Expanding The Diamond Heart In Cycle Two: The Expansion Of Your Heart Centre To Higher Levels.

Expanding The Diamond Heart 

Update: Those of you who have been wondering how I have been doing this past month, and what the circumstances were for why I needed to take a break. I finally got to see my endocrinologist in person, after 1 1/2 years of waiting due to Covid-19 restrictions in my area. I spent nearly two years with a nagging suspicion that I had Thyroid Cancer, which is hereditary in my family (as my grandmother) had it and needed to have a thyroidectomy. I felt what I thought were odd growths on my thyroid which didn’t make me feel comfortable, I had blood work done and was told that everything is fine. A physical examination confirmed that it wasn’t any type of growth as well, I still don’t feel 100% alright with that conclusion. I have this thing where I trust my consciousness more than someone else’s, so I am watching out for anything that is currently in development with this area. 

There was a slew of other issues, which included being heavily attacked in August. I knew exactly who that was and the reason(s) behind it, which is why I had to also stay very quiet. Canada is a constitutional Monarchy, and that is all that I want to say. One good thing about our American neighbors is that they are not. You should be very lucky in that sense. I am being repeatedly told that I need to get back to writing. There are thing’s happening that a few higher dimensional beings have brought to my attention, and I’ll be sharing some of that in the month of October. I’ve not processed all that I needed to, but I’m being told that I have a role to play through my writing. It’s time to get back to my role.  

Just prior to the break that I took to get myself checked out, and then to process whatever it was that I would need to whether it was a confirmation of Cancer, or a negative confirmation of Cancer. I was in the process of beginning to write this article, about my own personal experiences in August where I felt an Expansion Of The Heart Centre. It wasn’t only an expansion of my heart chakra; it was a complete etheric clean-up of all the gunk that was in that area in my body.

I have experienced a feeling in my chest like Expansion In The Heart Centre for years prior to this specific event in August 2022, and so I knew that this wasn’t anything that I hadn’t already been through before. This specific time was a little different than usual, and it felt different because we are not living in cycle one of the ascension process anymore. Things are bound to be and feel slightly different than what we have always been used to, and this was much more advanced than what I remembered having experienced in my chest/heart chakra area. Just like fish got to swim, birds got to fly. We have to evolve and so do our bodies, and that is what has been happening. The heart chakra area is the most vulnerable in my opinion, and the heart itself is believed to be the strongest organ in our body. The strongest muscle. The state of your heart chakra and this area is important, and how we keep this area on an energetic level is very important. We can allow all kinds of dark energy and etheric implants to fester, that is why we have to do the work. Which is what happened to me in August 2022.  

The Removal Of Etheric Implants 

Over the years I have been well aware that there have been specific Non-Physical Negative Entities, that have attacked certain parts of my physical body. While health issues are hereditary, I am also well aware of the fact that these beings can work through your body, through your consciousness, and can even control your emotions and certain hormones. I don’t need to have it be explained just how odd that sounds to people, because I don’t care, and I have lived it and experienced it personally for myself. I don’t need to prove that personal truth to anyone, but the more you know the more aware you are. I have had etheric implants placed on me for years by these non-physical negative entities, and I have had to personally identify them in whatever area they were in and then remove them. If I couldn’t remove them myself, I have had incoming energies hammer them off of me. This is exactly what happened in August, where those energies removed a big etheric implant from my heart Chakra. This area expanded and felt new and different, and what I witnessed was the liberation of my heart chakra from negative etheric chains.

The Glowing Diamond Heart

The events that I am going to mention happened in mid-August over the course of three days, and while these three days were agonizing in some very extreme ways. They felt that way because there was a lot of work being done with my body, and for my physical body. 

Tuesday August 16th: On this Tuesday evening, I was laid up in bed having an experience where I was embodying new energies when it got to a specific point, where the area of my heart chakra was being worked on. I initially felt some minor thumping and even some quick prick type sensations, hitting me right in the centre area. Then it got a bit more intense, and it was rapid, and it almost felt like I was going to have a stroke. The only reason that I knew I wasn’t having one, was because my left arm was not hurting, aching, sore, tight, and neither was there shooting pain. The process didn’t last too long, and in fact I remember it being over quicker than what I had imagined. I didn’t feel different that night. The next day I noticed that my heart chakra was more open than before, I felt a much more organic connection to my surroundings than I usually do. 

After that event was over, I received a telepathic image from one of my watchers (guides.) They showed me an image of myself in bed while having that experience, and they showed me the internal area where my centre chest and heart was. My actual heart was glowing white, and it sparkled. I’m not new to visually seeing changes that are being made to my internal body and my organs, but this was new mainly because I had never seen that before. The etheric implant was removed entirely.

I know that I couldn’t be the only one who has experienced this in August 2022, and if you have felt these certain changes to your heart in 2022 as well as I have. It is possible that you have experienced an Expansion Of Your Heart Chakra. I know that I have had repeated internal dialogue about the importance for me to stay high in my own heart right now, and to remain there because we are moving into some difficult times up ahead. I can feel this. We are continuing to see more gaps within the human population right now, and the descending earth world is going to continue in such a manner, that they are beginning to look primitive in nature, and in their behavior. Hold your hearts high as we move further ahead, where else would you want to be. 

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