How The Light Body Integrates: When Certain Light Codes Enter Your Body At Specific Angles.

Light Energy Entering At Specific Angles

This past week, the intensity of the Solar Eclipse really kicked thing’s into high gear for everyone in the collective. Myself included. We’re now stuck in-between a phase with two eclipses, with the second one in early November nearing in the coming days. However, if it is anything like what I have been experiencing in late October, I’ll have to brace myself because it has been a surreal experience that I have not experienced at this level before. I haven’t written much about the physical embodiment side of what we’re currently moving through, but I have to do a quick write up about what I am feeling and seeing. Within my own body and with the external aspects of my body. 

I have experienced physical integration of codes, energy, light, this last week and those familiar embodiment pains have returned after a long break. The most interesting aspect of this recent embodiment phase has to be how my body has been integrating new codes. I’m experiencing these light coded formations entering into my physical body in specific angles. I have also been able to view the many different types of ways, that my body has been filled with these light coded formations. This might not be anything new and it isn’t for me, as I have experienced this many times before. However, it is happening more consistently and that is what prompted me to write about this now. It might be new for you to be seeing see flashes, light formations, coded patterns, and different light structures hitting you. This is normal and you will experience this from time to time. 

Over the last decade, I’ve seen some incredible bleed-through light formations that have come out at me in many various different ways. I have seen singular forms, and forms of light patterns that were together in a big group. These light forms have been long, different sizes, shaped in unusual to me ways, and it hasn’t always been how they have looked to me. It’s generally been how they have felt and integrated themselves into my body. That is what I have paid attention to the most. There have been periods of time where light formations have been heavy, and where they have been lighter than usual. To me it doesn’t really matter, when they appear and do what they need to do. Usually, there is a standard way for The Embodiment Process to happen, and that does involve light energy entering the aura and body from the top of the head. That isn’t always the case all of the time. There have been times where I have experienced and seen flashes of light and groupings, that have entered the side of my head at specific angles which really took me by surprise. 

When I experience this process and I see The Formations Of Light Codes that I am visually seeing, it can be like living in a whole different reality than being on earth. It’s having the experience of seeing all of the different shapes and colors, the way the light codes move toward you and away from you. How it connects with the body and how it is perfectly matched to your body blueprint, it’s like a dance that is happening with your very physical body. There were six animated images that I uploaded to this article, that I felt were the best example of this. Each image has a way of expressing a motion and movement, and they’re similar but they don’t always come through in the same way. A lot of these images are examples of what I myself have seen and felt come into my physical body, what I have been embodying via the Ascension Process. 

There have been many important moments in my life over the last almost decade, where these events have happened to me, and I do want to also add in this gem of an experience as a bonus: Having seen myself internally illuminated, because of all the light energies that I have embodied. The first time that I ever experienced that I cannot even describe it in proper words, my reaction to it was utter shock and confusion about what was going on for me. It isn’t every day that you can see into yourself, and then to see how bright what you’re embodying looks like inside of you. I won’t share that experience and all of those earlier experiences, but I do have some more recent ones during last week that I’ll share.

Light Coded Formations In An Angle

Wednesday, Oct 26th: On this specific day, I had been working in the late afternoon on some editing, when this powerful movement of light came into the right side of my head. At this point during the week, I was already energetically buzzing. I was dizzy while lying in bed at night exhausted from the energies. This was not the highlight of my week at this point, but it was an already exhausting period to say the least. A huge singular formation came pounding into my head with such a force, that it made me stop what I was doing and react.

Friday, Oct 28th: On this specific day, I experienced an impromptu flash from the left side of my body. It was a small brief moment where a huge flash of light appeared just from the corner of my left eye, and in a split second as soon as it appeared it was gone. 

Saturday, Oct 29th: On this specific day I was having a rough time with the embodiment process, and I decided that I needed to sit down because I didn’t feel guided to do anything else. The second that I sat down I felt a strong sensation hit me, and I immediately fell into this wonderful, relaxed state. In this state I would slightly fall in and out of consciousness, with my heart beating ever so fast. After a while of this I’d suddenly wake up, I felt a pressure in certain sides of my head. At different angles, with different formations entering them. At one point I felt a circular formation of light codes above my head, sprinkling into the top of my head like watching salt falling from a saltshaker.

Sunday, Oct 30th: On this specific day, I had experienced a flash that came from within me. I was once again sitting down because my body was begging for me to stay still and relax, and in a split second I saw a light illuminate from within me. 

This is how the body integrates light formations. It isn’t always going to happen through the top of your head, and it can be in various angles in and around your head. A few years back I experienced a Crown Shaped Light Form manifest on the top of my head, and in that instance, I remember feeling heavy intrusions of light bombard my head. It didn’t form straight away, and it did take time, until it became clear to me that this crown had manifested. There is always much more going on with these very calculated and detailed head formations, and there are always reasons for why they’re coming in at certain angles.

There is work that is being done not just in your head, brain, and consciousness, but on the unseen areas of your head just slightly on or above your actual head. There might also be an etheric protrusion that is sitting in your aura, that might be getting broken down and dismantled by the repeated beatings of certain light energies. I’ve had to discern this for myself over the years when something is manifesting, and when there is a protrusion that needs to be dealt with on and around my head. There are no easy ways of knowing, you have to simply feel it when you experience it. 

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