Distribution Of Sirian Codes: The Lionsgate Portal For 2022 & Can You Feel How Aquarian It All Is?

The Lionsgate Portal For 2022

This summer will go down as the most energetically charged one that I think I can remember. I have only had three days this summer where I felt uninterrupted by constantly embodying. Just three days at the end of July. However, as soon as that jump into August happened I have gone back to embodying again. This time it wasn’t the embodiment of divine mother feminine, it was embodying new Sirian Codes from the Lionsgate portal. Nothing will ever feel like what July 2022 felt like for the collective, but ever since the start of August thing’s have gotten so much more pressurized. There has been pressure due to these Sirian Codes, and I have felt that pressure build-up slowly in my body as each day has passed by.

None of this feels like it used to feel to me. The Lionsgate Portal and the annual download of codes feels different than ever before, the year that I noticed it the most was in 2020. Which was the start of Cycle Two of the Ascension process. When this year began I didn’t realize that thing’s could intensify in such a manner. It did. Naturally when we progress in a movement, we seldom feel the difference at times. However, when we do feel those changes it’s mesmerizing. I haven’t felt anything like this around the Lionsgate portal, the air is different in the atmosphere. Even how life feels itself, it’s on a whole other level of existence. It’s fresh. It’s new. It’s positively Aquarian. 

A Different Feel Than Before

The month of August 2022 has been an extremely harmonious time period. I feel much more connected than I have in a long time. I have felt a sense of calm this month so far and after such an intense July; I am just content with the experience that I am having currently. It has even felt physically easier as well, but with that I have been Embodying New Sirian Codes into my body template. Many other people (including you) have also been embodying these Sirian codes in 2022. One thing that stands out to me the most this August and that I have sensed, is this unquestionable difference in how reality feels to me. Which makes anything that I usually feel familiar with seem unfamiliar to me. That is a big thing! There is a gargantuan difference between what I am currently feeling, and with what I have always felt. That is how I interpret life by how everything around me feels, and it changed very quickly. I instinctively know that this has to do with that transition of energy, that in-between ages transition, (between Pisces and Aquarius,) and, as we path-pave our way into unknown regions within the Aquarian Age. These thoughts and feelings are going to be re-occurring for us, more and more each day. In many cases that is what path pavers do. This is what the volunteers do and it is what we tend to experience along the way. We are the first ones to record the changes happening on earth, through our body template. We are the adjustments that earth needs at this time, and we provide that service to her. 

Can you feel how Aquarian It all is? This is what it feels like and as we move into 2023, 2024 and beyond, this feeling will only intensify for many of us in the collective. This is evolution at it’s finest. How you know your evolving is when you realize nothing about you, about the world, about the people around you, or, the very fabric of reality feels the same. 

Embodiment Of Sirian Codes

The Lionsgate Portal is at it’s peak today and because of that; I already intended to describe what I had been going through all month long so far. There have been some body modifications that my body has been experiencing, and I knew it was important to get it all down in this article. There isn’t much that I feel that I need to say in regards to the embodiment experience itself, how many times have I already wrote about that on here. I will say this. The one thing that I will always look back on when I return to the higher dimension(s), it will probably be how repetitive the physical body embodiment process can be. How it actually was. It can be consistent each and every single time that I have experienced it, although there are some moments where it goes beyond what I’m used to. One of these moments happened in July and I was left in awe, in awe at what I actually took into myself. What I also released within myself as well.

The Embodiment Process is basically a process where you are giving birth to self. It’s like going through the birth process, except instead of a life force leaving your body. There is a life force entering your body. It’s the birth process but in reverse. The birth of self can be a wonderful process to experience, where you are merging with YOU but it is beyond extremely repetitive. It is painful, but once you have already adapted to how it feels. It becomes this normal experience that you can have at any moment, I’m so used to taking in more of my higher self into such a tiny physical body. I have a smaller than average physical vessel in this life, but I can sure take on a lot more than the average person. This is what I have been doing for all of August 2022 with these Sirian Light Codes. Here are a few experiences that I have been having, that might be helpful to those of you who are also experiencing similar body changes.

Distribution Of Sirian Light Codes 

Towards the end of July; I began to feel a heavy pressure press down on my head. To be specific it was near the crown chakra area. This pressure was a familiar pressure that I had been acquainted with, that I also had experienced periodically before. It wasn’t new or alarming. As we entered August, those head pressures got worse. It was pressing down so hard on my head, that it also felt like it was moving down into my face. This is normal. I’ve experienced this intense head and face pressure due to being hit by incoming codes, it always happens. It doesn’t mean it’s easy to physically endure. 

When August finally arrived; I kept experiencing brain activations on the right side. There was something that activated on the right side of my brain, which happened last week. It caught me of guard because I don’t experience right sided brain activations so much, so when they do happen I make sure to pay special attention to these moments. Left brained mentality, and right brained mentality is different. Right side is more intuitive, left brained is more linear thinking. Left side is 3D old world, right side is more 5D new earth. That is how I can best describe those two halves. It was interesting that I would experience more right side brain activations in August as well, I never have and neither have I experienced this during the Lionsgate Portal. I’ve always experienced this in October, Libra season and with the representation of the scales that always made sense to me. 

It has been a different Lionsgate portal no doubt. Different in the sense that these Sirian Lion Light Codes are manifesting in my physical body in similar ways as the last two years, but in different intense levels than before. It’s unexpected to experience codes being poured down and moving into my face, while activating different parts of my brain. I have not experienced that before, but since 2022 has been this evolved and much more. What else can I or you expect at this point in time? We still have the rest of this year, which I am sure is going to be just as eventful and with a few surprises in store for us. This is the culmination to the Lionsgate, but, as usual your mileage may vary, and give yourself these next few days until we move out of this Portal-Way. Is this really what the Aquarian Age is going to feel like eventually? If so then this is so different. 

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