November 2022’s 11/11 Portal: It Is Now A Physical Shift & It’s One Of The Most Exhausting.

One Of The Most Exhausting 11/11

Over the last decade, I have become a stellar observer when it comes to noticing how much energy is being distributed into our world. I know how it manifests, and I know that there are certain periods throughout the year where it’s more active. We’re heading into one of these periods right now, and it tends to get much more active towards the end of the year. Which is happening right now as we move into the last few weeks of this year. November has been exhausting and I’m just going to say it, it feels even more exhausting than any other year. The irony is when 2023 rolls around, it’s going to feel even more exhausting then too. I know that other volunteers must feel the exact same way. I know that other people feel the exact same way as well. 

This year we had a Lunar Eclipse just a few days before the 11/11 Portal Opening, and I have never buzzed so much. I have never needed to come home, then crash, as much as I have these last few days after running around in the lower dimensions for a few hours. I have never been hit so bad with dizzy spells and fogged out mentally like this before. I have never felt so destroyed and broken physically, and not to mention so ready for this specific shift to be over and done with. It tends to calm down when these shifts end, but for right now it’s working on shifting people and events. That’s what these portals do when they arrive, open, and then distribute these energies into the world. It manifests and it does push people into different directions, whether those are fated or totally unexpected nudges. 

In October, I had written an article about The 10/10 Portal which opened up and then administered all of those energies into the world at large. That shift was not a physical shift for me, it was very much a personal consciousness shift which I experienced at that time. That was what I experienced which is what I write about on here, it could resonate with you because that is what you’re going through. I’ll be leaving a link to that article just below this paragraph, for those who would be interested in reading about that specific portal event. There is a connection, one that involves that event and this one. I would consider this a continuation article to that article, but with this one focusing more on the physical aspects of what is happening now at the end of 2022. Along, with some other important key points of discussion. Which I think are really important right now, because it has to do with where the collective is moving into. 

October 2022’s 10/10 Portal: It Is Not A Physical Body Shift, It Is A Personal Consciousness Shift.

Physical Shift For the Volunteers, Consciousness Shift For The Collective

There are always important connections that are made when it comes to what is going on right now in the world, for all of 2022 there has been an increase in the Eradication Of Ancient Negativity. Which is exactly why this year has felt so disturbing, and why it has looked even more so to all people. Whether they’re aware or not aware of the ascension process. In November 2022, there has been a chunk of this ancient negativity that has been removed by the volunteers. I have never felt such an intense physical year like this one, and I know that I have been working through my physical body, to help eradicate ancient negativity, so that we are prepared to move into 2023. This entire year has been a physical shift for the volunteers, but for the collective who are not yet on new earth. This is and has been a consciousness shift. Which is what I have noticed with people this month alone, the ones in my area at least. This is a preparation for many people because soon we’ll be in Phase Two of Cycle Two, which means we’ll be moving deeper into the Aquarian Age. Which means that small groups of people will be moving into NEW earth, and then that leaves the door open for other groups of humans to enter NEW earth for NEW humans. 

When I first activated in March 2014 as a Third Waver, within the third wave of volunteers in Cycle One. I was helping to create the way for New Earth to be fully manifested which happened in (Dec/Jan) 2019/2020, which was right when Cycle Two began. What’s happening in December 2022 at around the solstice, which I saw in June of this year is that Phase Two of Cycle Two, is going to propel specific groups of the world population to enter NEW earth. This means that the first few groups will finally enter NEW earth, as that is being made available to them. That will start right around the Solstice and move into Jan 2023. I’ll be writing a little bit more about this when we enter next month and that time period, this will be a consciousness shift for many in the collective. It’s already been starting because there are lots of people who are showing signs, that they’re ready to move into NEW earth that is perfectly aligned with Divine Source. To clarify: Divine source is both Divine Masculine and Divine feminine. Divine source is a perfect balance of masculine and feminine within each human being, poised, stable, and perfectly capable of living on NEW earth.  

Human Population Ready For NEW Earth

The 11/11 Portal Opening has done exactly what it needed to do for the human population, and I want to share an example of just how ready people are to enter NEW earth. It’s always been interesting for me to watch people when they notice what I have seen this entire time, which is groups of people having to deal with lower vibrating individuals. I have had to personally deal with lower vibrating people for the majority of my life, which I like to call Low-Con people. However, not everyone can tell the difference between who is and is not a low-con person. This tends to surprise me when I notice them suddenly become aware of these types, and it happened in my area in a very public way. Not only did they realize exactly who that Low-Con person was, they also fought for their rights as a group of people and won. This hasn’t just been a single event either, there have been many events which I’ll be sharing down below like this in my area all year long. 

NEW Humans Reclaiming Their Rights

I have known that there are certain people who at some point become elected in certain countries, states, provinces, and territories, that are absolutely 100% Low-Con people. The Patriarchy does exist and has always managed to maneuver itself around the globe, with little to no women ever holding power. With Queen Elizabeth II as the exception to this all-male dominance, she was a huge part of the Matriarchy of the world. A lot of that has changed. 

NEW humans are noticing Low-Con people more and more every-day. Not only are they noticing them, but they’re having to deal with them more often. This event that happened in my area, that showed me that some of the population here is ready to enter NEW earth. This event involved a collective group of beings striking for their rights against our primer Doug Ford. I have known that Doug Ford is your typical Low-Con male, and that he generally gets used by negative entities. It is all in the frequency of the person, and his shows this through and through. He got a taste of NEW humans because many of them have shifted consciously, with plenty who have physically embodied enough of those Divine mother light codes. They went up against him after he tried to impose a contract on them, and they still striked against him anyways. They showed him that they’re NEW humans that are living with that new template, and that the classic old patriarchy negativity doesn’t hold much power anymore.

This CUPE strike with the Education Workers and the many other workers that were involved as well, this was a largely publicized event in this area. It happened just before The 11/11 Portal Opening, and it was a real step towards people in my area to be fully ready to enter NEW earth. This is happening more and more in our world, where every-day people are preparing themselves, to make that shift into NEW earth. This will happen more and more as we enter 2023, and as more people move into NEW earth in 2024 and beyond expect that these connections are going to be made more. 

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