If This Is How It Feels Right Now: My Physical Body Feels Different In 2021, Since We’ve Left 2020.

Physical Body Changes As We Enter 2021

It became immediately obvious to me that once we entered 2021 that it felt vastly different than 2020. Right away and straight off the bat it took me some time to get used to it. Which is saying a lot, because we all know what we experienced, within that specific period of time that was known as 2020. None of it is or was easy and all of it felt like we were physically combusting. 

I remember feeling alright during the last day of December and into the first day of the year and by the 3rd/4th my body was once again feeling, shifting, combusting and mutating into something very new. Which happens all of the time. However, the difference was that it didn’t feel as bad and it did not last as long. Which means thing’s are either slowing down, or, that they are not slowing down, but, my body is getting acclimated to the way these energies are constantly pounding and pounding me. I experienced the initial shift on the 3/4 as we got hit with those energies and then thing’s began to accelerate once again, a few days before the New Moon. It feels different and slightly the same, but for the most part a lot easier and so much better for me.

This week. My article is going to focus on how different everything has felt for me, maybe even you, as well, on a physical level once we made that shift into 2021. If you have felt different whether for the worst, or better, do not be alarmed unless you think there maybe something seriously wrong with you. Then my advice is trust your natural instincts and seek medical attention immediately. This is not going to be a list of Ascension related symptoms for this year. This is not what this article is about. That article I already have in mind and I plan on writing it later on in the year. I need to experience a little bit more of 2021 to gather up some specific symptoms, that are re-occurring for me in order to share them. This is an article about what I have experienced in the last two weeks, or so, since the start of this new year. 

I live in Canada and I’m from Ontario. That is all that I am going to state about my physical location currently on this planet. So, when at the end of December when they announced that my area in the province, was going to experience restrictions, due to the pandemic, it didn’t phase me nor did it change any aspect of my life or how I had been living it. Prior to this pandemic I never went outside and did anything, unless it was for an occasional walk and or to go to work. I never went anywhere else. I never needed to and neither did I want to be apart of anything going on outside. It felt pointless to me. With all that I felt throughout the years, it was best to stay inside cuddled up with a warm blanket. Then earlier this week, they announced a state of emergency in Ontario – which meant further restrictions and now we are in a stay-at-home-order.  This does not bother me either. I have been at home since last January. It does not matter because being at home is where I need to be. It is where I can do the most. For myself. For the world. How else would I write these articles or do my work. Home is best. A lot of the work that I do, involves a lot of physical body integrating. It also involves a lot of physical body releasing. There are other aspects of my job, but most of that is private. Unless I decide to share that on here, otherwise no one needs to know about it. So, knowing and understanding what my role on a physical level, is going to be, is very important for me. I do the majority of my work from my home. Is it making any sense to anyone? In my physical house doing work in My Home. My physical body is my home. 

So, now that where I live has once again put us in lockdown. I can continue to focus on My work and doing that without needing to go out and for essentials. I have been working my self to the ground this year so far and I did all of last year. So have all of you. Do you think it’s easy to create the way for other people to follow? It really is not. It is a very hard job. It is a painful job. However, in the Aquarian age it does have it’s perks. Staying at home at not having to put up with all the people, situations, attacks, negativity, because we’re not allowed to leave our homes. Now I can focus on my home, while physically being inside my home. Isn’t that brilliant.

In 2021, so far it has felt different to me and my physical body can tell. I’ll tell you why. It all has to do with how much we have already embodied within ourselves. Prior to 2020, my body felt slightly easier to move around in. Once 2020 hit, thing’s began to feel weird and different and at a new level. Which is normal. It all changed when we entered the start of that cycle Two. All year long in 2020 I experienced the same exact physical symptoms. Extreme hot flashes. Extreme cold flashes. Heart pounding. Head pains that were sharp on either side, intense light integrations into the crown chakra. The main symptoms were the crown chakra head integrations, pains, aches, soreness, redness followed by heart pounding and inner heat. 

When I experienced this in 2020 – this was a constant event. It was at the point where it was almost an every day thing. The same symptoms. The same heart pounding and inner heat. It got the point where I would need to lay down and rest. This continued and then continued until December. However, once we entered 2021. The same exact heart pounding and crown chakra embodiment of light, wasn’t as strong and neither were the symptoms as severe. 

In 2021 my body has felt the difference. It has felt how different it feels. It also feels how less severe this year has been since leaving and making that transition from 2020. I of course continue to embody, I just do not feel these Aquarian waves as severely as I did before. This is simply just me. This does not necessarily mean that you, or, other beings like us have not felt these accelerated physical Ascension symptoms. Many of them may have and especially you might have. Speaking personally for me. While I do still feel all of the usual symptoms, they have somewhat subsided for me. However, I like to think of this as my body becoming more and more used to these new energies at this level. 

The more you embody the more used to it you get. This is still the Ascension Process and we are still experiencing this, so take care of yourself. The New Moon {Jan 13th} and Uranus stationing direct {Jan 14th} would have amplified these latest 2021 waves of Aquarian light. Try your best to feel into this and be still while you are embodying this, no matter if you feel them slightly easier than previously or not. This is about our individual embodying processes and everybody is different. I might be feeling thing’s are easier, but other people might be feeling thing’s are not easier. It isn’t always a collective group experience, it is a very individual and self process.  So, take care of yourself. 

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