What Is That Light Hitting Earth: Merging With More Of The Divine Mother Aspect.

It has become very clear to all of us since 2021 and Ascension Cycle Two first started last year, that everything is very different than ever before. This week is no different. February is no different either. There have been a few different events being played out right now, which involves humanity and the second phase of evolution. As we move deeper and deeper into these escalating higher experiences, we learn more and more about ourselves. Not just that. More get’s revealed to us. Which is what happened to me earlier this week. 

This week a multitude of things has been revealed one layer after layer. Which is not surprising and with the planets now configured in the sign of Aquarius (six to be exact,) I’m not surprised that I have been receiving more higher intel about what is going on. The same with you. In fact this whole entire week has been weird. It has felt off. With my dreams and out of body sojourns confirming everything that I feel for me.

This week. My article is going to focus on all of the recent, strange, but, at the same time, important information that I received about what is going on and why. Specifically, the information that I received was about Divine Mother and her return to earth. Not just earth. To New Earth. That is where we’re at now. This was shown to me while out of body and that was the strange part about it, usually, I receive these clear messages and internal visions while fully in my physical body. In 2021 it is all different. I remember the day too. It was Sunday the 7th and the entire day it felt absolutely surreal and like I was living in a completely different world. Different reality. There is so much to write, so much to share. This includes my OOB journey, which I will be sharing in full detail as well.

From time to time. I’ll experience things on a different spectrum than what I had been previously used to. Which is normal because that is how I experienced and perceived such things at that level. So, when I shift, change, move, or, at times, get shoved into the next higher everything. Those way(s) in which I experienced all that I did, they change to. You probably have also experienced those same “Ah, so that has changed for me moments to.” This past week this transpired for me. Which was very weird. Especially, because what I had been experiencing, I no longer am experiencing life and receiving information and visions in the same way as I did before. That has changed. It may have changed for you, or, you notice that your receiving information in a much different way than you used to do. You may have received clear messages from divine light, about you, your path and what is taking place in your OOB state. Now, only to find that you no longer need to leave the physical to be shown and see more about yourself and what is going on right now. It could be the opposite way for you now. It could also be that for some of you your experiencing both. The patterns always change. 

Who else’s dreams have been extra weird, scary, negative all February 2021 so far? My dreams in February 2021 have gotten hands down extremely strange. If so. There are reasons why.

What I am experiencing in those states. What I am feeling, seeing, the stories that are unfolding, or, the dream state narratives that are taking place. These have all gotten extra negative. Highly disturbing. Especially, these last few days in connection to the six planets in Aquarius and New Moon. Despite, that. There are some fascinating journeys that I am taking to higher dimensions and with them, the information that has been shared with me has made my heart jump for joy. I’m bringing this up because as a Third Waver, I do a lot of work when I am in between states of consciousness and unconscious states. Also, I tend to release, clean, heal and embody a lot during my physical exits. I do not talk about it a lot, but when thing’s started feeling different for me earlier this month. I knew that I had to start discussing it. I also knew that I needed to bring it up, when I was shown and witnessed a few things that I need to share. 

Have you noticed psychically a light hitting earth recently? I have. I first really noticed this light this week and because I was there witnessing this light, while OOB and somewhere between this higher dimension and the entrance into this earth matrix. I knew that this was important. This light felt like what I initially felt during that Entrance into the Aquarian Age time period in December into January. So, when I felt this Light and saw it approaching earth. I knew that something was and already had been repeatedly hitting earth. So what is this light hitting earth? It is Divine Mother physically entering the earth matrix and literally hitting us down here on this earth. Not just earth. She is hitting New Earth. Welcome to the Aquarian age and the return of Divine Mother. This is everything that I saw in my OOB journey and what I felt. I felt Divine Mother as she was sending another wave of light, another part of herself return to new earth, this was due to hit earth right during the 6 planet configuration in Aquarius and the New Moon. Which is what what we felt. Which is what we felt in January and December. 

