The Last Three Months Of 2022: This Determines Where We Move Into Next.

The Last Three Months Of 2022 

One again we find ourselves in the month of October, and for me that always acts like a signal for me to pay more attention. It signals me to become more aware of what is happening around me, and that doesn’t always mean with the collective. It means that I focus on me internally. There is a lot that goes on inside here, and it needs to be acknowledged and dealt with. There are other reasons why I become more aware, and that has to do with the fact that it’s always the last three months of the year that really push us forward. I’m sure this year October, November, and December are going to be remarkable, because we’ll be moving into phase two of cycle two. This is set to happen for us in December and then we’re going to be in 2023. 

The transition into the Aquarian age will move into a different space altogether in 2023, and that’s why this next year is so important. We’ll be moving deeper into life in a world where Aquarian energy, rules the earth and consciousness. With Pluto entering Aquarius that means that all of the outer planets, have moved into the sign of Aquarius in a short span of time. From the years of 1995-2023 the outer planets have taken turns moving into Aquarius in less than thirty years, and that is almost astrologically unheard of. Do you know how rare that really is? Extremely rare. So, what we’re going to be dealing with these last three months of this year will determine how we move into 2023.

The remainder of September 2022 and as we’ve moved into October, I have been working on erasing and altering the World War III Timeline. There seems to be an emphasis on this within the collective for all of 2022, and I’m a firm believer that you manifest what you fear the most. I’ve been warned that we have reached a pivotal point where this could possibly happen, and I know that there are many pivotal points where this might possibly happen down the line in the future. I’m a conscious creator and so is humanity. I choose not to have this happen; I don’t want this. I choose to create the ascending world for human beings to move into. As frustrating as this is I’m contracted to do a lot of different jobs. This job is the main one for me right now, and it will be for the entire month of October. This is also part of what determines how our shift into 2023 is going to be like, and that deeper walk into the dark crevices of the Aquarian way of life.

Working with timelines is one of my jobs, I also do plenty more which include: (I set up portals in different areas. I feel energy and work to modify specific energy. I work with the energy of deceased people and aspects of people who’ve crossed over. I can guide the spirit of the dead back to its higher location if lost. I embody and anchor energy and codes through my body for my location.) There is a lot that I really do. There are times where there is a heavy focus on one specific job, and this has been what I’ve needed to work on. This isn’t even the most important aspect of this article, the fact that we’re pushing through those last few months of phase one of cycle two is.

Phase Two Is Almost Here

I first mentioned that humanity was going to be moving into Phase Two of Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process, back in June of this year because it was what I felt would happen. I didn’t go into the specifics of what this meant because it was still early on, now that we’re almost there it’s important that I mention just what that means. What I can say is that it’s going to be a big deal, and it’ll be like when we first walk as a baby for the first time. It is a new development and a new way of utilizing our bodies. This event is about moving those of us on the ascending earth, into a central space where those aspects of cycle two can be experienced at a whole new level. It’s essentially like being held in a space for a specific period of time, where we are already acclimated and not having to get acclimated to this evolutionary state. It’s the more comfortable aspects of this current phase of our evolution, and we’ll be here for years until the next big change occurs.

When we had made that initial move into cycle two of the ascension process, the entire world literally freaked out about it. It was a natural reaction based on fear. They assumed that what they felt was this horrible virus, and to me it was plainly a Global Physical Awakening Event. It wasn’t the event, but it was one of the events that could help humanity evolve. That was how the beginning of this cycle went, and no one handled that correctly. They still aren’t in some countries and treating human beings like prisoners. The volunteers didn’t handle it as pristine-like as we would have hoped either. This won’t happen in December. It’ll be a very small event which will not be felt by mass humanity, but for those of us who are volunteers we already know that it is coming. We can all feel it deep in our bones. That’s why a few people have been stating how important December of this year is going to be. This is an opportunity for you and me to become aware of what we are feeling around us, to have Situational Awareness.

Who’s In Control Of Your Consciousness?

I’ll continue to remind anyone who needs to be, and for as long as I am alive and able to write on this website. How aware are you right now? How aware are you of yourself and of the world? If you’re not, why? Who is in control of you? Is it them or is it you? How do you know this? If you don’t then ask yourself if what you are doing is exactly what you should be doing. Who’s on your mind constantly? What is on your mind other than you? Why are they and those thing’s there? Do you want them to be? Should they be? and what can you do about it if you want to change it? 

The way in which you think and create with your mind, will determine exactly where you will go in the near future. Do you really want to be wasting your time on people and situations that are not important?

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