World War III Timeline: Dream Visions Of Potential World War.

World War III Timeline: Dream Visions Of Potential War Breaking Across The World.

This is not an article that I ever wanted to have to write about on here, and there are so many reasons for it. The only reason that I am writing it; is due to the relentless nudges by my higher guides and from some specific higher dimensional beings. They’re really hammering it home, and this has been going on since before the Fall Equinox. I had no real intention of being back here writing yet. I had wanted some more time to process all that I went through, over these last two years fearing the worst that I could have Thyroid Cancer. Now that I am relatively sure that I am fine and everything has been checked out, I can continue on with my life and this specific event is what is being highlighted right now by many of these higher beings. Whether I like it or not.

I know when I am repeatedly being hounded, shown specific messages, and flashes, of events both awake and out of body. I know that there is a specific focus on this event, rather the potential for a specific event to be currently unfolding within the collective. I say potential because I am very aware that there has been a World War III timeline, that has been set up by non-physical negative entities. Whether it takes place is up to humanity as a collective whole, nothing is ever really set in stone, and I understand this very well. Which is why I never mention a lot of what I see, what I am shown about certain potential events. Most of the time; the timeline shifts, and the events never end up happening. This time it’s becoming more focused within my consciousness, and over the last few years it has been brought to my attention more frequently. There is a pattern. 

I have been exceptionally aware for years now (and I have to be very careful here,) with even mentioning this because it is a sensitive issue. I have been aware that there is an existing World War III Timeline that has been created by specific non-physical entities. I know that there are other volunteers who are also aware of this timeline, and we as a collective have always watched out for it. I have been aware of it for a few years now and have received minor flashes of sound visions, where I can hear war going on and that comes in as just sounds. I have never seen the actual war itself taking place and I’ve been aware that they on the other side, are keeping those images of war from reaching my awareness. There are reasons for it and not everything is allowed to get filtered through, and so it’s not on their end. That has changed for me, and I have seen some images come through an out of body state. Along with being able to feel what was coming from those images as well, and I’ll be sharing them in this article. 

There was a certain moment that I have always held onto from when I was about 14 years old, and it is a moment that has always stayed with me because I felt how important my reaction was to it. This memory took place for a brief period in the early 2005, and it happened during history class while learning about World Wars I & II. This specific class had a teacher that enjoyed to for some reason, show the class the visual disturbances of those wars for the entire class to see. It was in that moment upon seeing both wars that I had a severe internal reaction to seeing it, and it was as if my consciousness had already connected to the fact that they were here. That they did it and that it wouldn’t be the last time that they had negative timelines set-up, which were aimed to mess with humanity to cause destruction on a wide scale. I have never forgotten that moment and I mention it, because just like I know specific non-physical beings started World War I & II. They are trying to create and manifest another one that would be bigger than any other in earth’s history. 

World War III Timeline: Working With Different Realities, Changing The Outcome & Remaining Free Of Fear Frequencies.

I have experienced only a few visions (which will remain with me,) about certain events, which a lot of them have never come to pass like it was shown that they could. I understand that a lot of timelines do shift, and events that could happen usually tend not to. There are a lot of people who get themselves into trouble by doing this, where they state that they know an event and, in the end, it just never comes to pass. There are many people who are into conspiracy theories, and into end of the world scenarios, and really anyone in the general public who claims to know all and to see all. I do not claim to know all and see all, and other volunteers don’t even claim to see all and know all. I will never state that I know everything and can see everything. It’s always changing. The world and all of us are always creating, and so nothing can ever be really concrete. The only events that can be considered definite ones, are those events that do affect the consciousness of the world in a profound manner. It would need to be such an immensely big event that it most likely will happen, as opposed to it being such a small event that has a small probable chance of manifesting within the collective. 

Even with all of that said, anything that is considered a big event for the world, because the big stuff does shift the consciousness of the world. It evolves people and the hope is to change they’re perspectives. That doesn’t always mean that it can happen, it is all about probability. Which is why I receive visions and keep them private; I know to do that. This will be only a handful of visions that I will share, throughout the years that does involve a major event. An event that has the potential to shift the consciousness of people in our world, and it involves this World War III Timeline

Visions Of War Through A Circular Screen

The Visions that I received took place out of body, on the early morning hours of Wednesday, September 21st. This event was a rare incident for me because of the manner in which it happened; I am not used to out of body visions. Dream visions I am used to. In body visions I receive, and I do get bad emotional reactions to them. However, I just have never received visions in this manner before. 

On the night of September 20th into 21st; I was aware that I was out of body. I can differentiate between when I am in or out of my own body, and on this specific night I was out. I remember being in a space that was not of this world, and I was being briefed about this specific World War III timeline. I was standing in front of this big circular screen and standing beside this screen was a higher dimensional being that had a feminine energy. This feminine being showed me various images on this screen, and they flashed from one image to the next. These images were also filled with emotions that were connected to each image, and energy that was connected to those emotions. There were a few that I saw.

The first image on the screen was pitched black. The emotions that I felt were not good, and I could tell that this meant darkness. A dark period for humanity. The second image that flashed on the screen was a slow-motion movement, where people were deeply shocked, concerned, and lost with what was going on. The third image showed another group of people who were surprised by another event, that was closely connected to the World War III Timeline. They weren’t sure what they should do. Those two images also felt awful, because I could feel what they all felt. The images stopped and the feminine being turned to me, and all that she said was.

This could happen in your lifetime.

I am currently 32 and there is a far stretch of time that I am allowed to remain in this physical body, and I cannot tell you when I could physically leave physicality. There have been many opportunities in my life to leave, and I am still here. I have had two Exit Points come and go, which basically means that I have crossed two chances to leave earth. This specific feminine being mentions that it was an event that could happen and considering the fact that I was taken into a higher space and briefed about this event. It isn’t something that I am taking lightly. If I am receiving these types of briefings, then I am sure that other Volunteers are also having dreams. That they are also being briefed and have been briefed like I have over the years.

I am not claiming that World War III is definitely going to happen, I am stating that it seems like it is going to be one of those events that will happen. It will be big enough that it is going to cause a huge shift in people’s consciousness, and many already believe that it is already happening. Many believe that World War III is already in play, with governments trying to send people into poverty. The inability to make ends meet. Rising cost of housing and taxes. Inability to afford food and water. The poor just get poorer, while the rich just get richer. The bottom line is that I have felt an increase in activity with this timeline, and the frequency by which this is unfolding is a lot more substantial than it ever was. I have more articles that I want to write that connects to this, and I will be doing so in October. Especially as we move into Eclipse season and the last three months of 2022. This isn’t even all the information that I received about this event, and this timeline either. There is so much more, but timing is everything and there are things that I won’t ever reveal because it could change. Timelines change, and you as creators can change it. You can change this event. 

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