Divine Mother has been absent from earth for a long time. The suppression of feminine energies  by humanity, by the negative forces at work within the matrix, has made it that way. The masculine energies have also been distorted. Despite that massive distortion, at least the Masculine, Divine Father has been allowed to exist here in some capacity and or form. Divine Mother has not been here and neither has it been integrated into humanity. In 2021, you better believe that she is. You better believe that she is being integrated and unified into the matrix and with Divine Father. If you have wondered why thing’s escalated in late December 2019 into January 2021. This is/was Divine Mother returning. Doesn’t she feel extremely different than what Divine Father feels like? Extremely different. Extremely strong. Powerful. Brilliant. Cutting edge. Luminous. Perfect in all of her glory. She has returned to earth, to the point where the world and most of it’s inhabitants had to literally stop what they were doing. She restricted a lot of what was going on here. She is currently changing the way life is on old earth. That old earth world is being removed. Her return is ushering in a New Earth. Which is why you have seen me mention New Earth on this website a few times, in a few of my articles. This is the reason why I say it. Because Divine Mother is here. She also is not playing around. The integration of Masculine/Feminine energies into every human being alive now and who will be born in the future, is the only necessary way to live and exist within this new earth. 

Remember how you felt in December 2020? That was a small aspect of Divine Mother returning. Remember how you felt in January 2021? That was another aspect of Divine Mother returning. Remember how it felt this week? You guessed it. Divine Mother and another aspect hitting earth and entering this matrix. This will continue to happen. More and more each day. So, we have to get used to it. Here is the OOB experience when I was at rest and my travels to the in between place. 

Sunday, February 7th 2021.

Early morning, on Sunday the 7th of February. I woke up after having returned back into my physical body from the in-between space. The in between space is what I refer to when I am in a higher dimension, but also still being close by to this earth reality. While in between space, I became aware of this huge light. This energy that looked and felt to me like it was coming towards me. Now, I was in between spaces. So, I could feel into the higher dimension and feel where the earth was. This light was coming from the higher dimension and it was heading straight for this earth reality. There was no question about it.

While, this light was approaching me and the earth. It felt like I was being hit with purity. I felt euphoric, at peace, loved, it felt so easy and freeing. As I faced what I knew from what I could feel was the earth we are on now, there were multiple beings surrounding me who were also aware that this light was approaching earth. These beings were all golden. They had a golden light surrounding them and through them. They were transparent. Allowing, this golden light to come forth from them and extend outward. There was a small group of them. About 5 or 6. They were anticipating this energy and from what I felt it was another wave of, aspect of, Divine Mother that was returning to earth. We all just effortlessly stayed where we were, just mesmerized by this event taking place. 

As Divine Mother and this new wave approached. I instantly knew information that was being given to me. I was made aware instantly that this was Divine Mother and then there was a reference point to January 2022. That specific time period, was shown to me and the information sort of came at me, then came from me, I suspect my higher self also helped me understand this more clearly. January 2022, will most likely be the start of the completion of Divine Mother on new earth. So, she shall be integrated into New Earth at, or, by that time period. Which is what I felt and sensed. 

After I received the specific information about that date I woke up and found myself in my physical body once again. The rest of that day, I felt like I was walking around in an unknown foreign planet. I could not, for the life of me connect with whatever reality I was suppose to be living in. It was the strangest day I have had all year so far. Nothing felt real.

This was my OOB experience and the information that I received out of body. This never happens to me, I generally have always received information through telepathic images, or, full on visions, that can be hard to deal with because it always comes on too strong. Which always take place when I am awake and fully conscious. Things seem to be happening in a much different way this year so far, rest assured this is all coming together. It is all unfolding. Divine Mother has returned. She will continue to return all of this year and possibly early next year too. If you have been having the same sense that this is happening, you are not alone. If you have also been experiencing the same type of dreams, dream narratives of negativity,, aimed at you, or, having issues sleeping, getting up late or sleeping whenever. You are also not alone. 

These are very strange, reality changing times, so make sure that you are doing everything that you can to make life easier for yourself. Take good care of your body, mind, spirit and be at peace with whatever is happening for you at this time. 

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