Where Is Your Consciousness: It’s One Of The Most Crucial Eclipses Of The 21st Century.

Most Crucial Eclipse Of The 21st Century

I’m well aware of the fact that I’ve been sounding like a broken record for the entire month of October 2022, with repeatedly telling people to constantly question their own consciousness at this specific time period. Asking those important questions: Are you in control? If not, then who is? This is important right now and I have had to do this often myself, I want to know that I am in complete total control and understanding everything around me as it is. Not as I’m being told to think it is, like the majority of the collective does. Even then, I am noticing a huge shift within people and the global consciousness. People have been pushing back on a lot of issues where they notice their personal freedoms, which they have a right to, have been taken away from them for no apparent reason. Good for those seeing through the insanity right now, and not allowing themselves to be taken. They should be pushing back hard, and I hope many continue to do so. 

The most important thing for me right now, and the role that I play, is to periodically drop some of those reminders to do this often where you are examining your state of awareness. Do you know what is going on? Do you have all of the facts? Can you differentiate between a positive energy and a negative one? Can you tell who is lying and who is telling you the truth? Do you know about the separation of worlds? Do you know about the ongoing ascension process? I’m simply here to ask you: Where Is Your Consciousness? Who and what are you focusing your energy and time on? Why are you doing it. 

I have recently started to notice that my body has been acting up once again, with the general Energy Buzzing that I experience when I am embodying NEW to me energies that I just have not felt before. This started for me around the middle of October the closer we have gotten to this Eclipse, which is taking place in parts of Europe and in the middle east. The focal point for this event seems to be in Russia of all places, and I’ll get into that further into the article. The only physical thing that I have noticed is that I am buzzing all over, and I can feel certain parts of my body slightly shake from NEW energies and light codes circulating into me. It is similar to opening a window in your home and then letting the air from outside inside. It replaces the dead air in your home and filters it out, just like new energy replaces the dead energy inside of your body. I notice each time that this process happens, that my body lights up like a Christmas tree. I become illuminated from the inside out and just like every other time, this time was no different and this is happening again. 

This does not compare to the Impressions that I have been receiving, about the many key people and events that are unfolding within the lower dimensions. The biggest impression that I have been receiving is this constant pull towards this eclipse, the focal point of this eclipse and some other pieces of information that have been shared with me by my higher team. I have been shown that this Eclipse is one of the most crucial ones of the 21st Century, and its important because of what it is going to trigger within the collective. 

Separation Of Worlds Like Never Before

I have been vigilant about keeping my eyes open with the events surrounding this specific Eclipse, and I have been since about March of this year. What I felt seven months ago was a further escalation of The Separation Of Worlds, and in many ways this already has begun. The separation of worlds has gotten so transparent, that many people in the collective are noticing how insane some of the people in that world reality have gotten. They can now see it all for themselves. They can see for themselves now how there are (certain people in their own lives, in the media, celebrities they may have idolized, certain world leaders who are just not normal like they once thought.) There is a sudden change where those who could not see this separation, are now seeing it and that is what I felt a while back. I’m a volunteer and the volunteers who have been activated have seen this separation of worlds. We can identify this because we can see it and feel it happening, but it is such a crucial point in our history for those who did not see it. To suddenly now be seeing it. This is part of the global awakening that is happening right now, and many people cannot ignore this anymore. This will continue until in the future there are almost two different civilizations, one where it is literally a caveman society and the second are higher dimensional beings who know how to coexist with the earth. 

Another thing I noticed about this Eclipse is that there seems to be a lot of Light codes and Solar Energies hitting Europe and the Middle east. Aside from that, Eclipses are times of beginnings and endings. They usually bring on events and I notice that timelines tend to open and close, people tend to enter earth and leave earth rather quickly and in a dramatic fashion. 

The Focal Point Is Russia

This Eclipse is especially connected to Russia of all places, and I said earlier that I would mention this. There are reasons why Russia is the focal point of this Eclipse, and it usually signifies that something even more important is going to happen there. This country and that land, I have known that it holds a very strong negative frequency. Russia is one of those countries where that area is negatively influenced, and so is the leader of that country. Well, he was the leader. This man is on a collision course, and he won’t hold power there much longer. He is one of those key players in this separation of worlds that I mentioned earlier in the article, those in the lower dimensions. It’s all in how you feel energy and that location and person, both hold a negative energy frequency. 

Divine Mother and Father won’t tolerate that in 2023 and going into 2024. 

Where is your consciousness? Are you noticing that the Separation Of Worlds is becoming more apparent to everyday people, do you also see how those who are descending are sticking out to everyday people. Do you see the machinations of those in power and what they’re trying to do and remember that this is one of the most crucial eclipses. There will be more to come in the coming years.

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