Is This Really January 2021: First Shift, Now A Second Shift. It’s All Moving Really Quickly Now.

More Than One Shift Occurring

I’ve been unusually quiet for the last almost two weeks now. However, that does not mean I am ever going to stop writing what I need to. When I’m gone or off for a slight bit, it just means that I along with other’s are dealing with the latest embodiment energies, that are being hand delivered to those special beings who agreed to receive them. Me included. 

Remember, the first few days into the new year, how we felt those super insane energies, as well as, shifts, and how we fully entered into that new space. Well we experienced a second and much bigger shift in 2021 last week. This one also had me stop dead in my tracks. It’s felt like a one, two punch. Then you just have to shake it off and get on with it. However, this is exactly what has been happening. One shift after another. This is exactly how I figured 2021 was going to go and it will not stop being like this. The first shift was a doozy, but the second shift last week really knocked me out. My entire body really felt this shift and I couldn’t do anything but try my best to deal with the way I was perceiving and living all of this.  Which was all very painfully. These are all steps to a more higher design. All of 2020 was about entering a second stage of the Ascension Process, which means it went worldwide. All of 2021 will be this, but at a much more accelerated level. In 2022 we will all fully be within this new earth, space, reality, Divine mother returned into male and female incarnate human beings and embodiers alike. There are steps and we’re almost there.

This week. My article is going to focus on the second shift that we experienced last week, which brought into this new earth a new programing of Light energies and codes. I’m also discussing how absolutely painful this elevated new level was on my body. When we embody we really do embody and a lot of people are surprised and shocked that we do, do this. They equate the first, second and third wavers physical ailments and physical body DNA upgrades and changes, to ego based emotions, and whatever nonsense that they feel or think is true to them. Living as First, Second and Third wave embodiers means that we will experience those real physical change’s to our molecular makeup. The physical change is real. It is just as real as the old 3D world is dismantling right before our eyes. It’s all really happening now. More than previous years before. It’s all moving real quickly now.

Is this really January 2021 right now? It all feels so surreal right now. It all looks and feels like something out of a fairy tale story that has gone wrong, but that you know is right. Who would have thought? Also, is anyone else still dealing with even worse, unimaginable life situations that continue to spiral out of control, because of other people and their energy imprints, butting in and of course trying to mess with you and attack you in any way? Yes, I thought so! This has been one mega month and I really do not want to think about how February will be and feel like, but I’m already getting some small hints and visions showing up. This is why I write these article(s.) The main point of this article is to basically, state how everything is moving quickly now. It is all moving quicker than ever before and we have been stuck in a slow, non-moving time period and then bam after last week’s second shift everything quickly moved once again. 

Major Shifts In 2021.

The first shift: This shift occurred around Jan 4-6th and that brought a new programming of complex coded Light energies. This was a fairly easier shift than the second one was.

The Second Shift: The extended second shift began from around Jan 11-22th. It was an extremely intense time period. I was having to adjust to the new palate of light energies coming in. These energies looked circular and still sparkled like white diamondized energies. 

The Ascension process is so individualized for everyone, but, despite that I must admit I experience a lot of the same thing’s that all of you do to. The lack of movement in time, to, total conscious realization that time is moving quicker than normal. This happens all the time. I have experienced this countless times where it moves slow for long periods of time, then it moves quicker and a lot of thing’s happen in a matter of a few days. Last week was exactly that. It was exactly that for many reason(s). The first: we had entered a new space within the new Aquarian 5D Age and our new earth reality. The second: the collective and everyone on earth right now, was ready for whatever new shifts, movements and changes were to unfold. To unfold. Last week all of that happened. Time moved quicker and we’re quickly moving and changing and shifting. 

On a physical level. These new Circular, white, Diamondized light energies, from this palette of complex codes, that slammed earth at the start of 2021 really did a number on me. I’ll be writing a separate article about how these energies look to me and feel to me. However, I’m going to share what I physically went through last week. Which sort of lasted for one week and half, then got worse the day before and the day of the inauguration day. 

Physical Embodiment & Body Changes

January 11-14th: I started noticing the energies began feeling very different on the 11th and this lasted until the 14th. The New Moon and Uranus direct really made thing’s difficult, tricky, it changed a lot of circumstances. These were difficult days. Filled with headaches, tired, feeling cold/hot on and off, then the usual fast heart beat, crown chakra embodiment of higher light energies began. 

January 15-19th: The crown embodiment of higher light codes, continued for the entire week. I felt strange movements into my head, in my chest, in my heart, heart poundings and thumping’s, hot flashes and this lasted all week. However, nothing compared to what transpired on the 2oth and 21st and it all phased out and ended on the 22nd. 

January 20-22nd: These two days were some of the roughest, most difficult, most painful, days, that I have had so far this year. If you understand what was transpiring over these specific two days. Then you know why my and probably your entire body, was over loaded, with these new codes. The energies were completely intense during these days. These two days were huge transformational days, shifting days, days of change and boy did my physical body feel it as well.  

The heart embodiment of higher light codes, thumps and bumps, heart pounding had continued. Along, with every other mentioned embodiment physical body modification symptoms. However, from my left head, neck and all the way down into my upper back, I felt a re-balancing happening. This re-balancing taking place in my body was both exquisite but painful. The tightness. The muscle pain. The wanting and needing it to end and not wanting to survive this complete and total changeover altogether. It was everything you could ever want and hate, all rolled up into one big huge change-over. This started when I woke up on Jan 20th and it got progressively worse, as the day went on. The next day was the worst. I was all over the place, with my neck and head in total pain. I could barely keep my eyes open. The heat was intense. The need to sit down was intense. I could not move or do much, or, go anywhere and not that I wanted to. It was a complete and total transformation going on in my physical body, much like what was going on for the entire world on those days as it unfolded. 

Today, January 25th: Was the most disgusting day I have had on an energetic level. Everything, felt dense and negative. Despite that I had one of the best sleeps that I have had in a really long time. All my neck re-balancing and embodiment pains are over. I feel back to normal. Until, the next shift and round of light energies. This is the Aquarian age and so expect these to really come in waves now.

This will get progressively more and more accelerated as this year goes on, but there isn’t anything to dislike, hate, fear, about this process. It is what it is. Those of you who know why you are here, you and I, we know this is what we are here to do. If you are new to the process and yes there have been mass activations within people, since last year and more will this year. Then learn it. Understand it. Feel it for yourselves. Try to go with the flow of how it is and feels. Trust yourself. Remember, it is your own personal process and you are living in your own body.  Going within you to know and learn more about you and what this means for you will help you. Is this really how January 2021 is?  

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