Down Into The Shoulder Blades: Watch How Your Physical Body Shifts At The End Of 2022.

Down Into The Shoulder Blades

The beginning of November 2022 was not surprising in the least bit, a Lunar eclipse a few days before the 11/11 Portal Opening. Yeah, I knew we were in for a massive download. What was surprising to me was how intense it has been, I have not felt anything quite like this since August. Every single day on the Ascension Process has been a complete journey, and the uncertainty of knowing how one’s physical body will react to incoming new light codes is part of this process. I don’t always like it, but there is a beautiful element to it that makes it worthwhile. I couldn’t imagine my life as a regular person who doesn’t embody, and I wouldn’t feel whole if I wasn’t having this physical experience.

I received one of the most intense downloads of Divine Mother, and those codes that I have all year long on Friday November 4th. It left me in such a state that I felt like half of my body was being split into two halves. It came in from my head, and then it went down my neck and in-between my shoulder blades. It was the most surreal moment that I have ever lived through thus far, and all the while this happened to me in public. I had to feel it and keep myself together as best as I could. I had no other option because that is exactly what I am here to do, divine source sends it and I catch it. 

I’m not new to having my physical body ripped a new one when it comes time to embody the latest to me, and the earth, light codes that are a current frequency match for the level which the earth and her inhabitants are currently on. This includes anyone who is a Volunteer and at that level, where they are activating due to reaching that point in time. I’ve mentioned this multiple times on this website, but I’ll state it once again. What we embody is never quite the same, and how it manifests within our body is always a big mystery. There are certain body parts internally, that get hit more than certain other body parts. There are certain areas where you’ll be more sensitive to incoming source directed light, and just because certain energies hold a specific energy code within them. It won’t always mean your body is going to be able to acclimate to it, and it might take some time for your internal self to feel at ease with the new matching frequency trying to find a new home in your body.

I have been very aware for a long time now, that there is a specific order to which my body manages the amount of light coming into my physical body. This also includes the internal separation that it experiences, almost like a reconstruction when it’s time to allow more of it in. There is an almost resemblance to birthing a human, where the pelvic region of a woman expands to allow safe passage into this earth reality. The entire body modifies itself to allow this to happen, it is very similar to what Ascension Volunteers experience when they embody. This is a birthing process in a way, and you are giving birth to a new frequency on this earth reality that was not here prior. It can tear the human body apart and this is part of the embodiment experience.  

The Shoulder Blade Phenomena

Over the years I have experienced this Shoulder Blade Phenomena like most other Volunteers have, and this is just my way of identifying this aspect of what I do physically. I am well aware that many people in the ascension community call this an activation of one’s angelic wings because that is what they believe, don’t get me wrong I am familiar with certain formations manifesting outside of our auric body. However, I’m also well aware that this phenomenon is a process, by which our body is dividing itself because we are embodying new codes. I have experienced this many times before, where new codes enter through the crown chakra, and it moves down until it stops. Then it will just sit there in between my shoulder-blades. I never clairvoyantly see wings manifesting outside of my body. If it’s sitting right there for hours on end, I know that it is working on my heart chakra region or there is a blockage that needs to be removed energetically. 

On November 4th, 2022; I did experience another download of Divine Mother where those codes moved down into my Shoulder Blades, and those codes stayed there working on the blockages that had been put there. The reason why this area was getting hit hard for me, was because I had been working on removing certain emotions that dealt with past hurts and issues that I felt for many years. I was initially taken aback by how quickly that process began that morning, and how that process of energetically removing old energy barriers near the heart center unfolded. When I’m going through this it isn’t uncommon for me to experience my shoulder, spine, and certain parts of my body shift out of place periodically for a few moments to hours. 

Divine Mother Codes Into The Shoulder Blade 

Friday, November 4th: At around 10 am on the {4th;} I began to feel a familiar awareness letting me know that something was going to happen to my physical body. This often happens to me where my higher self will send information to me, about an event that is going to happen to my physical body. I don’t always know when and or what the event will be, but I can feel that a change will happen shortly.

This was another public event for me. I’ve had many moments in public where I have had to embody in silence, and just deal with some really physically painful situations that happen. I dislike doing this in public, because if it’s a situation where I feel like I need to physically sit down and or immediately exit my body for a period of time. I just can’t. Also, if I’m around people it makes it that much more difficult. This time, I was nowhere near people, and since I work alone because I have a job that allows me lots of room and personal freedom. I was alone while it happened. 

At just a little after 10 am, I felt that familiar movement of new codes moving from above my head down into my physical body. In a split second, my body shifted and began feeling weaker. I felt the sensation move down into my neck and pass down into me. It stopped in between my shoulder blades, while my right wrist began to ache very intensely. I knew that my spine had gone out of place slightly, and I had to feel that while trying to stay calm. I could barely move and walk properly for about an hour, until that embodiment event ended for me. It is now Sunday, and my body has still felt out of place, but not as bad as it was two days ago. 

As we enter these last few weeks of 2022, and I cannot believe (that I am writing that) because where has the time gone. Watch how your body reacts to these final weeks, expect that things are going to pick up and move faster than what you can perceive right now. Pay special attention to how your body feels, and where you feel it the most. That is your body’s way of telling you that something might be getting worked on, that an energy blockage is being removed right now and for important reasons. It may not make sense to you now, but as time goes on you might understand it better looking back on these physical events. It doesn’t need to make sense to you right now, trust that your higher self knows exactly what it is doing with your body.

This is the final push for many of us onto new earth, and as we move further into the Aquarian Age we’ll understand it more. We still have the Lunar Eclipse and the 11/11 Portal Opening all happening this next week, so prepare your body and energy because it’s going to be a strong shift for us all collectively. 

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