What We Have Been Embodying In 2021: New Complex Palette Of Light Codes.

Complex Palette Of Light Codes

Oh wow. This really is how life is in January 2021. I have been trying to get this article done for a while now. However, I have been physically aching for the majority of this month, so I really could not write as much, or, as quickly as I wanted to. I have so much that I have wanted to say, but, self care and tending to my physical self has been the first and most important thing for me. Especially, right now. 

January has felt different. We all know why. This is the Aquarian age and we are not going to feel as good, as we would like to, with all that is changing and modifying within our bodies. Our DNA is shifting to a wavy, crystalline, Christ, like light filled one and so are we. If you have also felt like this, this month, then you know how awful it has felt. To me it feels worse than all of 2020 combined. You are not alone. I have felt the acceleration, the new, the different and at times I have wanted it to stop. After all, just because we agreed to embody does not mean we always have to enjoy it. In this particular month, I have not. 

This week. The major focus of my article is going to literally be about how my physical body has been feeling. The reason why it has been feeling this way and what I and we have been embodying that is making us feel this way. What I have been seeing lately with the light energies, codes and the palette of various different Diamond and Diamond wave like light energies. This information is important and it is what is needed at this time. The Age of Aquarius already feels so different than how life has been in the past age we just left. So, understanding what we are getting hit with, (gently and sometimes not so gently) is really necessary for us to move forward with the rest of this year. 

All year long so far; I have been getting hit a lot by these new light energies, codes, templates, patterns, new structures, in various different ways. Has it been easy? No. Has it felt easy? No. Far from it. I have felt ravaged. I have been so sore. I have ached in new way(s) and in various different places than ever before, it is all over, which feels very different. Has it been easier than 2020 was? Yes. In many ways. I have to admit, that I have felt how different it has been when it does come on and when it goes into me. The most frustrating aspect of all of this for me is feeling it, seeing it, knowing it and understanding it, but not being able to see anything that I can read, or, feel that comes close to how I am feeling online. I often times over the years have felt like no-body has been talking about how this feels, neither, what I have been seeing while I feel all of these thing’s go bump and thump within my body. I have had to work hard over the years to really discern, discern from information online, where it is coming from and who is sharing it. Often times, I feel some people have got it right and other times I feel like no-body is even experiencing what I am on a physical level. More importantly, I do not see, feel, or have come across very many people who are seeing what I am seeing as I am embodying these energies. This is mainly my personal issue, because I tend to feel like I need to go outside of myself for validation about how I feel and what I am seeing. However, the other side of this is that not a lot of people are even seeing and feeling what I and we are embodying. So, of course they are not going to focus on that and have it written online for all to see and instantly know. I jump the gun a little bit, because I feel like just because we’re there, that everyone is there. Which is not the case. 

I have worked hard since last year to really go within myself and focus more on what I am seeing, feeling, hearing around me, within me and focusing less on external information that may, or, may not be accurate or needed. It’s a process and we learn more and more each day. 

There have been various different types of light energies and codes that I have seen since the beginning of this year. A lot of it also is what I have clairvoyantly seen, in and around my physical body, in my physical space, outside and or hitting the earth since December of last year as well. I have been referring  to this January 2021 group of light energies, patterns, structures, as a Complex Palette of Light Codes. These Circular and Diamond like New energies, along with the new Christ Like Aquarian Wave energies look so different than what I have seen and they feel extremely different. They are and can make my body feel extremely sore in various places. My head, my legs, my back, my throat and it all feels sore and achy as they come in. The rate by which I have been getting slammed by these intense Aquarian Age Light energies is almost on the daily. With maybe one day break. If I am lucky. It has been quick and non-stop. So, I am going to do something a bit different in regards to how I share what I have been seeing. I usually do this towards the top of my article, with two or three images that I feel are what I embody during that week, or, what comes out at me. This week. I am going to share multiple groups of pictures that show what I have seen, a lot of this is not the exact image that I have clairvoyantly seen. A lot of this is as close as I can get to what I see. A lot of what is represented is very accurate and what I do see. 

The Aquarian Crystalline Wave Light Codes: This is the first group of light energies, that are mixed into this complex palette of light energies. I began seeing these codes in December as we approached the entrance way into the Aquarian Age. When I felt them around me, or, as I embodied them into me. I did not feel as achy and sore then as I do now. I would see them enter my crown area all the way down into my physical self. They made my head feel sore, their was heavy pressure on my head and my body would go weak and I would need to fall asleep. 

The Diamond Crystalline Light Codes: This is the second group of light energies, that are mixed into this complex palette of light energies. I began feeling these in January 202o and they have steadily fallen periodically all last year, into this year and have slightly changed in how they look. How they feel. These specific codes hurt when I embodied them. They are obviously more razor sharp looking, they also feel that way. The Diamond Codes made my head sore, they made me weak, they made me feel hot and I would have hot flashes, they would make me feel cold, they would leave me feeling weak and in need of sleep. I usually fell asleep real quickly when I was embodying these light energies. They have changed my physical DNA more than any other form(s) of light energy.

I still see these codes into 2021 but they are changing to more circular. 

The Circular Crystalline Light Codes: This is the third and final group of light energies, that are mixed into this complex palette of light energies. I began seeing and feeling these very new codes at the start of January 2021. They are currently morphing from the second group, but, at times they show up and then they do not. This is similar to the Aquarian Wave light codes and that group. Very new. I have been getting blasted by these particular Circular light energies, Since Jan 21st until this very moment. It is clearly a more delicate energy but it packs quite the punch. 

I have been sore, achy, in very new and different way(s) all week. I also have been needing to step out of my body and let these new divine masculine/feminine and I feel it is more feminine energies take hold. The most interesting occurrence with these circular/diamond morphing energies is that I am moaning out in slight waves of pain. That is how they feel to me. 

These are the three groups of light codes, that I have been clairvoyantly seeing, feeling and hearing, as well as, sensing, this is what has been hitting me, hitting the collective, hitting the earth and various different locations on our planet right now. As I have been referring to them, they are The Complex Palette of Light Codes. Each group is very different and they make me feel many different thing’s. None the less, this is what I and you and the collective have been embodying. Well the first, second and third wavers first. Then the rest of humanity. Some in humanity are not embodying this and never will. Which is okay, we do it first so they can continue to reincarnate until they reach that one lifetime that they can and will. Evolution is evolution baby. 

Familiarize yourself with the palette and you’ll notice when these energies are around you, in your physical location and being embodied by you. This is what we have been embodying in 2021. This is that next level stuff that has been making me, you and us feel so sore this past week and ever since January began. Ease into it. Allowance for what your body is doing and going through. If you need to step out do it because these are some heavy times. There are no games being played right now. This is it and you are doing this. We all are. 

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