October 2022’s 10/10 Portal: It Is Not A Physical Body Shift, It Is A Personal Consciousness Shift.

It Is A Personal Consciousness Shift 

Over these last few days leading up to the 10/10 portal, I noticed that something felt very different for me this year. Now usually, I experience a tremendous amount of physical ascension symptoms brought on by embodying specific light codes. This year that just did not happen. My physical body has been untouched by physical ascension symptoms, in fact I only got hit hard yesterday on Oct (9th.) I got hit with loud ear ringing which would not stop all day, along with some other familiar body changes that I have experienced before. Otherwise, it has been a relatively quiet one for me this year. 

The one thing that I felt that changed immediately was that I wasn’t experiencing a physical shift this year, it was a personal consciousness shift. This isn’t the first time that this has happened to me, and to be honest I’d prefer the shift in my awareness than having to endure the physical pain. It’s so much easier. Mainly, because what you didn’t see before ultimately stays in your mind. I’ve seldom ever forgotten all that I have become aware of over the years, and you tend to never forget it if it’s important enough. Especially, when it’s about you and your own behavior.

There have been countless moments during these last eight years since when my physical activation began, where I’ve been stupefied that I am not feeling what I know that I should be due to the ascension process. The physical shifts are such an important part of the embodiment process, and most of what I have done is shift physically over the years. That is a big part of the work that I do. When that does not happen for a specific reason, I tend to go inward, and I start to question why it isn’t happening. It usually means that I am experiencing a different kind of shift altogether, one that isn’t drenched in the physical aspects. This very thing has occurred for me this 10/10 and it’s a Personal Consciousness Shift. It is an opportunity to shift on a conscious level, so that I or you can become more aware of yourself. So that you can become more aware of a situation in your life, and of a situation that is going on around the world within the collective. It’s like I have been saying throughout the almost four years that I have been writing on here, just how aware are you? It’s an important thing to know don’t you think? 

When I experience what I call a Personal Consciousness Shift, I do understand that it’s happening because there is a lot that I am not personally aware of at the current moment. This shift can help me be more aware of myself. This shift can show me that there is a lack of awareness about a situation that is happening in my life. It can be that I needed that personal shift because that is what I need, and there has to be something that I learn. I can take from it. This happens to some people at some point, and I didn’t say that it happens to everyone either because there are some who never shift their consciousness. There are many people who choose not to and that’s fine, but then realize that they’re part of that descending earth world.  It’s really about getting yourself from point A to point B and as fast as you can, because in the times we’re living in there isn’t a moment to waste.

What Is A Personal Shift

A Personal Shift: Is a shift that occurs for you and you alone. It is an internal on/off button that your soul does have, and it usually makes that switch when you need to become more aware. This isn’t about the body at all. The body has nothing to do with these shifts, it is all in your awareness. It can be extremely alarming for the person experiencing it, and for the people around them to watch as they make that shift. They elevate themselves beyond who they were, and it can be very difficult for friends and families to understand the changes that are being made. 

When you are in the midst of a personal shift; It is not your job to give a rat’s ass about what someone else experiences, because you decided to make that shift consciously. That is your job to do. It is for you and not for anyone else. It’s not your responsibility to console them. Make those changes and those movements. This is your personal shift. If someone is having a problem with this shift then you need to question these people, what they’re motives are and if they even care about you. It can be a terrifying thought when you realize that at some point, you just need to leave certain people behind. 

The way in which my personal Consciousness Shift occurred for me during this 10/10 portal, involved reaching a specific place in my awareness that kept telling me that I needed to heal. The switch for me was that I have experienced a lack of personal self-healing, and that was what has been shown to me. It’s like receiving small images in your mind’s eye, about where there needs to be more focus on. That realization and those images completely made that shift for me, and that was my personal shift. A shift for me to make and make alone, and I have actively taken small steps in doing that.

It hasn’t been very easy, but the most important thing is to do the work. There has been a lot of traumas in my life, and a lot of the earlier years needs to be dealt with. It’s also about learning, and I want to stress that the most. We do have this amazing ability to learn about ourselves, from ourselves, if we just took the time to see the lessons. Self is the greatest teacher that we have and no-one else could even come close to teaching us what we need to know. I learn more about me than what anyone else could ever teach me, just by doing my own work internally. I can understand myself more and the awareness that you get from these personal shifts, they become like precious treasures that you can take with you and keep in your heart. The truth is sometimes the physical body doesn’t need to do the hard work of shifting us, but it’s the consciousness that does, and it needs that jolt every once in a while.  

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