inside of me at that time. There were massive changes to all of my internal organs including my DNA. The strands itself went through a restoration. DNA is like a code. There are four chemical bases that form the DNA strand: Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, and Thymine. This was all restored and modified through this wave of divine feminine mother. 

July 9th – July 25th: Whole Body Release.

This period was a less intense period that began for me on a level, where I was releasing aspects of me that I no longer needed. I had never felt like I was so out of control, because when you’re evolving and living the Ascension Process you are not in control. I was experiencing anxiety on a whole new level than ever before, my depression went through the roof. There were coded memories within my body that were finally being released, ancient codes from thousands of years worth of life on this earth. When you become multiple identities, you bring them all and they sit within you. Each person you have ever been, you become them each time that you return. It’s carried through you. 

DNA has a coded sequence. It is specific only to you and that is because you carry with you the codes to your past within them. During key moments, because you chose these moments for DNA to shift and to transform from it’s original code. They morph and that changeover can be difficult. This is exactly what happened in July. Whole body release.

July 28/29th: Internal Whole Body Viewed.

This period was the closing point and a small period where, I noticed the Restoration event had finally been complete. I had two specific days where I was shown by my higher light team just exactly what the inside of my body looked like. This was important for me, because through our own viewpoint we cannot see what is going on the inside. Some of us do, because we brought those specific higher dimensional tools with us for this very purpose. There are times where we get shown, and in this specific moment I was shown.

I saw how illuminated the inside of my body had become from my view point. I was shown my internal organs and how they functioned after the physical integration stage took place. Everything had different light pastel shades to them, which had a sparkle to them. The only issue that I saw was there was a problem with the throat and thyroid issue. There was an imbalance there, I already knew that. It was a less illuminated shade and that is because of all the other past life issues, stemming from my voice not being heard and trauma to the region. All in all, this event showed me exactly what I needed to see. It was all fine and it is all well. 

These are all of the changes that I experienced during this long month process of DNA Restoration. This may sound very similar to what you have experienced physically as well. While the process is finished for this time around, there will be similar events. This wasn’t the last time Divine Mother would be integrated into new earth. More and more events like this will take place, and it could be less severe, or, it could be even more severe than what we got hit with in June/July. It depends on where we all are, and it depends on what the earth needs. Moving into August; I feel myself shifting away from this event. There is another event that is fast approaching which is the Lionsgate Portal on 8:8. There is so much happening in August, and because it is the direct opposite energy to the Aquarian Age that we are existing in. It’s going to be a very important month for us. The Leo/Aquarius Axes becomes an important part in all of this and especially the symbolism behind it. 

Here are the first two articles that I wrote this past month, for those who want to read about the latest wave of Divine Feminine Mother Returning. The first link earlier in the article, is about the Divine Mother Template being installed onto new earth in January. It’ll give you a good idea of where this all started. The return of Divine Feminine Mother.

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