The Leo & Aquarius Axis: Access Of Higher Consciousness, While In A Lower Human Ego Vessel.

We’re In The Lionsgate Season 

On occasion (because it doesn’t happen very often;) I tend to shift from experiencing one energy event and that process to another. This week so far I’ve noticed that I have been moving very quickly from embodying one, and moving towards another energy event. We’re in the Lionsgate season, and that Portal is going to peak with newly distributed codes from the Sirian Beings. This is where we are and this transition from embodying another wave of Divine Mother, to embodying Sirian Codes from the Lionsgate portal – is what I’ve experienced in a short period of time. I think I got three days where I felt absolutely fine. A small break. Then those familiar embodying bodily functions began revving up again, and it’s felt much easier but still intense.

As we make our way ever so slowly deeper into the Aquarian Age, there will be specific moments where thing’s won’t feel the same. They won’t feel like they used to feel because we’re on new earth. They won’t feel the same because we’re no longer having to deal with those Piscean themes. They won’t feel the same because we’ll have that realization that it is an Aquarian theme that has manifested, and this is the Aquarian Age and it’s different. It’s new. I’ve noticed something new and it’s likely that it is because we’re now in the Aquarian age. Lately, Since 2020 I have noticed that the months of February and August feel different. They have felt more energetically charged. Where as the months of March and September used to feel that way. This is mainly what this article is about, this sudden awareness that these periods during the year are more important than before.

Accessing A Higher Consciousness

When we leave our higher dimension to leave for earth life. We choose a physical body. Then we incarnate into that body. Then when we are born. We arrive here and understand that the reason for doing this, is so that we can evolve to a newer level. The purpose and goal is always to understand ourselves a little bit better, and to be much more evolved than when we first arrived here. All of us succeed no matter how far off the tracks with our plans we think that we got, in order to evolve we have to be able to access A Higher Consciousness. We have to do this while living in a lower human physical vessel and we have an ego too. It is never an easy task and it can be challenging for a reason. This is exactly how I would interpret the Leo/Aquarius dynamic and those energies. We are forever fighting our self and the collective. We are forever fighting our service to other’s and to self. We are forever fighting for the ability to access our highest self. These are all Aquarian/Leo themes. We see them today in our world, and how many times have we watched service to self trump-over service to others. There are tons of people who do this. When we choose ourselves we realize the harm it can do, especially to the collective. What selfish act we do has dire consequences for the collective. The whole entire point is to understand through a higher consciousness, that we as a collective are all united and one. 

It is my personal belief that we have entered The Aquarian Age during the great Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. Not everyone necessarily thinks this is true. Everyone has their own personal belief on when that cycle began. I believe that this cycle started in December 2020, and many other people might believe that it’s started in the 1960’s, or, the 1970’s and even the 1990’s etc. I believe that those periods were all small stair steps on the ladder, that has lead us to where we are now. It is also my own personal belief that when Pluto enters Aquarius from 2023-2044, that it will physicalize the Aquarian Age in a way that cements this current age that we are existing in. All of this said in another way, we’ll really feel it happen next March when Pluto moves out of Capricorn.

Time Periods For Astrological Cycles 

What Is An Astrological Age: An astrological age is a time period in astrological theory which astrologers say, parallels major changes in the development of Earth’s inhabitants, particularly relating to culture, society, and politics.

There are twelve astrological ages corresponding to the twelve zodiacal signs in western astrology. Advocates believe that when one cycle of the twelve astrological ages, called a great year, is completed, another cycle of twelve ages begins. The length of one cycle of twelve ages is 25,772 years. Some astrologers believe that during a given age, some events are directly caused and influenced by the astrological sign that is associated with that age. Which makes sense with how everyone wants equality and to be treated fairly. While other astrologers believe the different astrological ages do not influence events in any way.

How Long Is An Astrological Age: Many astrologers consider the entrance into a new astrological age a gradual transition called a cusp. Consequently, the beginning of any age cannot be defined to a single year, or, a decade but blend its influences, with the previous age, for a period of time until the new age can stand in its own right.

Many astrologers find ages too erratic based on either the vernal point moving through the randomly sized zodiacal constellations, or, sidereal zodiac and, instead, round all astrological ages to exactly 2000 years each. This approach is inconsistent with the precession of the equinoxes. Based on the precession of the equinoxes, there is a one-degree shift that occurs approximately every 72 years, that would mean a 30-degree movement requires 2160 years to complete.

The Leo & Aquarius Axis

The Leo/Aquarius Axis is a unique one. All of the other five different Axes are just as unique in it’s own way than just this current one in play. However, this specific combination of energies, symbolism, the polarity, is one that is really focused on evolving beyond a lower state of existence. It really focuses on leaving behind your ego, in order to reach the highest aspect(s) of yourself. An axis is basically (in the simplest explanation,) is a Polarity Of Energy. It is the opposite energy that can be complimentary to one another, they do work well together, and yet they don’t work at-all-at the same time. There are always polarizing energies at work, and in this life I have faced everything under the sun that has to do with polarity. Those polarized forces. 

One of the most interesting thing’s that I have noticed since we have crossed that bridge into the Aquarian Age, and I do want to emphasis that this is the very beginning stages of this Age. The early stages of this cycle. We are there but we’re still going to be dealing with Piscean themes for a very long time. These ages and their Energetic Influences are very much blending at this current time, and I’ve seen this happen over the last few years. It always happens during the months of February/August, where there has been a slightly different feel when those two months come around. I’m feeling it since we transitioned into August 2022 and these Lionsgate energies have been feeling very different. There is an uptake in energy that feels different than the rest of the months, it almost feels easier in a way for me. I’m not sure about other Volunteers and they’re experiences. Every February and August since 2020, there has been a very different feeling with what I have been embodying. This year’s Lionsgate feels exceptionally bizarre, and I have felt different internal body functions and reactions to the current codes. I’ll be expanding on this a little more in my next article, as I do not want to get into all of this in this one.

The Astrological Age Of Leo 

The Age Of Leo began roughly from 10,750 BCE – 8600 BCE. This is not altogether the most accurate timeline for this age because it is an estimated timeframe, and it is most likely that it is a few hundred years off. As is the case with Astrological Axes, there needs to be an opposite energy.

Since we are living within the age of Aquarius it seems only fair to mention the age of Leo, and during that time civilization was only just beginning to take off. Humans were only just beginning to realize their own individuality, to understand that they had a consciousness, and to understand how to form a connection to their higher self and to god. All of this while living within a lower functioning body. If I was to tell you if I thought they were more evolved than us now, I would say that they were. They had a deeper understanding of multidimensionality. It is a completely different story during this current time we are living in, the very opposite seems to be taking place. Everyone in this time seems to be losing their ability to stay in control of their consciousness.

Prior to this shift. I noticed as a young kid in the 1990’s that the Virgo/Pisces axis was painfully in play in my life. It was painfully obvious as well. I had to deal with massive Virgo/Pisces themes: (Religion, deception, idealism, fantasy, escapism of responsibility etc.) I remember always feeling trapped and extra aware of life during those months of the year. It felt important. I noticed the months of March and September more than any other time period. There was a mysterious quality to life back then, and the blending of Aquarius/Pisces energy was precise. Now it has shifted and the shift has been permanent, if you have not noticed it. Take the time out as each year passes to notice the difference. 

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