Divine Mother Template Is Now Fully Physicalized: Have You Felt It Deep Inside Your Body Yet?

The Divine Mother Template: The Divine Feminine Mother Is Fully Physicalized Within The Earth Grid

Welcome 2022 and welcome Divine Feminine Mother. The start of this new year (in earth time,) because in reality time does not truly exist. It has felt different beyond anything that I have known, felt before, that I have ever experienced and I knew why this was the way that I was feeling. I had already been receiving (information) about this template of light, detailed information about it’s patterning, the core nature behind it’s energy since last February. I knew it was arriving. When it was arriving. I know that it has arrived and that these last few weeks; it has fully physicalized into the new earth and humanity. 

I have known that what humanity was doing was transitioning. We have all been in that transitional phase since the end of 2019 and for some they believe since early 2020. We all feel what we do during specific moments, during a span of a few weeks. That is how we define our key experiences in passing moments of time. We have all been in this transition mode, from one cycle to the next, from one age (Pisces) to (Aquarius,) and embodying the return of Divine Feminine mother. The template is here and it is really getting intense, and there is so much that I have experienced since my last article that I feel needs to be said at this time. Which is what I’ll be doing in this article today

The Transition Into 2022 and the days leading up to it, were some of the most isolating, down right strange, and yet perfectly orchestrated days that I have ever lived through. Not a single thing that happened was not meant to happen, and it happened in just the most profoundly absolute way. There was an eerie silence to the end of December, at least for me and in regards to what I had experienced. I’ve mentioned this before on here many times in most of my articles, that when a gigantic event happens down here in physicality the majority of people tend to shift. They not only shift, they get moved to another location permanently, or, temporarily. They all left this time. I was left on my own just living where I was and doing what I was doing. It was very isolating. It happens and that was what I noticed instantly, but I’m glad that it did because what I was seeing around me on a psychic level and Clairvoyantly was like nothing that I had ever seen before.

In December 2021; I started to Clairvoyantly see something phenomenal happening around me in my physical location, in regards to the Divine Feminine Mother Template. The template was doing something that I had never seen before on earth. In every direction that I looked, it was as if a blanket was being laid down across the entire city that I live in. The roads. The buildings. The trees and plant life. The houses. I’m not new to seeing Light energies and different variations of patterns. I’m not even new to seeing them fall on and into various people, objects, and natural plant organisms. This was something that I had never witnessed before, it was being swept from one area to the next as if it was moving. It was in endless motion. Afterwards, I could feel this blanket which was The Divine Feminine Mother template itself, settle down into me and my physical location at the time. The movement was effortless and in a constant state of continuum, it was in this very moment that I realized the template had physicalized into New earth and Humanity.

Have you felt it yet? I sure have and it hasn’t felt all that great. A big reason why there is so much panic going on, is because a lot of people are actually finally physically activating. That physical experience that many of us forerunners have felt for years and decades now, is being experienced by a lot of those people who had no idea what was even going on for us at the time. Let me share what I have experienced since my last article, and believe me it has been pretty painful. There have been a few parts of my body that are being hit hard, by the physicalized Divine Feminine Mother template into new earth.

The Divine Mother Template: Physical Integration Of The Divine Feminine Mother Template

I began feeling specific physical symptoms and new body functions towards the end of December 2021. These bodily integrations of Divine feminine mother and that template, transitioned into the beginning of 2022. In between was the integration of this template throughout the world, in a movement that I had never witnessed before clairvoyantly.

In late December 2021; I experienced hot flashes, headaches, and while that was something that was not new to me – I was not prepared for all that I would experience at that shift over period into 2022. The second I woke up on January 1st, I immediately felt a whole new way. I was raging. A lot of times during my path I have felt extreme anger and rage, when my first raging episode happened at first I didn’t like it. I felt wrong. It made me feel wrong for experiencing it. Until, over time like everything else I would end up feeling, I realized that it was okay to get angry and that I could be and feel that way. I reached a point where I stopped really caring, I stopped judging myself for how I felt and how I felt it. All day long I was raging on and on. It was such a release of everything that was bent up, and later on I realized in the next few days that it was removing old emotions right out of me.

On January 3rd. The rage stopped and then the scoliosis issues ramped up. I knew immediately that my physical body was and still is in embodiment mode. Every single time that I have embodied, and it’s a gigantic event where something big and new is on earth. My back feels slightly out of place, the left side of my body immediately get’s tight and vibrating occurs in either of two specific areas. The lower part of my body (feet, ankles, legs,) or, the upper part of my body (head, neck, shoulders and back.) This time it was my back and spine that was out of place, and it still has not stopped bothering me. This on top of headaches, feeling tired, being hungry, needing to take naps, waking up at random hours in the early morning, random and disturbing dreams, raging, transmuting, and generally just not having much energy to want to do anything. 

On January 5th. The bone aches, joint pains and muscles soreness has been a very new thing for me. I have never really felt the majority of these, I’m only 31 so I don’t deal with this very much. Then I realized, it doesn’t have to do with age. It has to do with where this template is being embodied in my and your body. Into the bones! This template is reaching way down into our bones, crystallizing the bones, the muscles, the ligaments and every single part of our body on the inside. This has not stopped along with everything else, and I’m sure there will be much more to this template in the coming weeks and months.

Divine Feminine Mother has fully physicalized into earth. This is what I have been experiencing both physically and emotionally, it’s not perfect and neither will it be for this entire year. Will more people physically activate? Yes. Will this Global awakening event continue? Yes. Will SARS covid-19 be around? Yes. Is the Separation of World(s) complete. Yes. Where do you we go from here? We continue to embody Divine Feminine Mother. There are other layers of this template, and other templates, but this was the big and final shift for Humanity. Now we’re here and this is new earth. It is up to you now to decide just how you want to be on new earth. I’m going to be leaving a link at the end of this article from last February, that explains just what I saw and what I was told about the Divine Feminine Mother Template.

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