Time To Nourish That Crystalized Diamond Self: I Know August Has Been Difficult, Don’t Fail To Tend To Your Form.

I Know It’s Been Difficult

We’re now nearing the end of August 2022; I have been struggling with the passing of time itself these last few weeks. I’m not sure where all of August went but, it’s the end of the month and I’m wondering where all of this month went? One pattern that I am picking up on in 2022, is that time is moving a lot faster, or, at least it feels like it is. When your living from one moment to the other, you tend to forget at times just how escalated time can pass by. It feels like about a month since I last wrote in here, it all has to do with what I am currently experiencing. I have a lot to share. It is mostly of a physical nature, but generally it is information that I think many need to hear right now. 

I know that this whole entire year has been difficult; I know it has been from personally experiencing it. So have all of you. It has been difficult all year and it has been difficult all of August too! August wasn’t any help either, this month has been what I knew that it was going to be. It was an important time period, for us to evolve quickly, as-fast-as we could, so that we could get ourselves to the next phase. It was physically painful. It still is. Which is why I have been trying to self care, take it easy, take time to rest up, and really nourish my crystalized diamond self. So should you. 

As it has been the case for all of 2022; I have had to really hunker down and brace for any kind of impact. I have had to embrace for impact with the current light energy codes. I have had to embrace for impact when the divine feminine mother template was installed. I had to embrace for impact when phase two of cycle two started unraveling. I have basically braced for impact for all of 2022, like I was in direct path of a firenado. All of this and much more. All that we have experienced so far. I have desperately wanted to write an article about these physical changes for a while now, I have really been tested physically this year as a forerunner. I wasn’t prepared for this to get more physically challenging, but it is what we got. It was what I got and for very important reasons, that we have a job to do and this is where we are at this time. I’ll be sharing a lot of my physical experiences this month, as my specific intention here is to unload all the physical situations that have occurred for me. Specifically for the month of August.

I also was not fully prepared for the Return Of The LowCon People; I foolishly thought that just because we had walked into the Aquarian Age, while we rode our glorious divine mother waves. I thought it meant that many of the volunteers would not have to dispense any of our energy, to these types of people anymore. The types of people who were not yet in control of their own consciousness. Well I was wrong. I was very wrong, because I have been recently reinstated with many people like this in the outside world. There have been many who have continued down that descending earth timeline, and there have been times where our paths have crossed. Then at other times our paths have tried to cross, but because we’re not on the same earth reality, and timeline, or, consciousness frequency, it hasn’t crossed and I am glad. I haven’t been able to reach some of those folks and I don’t want to either. There are a lot of thing’s that I have wanted to write about for all of 2022, and these moments of situational awareness are so important to watch out for in our daily lives. Remember that you are that crystalized diamond self, and one of your many jobs is to make sure that you keep your form intact.

What’s Been Happening In August 2022?

I have always needed to experience physical situations, before I could correctly process them. I have needed to process the experience so that I could understand it, within my own consciousness, and most consciously aware, sane people, they tend to go through this exact same process. Otherwise your just claiming that you have had an experience through your viewpoint, that hasn’t happened to you at all. Most people tend to lie about their experiences anyways, which is usual for them but I’m not programmed that way. It needs to be real and very concrete, it also has to reach a complete conclusion for me to begin processing what it means for me. This is why it takes a fair amount of time for me to write about it; I can’t just do it on a whim. I have to feel it. I have to sense it. I need to live it first. That’s the experience. Nothing. I mean nothing has compared to August 2022; and if you have been keeping up with me you know I said the same thing about July. June of this year. May. It goes on and on. What’s been happening in August 2022? What hasn’t been happening. If you have been paying attention to the sun and solar activity, you know that we have been getting hit almost daily this month. It’s these few experiences that I’ll be writing about, that gives you an idea of how much we’re evolving and in a short period of time. 

This first Physical Experience: that I want to share happened to me this past Monday and Tuesday, because there is a New Moon fast approaching and Uranus turned retrograde Wednesday morning. There was of course a lot of transmuting happening on my part, mostly it was integration of new codes. It felt like another one of those traumatic experiences where I wasn’t going to make it. 

Evolving Right Down Into The Nerves

This past Monday; I began to feel a physical sensation that I hadn’t felt in an extremely long time. My Scoliosis had flared up and it went into full fledged, transmuting mode for me. Like I hadn’t felt in a very long time. The last time I had experienced this was ironically in February, and that familiar feeling of being out of alignment and gradually being in alignment. That shook me up for quite a few days, and this is what I experienced this time around too. The Aquarius/Leo timing was a hint that this means we’re evolving. 

When I tell you I was laid up in bed, I was in agony and just feeling the physical discomforts. While also feeling new codes hit my body, and entering my body from the top of my head. I was stiff as a board from my lower back down and I could feel an intense swirling of energies; I immediately sensed that I was transmuting something big. This lasted on/off for two days, and it wasn’t an easy fleet because I had to go into work feeling depressed, in pain, and by this point tired. The worst part was that I could feel it right down into the nerves in my legs. 

The physical experiences didn’t stop there. It lasted for almost all of August and the Solar Eruptions, the CME’s, the growing sunspots, and almost month long embodiment of Divine Mother Diamond Codes. These were important keys to our current phase of our evolution, no matter if we enjoyed it physically or not. A second experience that I had around the same time, involved the expansion of my heart center. It happened within hours of my scoliosis episode. The third and final physical experience that I have felt in August 2022, that I do want to share (a lot of what I have experienced is traumatic.) It involves an intense moment that I experienced while embodying, and having to do it on public transit which was difficult as it is.

Expanding Heart Center

The second physical experience that I felt was a physical movement in my heart area, in the center of my heart space. The heart chakra. 

This occurred on Monday evening; I have always felt small little heart flutters or energy jumps, over the past few years in the center of my chest. They tend to feel like something is being moved around, like there is an expansion of the area happening. Which in many cases it means that exactly. The next day, Tuesday I felt myself connected to people in my immediate surroundings. Everything flowed. There was a strange feeling of connectedness, just to everyday people who were going out and about just living their own experiences. I felt myself feeling lighter and caring more about these everyday people.

Embodying In Public

The final physical experience that I had, happened to me while out in public on public transit. I couldn’t get out of working, and I had to be an energetic trooper and do what my physical body was designed to do.

This experience had happened to me for about a week before those other two experiences, but it was the beginning of the physical experiences that I would come to have. I was sitting on public transit on my way to work, when I felt an intense pressure move into the middle of my head. I suddenly felt an immense physical sensation begin stirring at both of my legs, and it was the most painful and uncomfortable feeling I had ever felt. It was so painful I remember crying and just hoping that it would stop, while trying to make sure that people weren’t witnessing my public display. I had to hold back my tears, while understanding that I was physically immersed with the divine. 

August 2022 was not easy. However, it was necessary for the evolution of the soul. My soul. Your soul. Our souls. Would I do it over again? No! It got me where I needed to be and I’m moving onwards to the next phase and so should you. Don’t forget that you are that Crystalized Diamond Self and that nourishing your form, is the most important part of getting through the rest of this insanely challenging year. 

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