The Collective Is In Confinement: Humanity Is Experiencing A Dark Night Of The Soul

Humanity Experincing Dark Of The Night Soul

Throughout October 2022, I have had the exact same thought pattern coming into my consciousness where I’ve felt like I need to constantly police myself. Mainly, it is about how conscious and aware I really am. After watching what is currently playing out in the lower dimensions, especially these last few years since we have entered cycle two. It feels like the right thing right now is to understand where exactly I am, and if that is something that you want to do as well than do it for you. I have to admit that the last few articles that I have been writing have been focused on this, and I do want to continue to write like this. I want this website to be a place where it reminds people to be in control of their consciousness, and to check themselves when they feel they should. That goes for discerning what is going on around the world, and when to pay attention when its important. As well as when to shut it off. 

I have been hyper aware that these last few years the earth has moved into a new territory. A territory where literally everything is imploding, everything is becoming exposed to the general public. There are pieces of information that is coming out, about people that I didn’t know even existed. It’s a double-edged sword when you want to know the truth, until you find out what it is. There is also certain information that is coming to light that everyone already kind-of knew about: (the me-too movement, our failing medical system, and the insanity of our world leaders.) Do I need to say more? It’s all chaotic and all over the place, but it’s happening for a very specific reason. The earth is going through a gigantic release right now, and everything that has ever been done to her and on her. Well, it is currently being dealt with right now. Hence why we are witnessing humanities confinement and there dark night of the soul. 

Collective Confinement

As a human being, one of the most unpleasant things for us to wrap our minds around is that we’re already truly free. That we have the freedom to go anywhere and do what we would like to do. To be the person that we always dreamed that we could be, and to live the life that we always wanted. If you’re not feeling free and you know that you absolutely are. Then what’s stopping you from being free? Could it be you? Now in what way exactly is making you feel and think this way? People have no idea how easy it is to have their consciousness messed with. In saying that, as human beings we cannot move beyond the earth. We’re confined to this earthly experience until the very moment that we take our last breath as this person. That is the most unpleasant thing that we tend to not be able to wrap our minds around, and it is being part of this Collective Confinement that we all find ourselves stuck in. You have all the freedom that you ever wanted, but only to a certain extent because as humans we cannot move beyond our physical selves. Unless you can astral project, which many people in the collective cannot currently master with where our collective level of evolution is at. At least not yet. 

Do you know how difficult it has been to be an embodied Volunteer living out The Ascension Process, in the early stages of the aquarian age in a population that as of October 2022 was estimated to be at 7.98 billion. It’s no wonder most of us swing from feeling fine one minute and struggling with embodiment pains the next. I am not used to this at all! This is the most intense lifetime that I have had, and I have never been physically incarnated on earth with so many people before. The population of people on earth during my other lives, were tiny compared to this. There was special requests to even enter here, and there was only room for so many.  Now anyone can get in. This is a gigantic burden for this earth, and it is already beginning to show in the lack of resources that we now have. Then there is global warming brought on by climate change. I remember mentioning this in an earlier article, the old ones just want to finish our work and leave. The new souls want to come here and play. This has been a new experience for me and as an older soul I just hide in my higher space. We’re all confined here young and old, that’s a lot of people with issues. That’s a lot of people who eventually are going to find themselves having to face themselves. 

The Dark Night Of Soul Process

When I first started to experience my very own Dark Night Of The Soul which was from 2014-2016, it was as if I was walking through the fires of hell barefoot on glass. There was so much pain inside of me that I had been ignoring for years, and those two years after my physical activation were truly raw. It was about me getting honest with myself about me, and in many ways that is what is going on right now. I do still end up learning so much about past situations and how they make me feel, the choices that I have made. The anger that I have towards people and how I have had to let go of things, and at times it feels like my entire life has been a dark night of the soul experience. There aren’t any single volunteers that I know of who don’t relate to this, because they have experienced the exact same thing. They feel the same way. It isn’t just happening for the many Volunteers who find themselves here once again, to help with the transition of the Aquarian Age. It is the whole entire world that is going through a dark night of the soul experience.

What Is The Dark Night Of Soul?

The Dark Night Of Soul: Essentially, in my own words. It means that you have completely reached a period where you have reached a point of no return. It is the absolute darkest period that you could ever experience and that you can live through. All aspects of life are tested, everything that you think you know gets rediscovered in a new way. You become aware of aspects of you that have damaging implications to your psyche, and generally it is a transition phase. Most people tend to fight the process and who wants to come face to face with one’s own imperfections, the ego doesn’t like that, but it is a necessary process to go through and experience.  

The world is definitely experiencing A Dark Of The Night Soul and there are many volunteers that know this has been happening as well. There have been a few different ways to say this over the years and a few call it separation of worlds. Some call it global awakening. Whatever their preferred way of referencing what is currently going on, the point is that it is happening now. The years vary for a lot of people on when this started but for me, I would say from roughly 2016-2022 is when this process started for humanity and the earth. I have absolutely no idea when this will end but I know as we move into 2023 and 2024 it will still be going on. As for the reasons why? As much as I don’t want to admit this it was always going to happen, there are many people doing too many things. There are a lot of people who have been pretending for so long to be outstanding citizens of the earth, and who have done some really damaging things against the earth. The many people who work in our government. The many presidents of all countries on our earth. The very many celebrities who try to influence people. The very many police officers. The very many doctors and nurses. The very many lawyers and priests. It has all got to the point where, they are all divinely being exposed one by one. 

All of these people that we are seeing (known or unknow,) who are being exposed for exactly what they have done and said in secret. This is Full Disclosure. It’s happening with every-day people in your community, and not just public figures. People that everyone thought were upstanding citizens. It doesn’t look good, and some of what we’re now finding out has been outright shocking. Mainly, the most shocking thing is about people and their characters. This will continue to happen until divine source has revealed everything, and the truly darkest of the dark has been brought into the light. My earlier message about being in control of your own consciousness, and to have situational awareness at all times. This message is so important right now. See what is going on around you, because it is being shown to you for a reason. Pay attention now more than ever. 

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