We’re Conscious Creators In 2021: Do You Want The New Earth? So, Then Let’s Consciously Create It.

I have spent most of 2020 and this year so far, just working on what it is that I wanted to consciously create. What I want to create for myself, what would be best for the world, how I want to contribute to this New Earth and Aquarian Age transition. Before, I could even begin this. I needed to first realize that I am a creator and that I have been creating my entire life, for my entire life, so far, throughout multiple lifetimes, until I reached this very point in time. The realization that I am a powerful creator needed to first sit, within me and this is something that I learned years ago. Now it’s time to implement it through my writing. Which I think that I have done a good job of doing. 

This is what this article is about for this week. Fully and consciously being aware of your power as a Human Light Being. I was so tempted to write both “Human being” and “Light being” separately, but with where we are now and how far into this thing we are. We are no longer just Human beings and I felt it was necessary to now combine both of those words. It feels right, that we are now Human Light Beings. We’re just that and we are powerful. We are strong. We do create. Which I think we forget, or, do not remember that we can be all powerful creators. We are conscious creators in 2021. This is my message in this article. 

This week. My article is going to focus more on certain aspects of what it means to be a Light being, or, as I am now referring to it Human Light Beings. It’s about creating, being a creator, understanding how powerful you are, what you can do for you, what you can do for the world, how you want the world to be, how you want to feel while you’re in it, along with that, everything else as we have made the initial transition into the Aquarian Age. This is one of the many subjects that I wanted to write about last year, but that I never could because the time wasn’t right. I feel the time to write this is right now, it’s extremely perfect timing. We have entered a whole new era in our collective history, so we have the ability now to fully mold the world into what we feel it needs to be now. Mold it into what we desperately want it to be. The first, second and third wavers and now the group of human people who chose to begin this journey like we did, can now be a part of this new earth and part of the highest possible timeline and earth reality. 

So, what happens when your suddenly watching the old 3D world slowly unraveling, dismantling, with all of it’s old codes, old rituals, old beliefs, old way(s) of doing thing’s and watching those familiar people who were once on top. Now, suddenly becoming extinct. Now, no longer holding as much power, who are no longer holding the title of creative director(s) and executive(s) for planet earth. Which they never were to begin with.

What do we do? We over ride all of this. We create on top of it. We build, strategize, hold the hammer and nails and create and we create so much better. A new earth means that we have to consciously take part in creating it. 

Be a Conscious Creator and Consciously Create. These are not new terms or even new ideas, this has been around for years and a lot of people have wrote about it. I am not the first and I will not be the last. It might not be the last time you read about it here on Energetic Earth. Not a lot of people know that they are creators. That is because there has been a huge distortion about our creative energies, powers, strengths and that we can even create to begin with. I’m not talking about creating superficial thing’s, it is more of an external world that matches what is going on for you, or me, on the internal. Since 2020 and looking back over the past 12 months, I have noticed that I had been actively participating in creating the New Earth. I have consciously created small events, big events, and entirely new events and brought them into my life. Physically manifested through the constant energies that divine source brings into our physical earth reality. We are co-creators with divine Father and Mother. 

The interesting thing when I looked back on last year until now. It read like a chapter book. With each chapter slowly being written and coming to life, side by side, along with the New Earth and reality as it manifested. It really is and has been a beautiful thing to be a part of, being a conscious creator and co-creating with Divine Father and Mother. 

The difference for me in 2021 is that my creative energies are growing. They are just building and building and I find myself effortlessly being able to consciously create more new aspects of New Earth. I feel it strongly than I did in 2020. It was all so new that all I could do last year was sit around and feel every minute of it. It throbbed and ached and I felt sore and in pain. Now, in 2021. I can move around a bit more in it. I can move around a bit more in Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process. It feels nice. I feel free and if you have also felt some of these similar events, emotions, in your life. Like you can move around slightly more than you used to before all of this began. Than just know this is why. 

A lot of what I have been consciously creating is and has to do with what I feel that I personally need. I have spent a lot of my time focusing less on material things, less time on focusing on needing people as well. If anything I have been working a lot on myself internally. I try to do my best to consciously create small moments and events that allow me to be comfortable. It is not easy holding all of this light and embodying it, so taking some time to relax my body and mind is important. You might be creating the same thing. Whether you are aware of it or not. This has been my number one creation. I spent more time reflecting. I reflect on who I am. What I have done. Where I am going. I try to get time for myself as much as I can as well. I just know that I need that. This is just me. This is what I am creating through the physical manifestation of these waves of Aquarian Christ like light energies. It doesn’t need to be what you create. It can be similar. This is how I feel that I can help create the New Earth. Working and working hard on me. Here are some of thing’s that I have consciously been trying to create to bring on the New Earth reality. 

Helping To Create New Earth

Personal Internal Reflection: I have mentioned this already. However, this is a big aspect of what I am consciously creating right now in the new Age of Aquarius. Time to reflect and learn about fears, emotions, re-work through old narratives of pain, traumas, wounds, that may need to be dealt with again. Reflect on who I am and where I am going within my own personal journey. By doing this, it can open doors for people to create similar opportunities to do this as well. 

Moments Of Quiet and Solitude: This is the second thing that I have been consciously creating. Which is making the time to have moments for myself, especially amongst a stressful time period. I’m not alone where I live, so taking the time to escape and be still in a place where I can just stop thinking. Where I can stop worrying. Where I can stop feeling on a psychic level all the terror within humanity right now, pain, stress and the transition. 

Communicating With Source: This is another thing I work hard at consciously creating. Which is taking time out to communicate with me, my higher self, with source, with my guardian angel, with my spirit guides. This is one of the more important ones, because it let’s me know what I can or should do next in my life. I also need and want to be connected to home and my home dimension. 

Writing On Energetic Earth: This place. This place is what keeps me sane. This place is my temple. This place is where I can go to, to write about anything Ascension related. I share almost every aspect of myself. I share my personal psychic experiences, from my embodiment process to personal events in my life. I am essentially creating a place, a doorway, that allows people to actually read about this new earth and where we are. 

This is not everything that I am consciously creating. There is a lot more. This is just an idea of what I am trying to contribute to the world. Everything is so connected to everything, that once one thing begins another starts until it affects a whole group and population. The mirror effect. When one thing begins it spreads. So, I have had to be very mindful of what I wanted to consciously create. 

This is what many of us First, Second and Third wavers are going through this year. This is what we will be going through during the entire time that we are living within Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process. We will be called onto over ride, consciously create, or, continue to, create over top of all the stupid, stupid, lower 3d dying bullshit. Also, to help create the New Earth. I remember when it was up to us to hold down the light and wait until it was time for life down in physicality to drastically change. We were constantly creating timeline after timeline. Now, that we’re in the Aquarian Age, we have to now really work harder than ever before to consciously create what we want life in this reality to be like now. I remember an earlier article either last month, or, in December and I remember asking about what it was that people wanted to create? Well, what is it that you want to create on New Earth. What do you want life on New Earth to be like? What do you want to change? What 3D way of life do you want to help dismantle? What do you want to focus your energy on? What ways do you want to live in the Aquarian Age? This is where we are. We are now being pulled to consciously create much more now in 2021.

We are the conscious creators in 2021. This is the theme for this year. You will find that what you focus your time and energy on to make happen, will feel effortless and easier. We are doing this in a time period where everything old is being removed. The new will manifest so much quicker than ever before. 

Happy Conscious Creating co-creators.

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