It Is A Global Awakening: Guess What, Evolution Doesn’t Care If You Want To Evolve Or Not.

It Is A Global Awakening

Welcome 2021. What a start to the new year it has been. From embodying more energies, to experiencing more personal realizations, more life reviews, more memories being brought up, to see and view and then suddenly fade out and return back to God and the light. This and the continued freak-outs, chaos, various amounts of people still panicking, having to either adapt, take personal responsibility, for the first time in their entire life, or, decide which direction they are going into. This all just magnified twice as fast at the start of 2021. 

This will continue to be, feel, look, like this all of the rest of this year and beyond. With more people lashing out, more of what humanity perceived as a way of life being destroyed. Money becoming fleeting. Life inside becoming the norm. All the systems slowly losing more power and whatever power it has (adapting) through technology. Virtual schooling. Churches becoming closed (forcing people to go within) within themselves and in their own homes. Governments slowly exposing themselves and people within that system. Expect this. Know this. Feel this. It’s adjustment time. It’s higher creating time. 

It’s finally January 2021 and already I can feel how different everything feels. I wanted to take a few days before writing anything, to really feel any changes in the general energy. It felt really different to me as soon as we transitioned out of 2020. It was as if everything got lighter and easier. So, for this week I am going to write something very different. I am going to spend most of this year writing article(s) that will sound different, it’ll be similar stuff in regarding energies, downloads, ascension and evolution, what this means for people and the world. However, there was a lot of information that I really wanted to share publicly that I never did last year. I was either not ready to do it, or, I was to scared to do it. However, it was made apparent to me earlier in the week that this year I needed to share a lot more information. More than I had last year. I really won’t be holding back. I will not waste anymore time like I did in 2020. Some people will really like this information. Some people will really hate it. I do not care. It is not my concern. If you do not want to read this, read this information, or, these newer article(s) that more of my higher self is creating on this website. Then do not read it. I am not a guru. I am not after followers. I do not care for approval. I just want the truth. I just want to share more of what is going on here right now.

I’m going to start right now. With this article and the information that I wanted to share last year, but, because of certain aspect(s) within myself, it prevented me from doing so. So, here we go.

Guess What? It is a Global Awakening. One thing that I kept alluding to last year, was that this Pandemic was really a Global Awakening happening. I’m choosing this first article of this year to finally come out and say it. To share it. I’m doing so because people need to know it and they need to understand it. The sooner that they do, the sooner they can understand what every single first, second and third waver has gone through since our own personal awakening. This was not easy for us individually. It will not be easy for the majority of the entire world. 

We are also here to assist those when they come flocking to us with questions, confusion, doubts and uncertainty. We cannot and do not need to do it for them, live it for them, as we have done this for ourselves and need to continue to do it for self. However, I know that I am like many assisting now by holding the vibration of the new earth. When people come on here, I help and I explain. Which I choose to do so. I do not however live it for them. A little lesson here and there, but they need to live it like we did. Every scary, Oh dear god I am going to die moment. Which is what is happening in the collective. My heart goes out to these people, but they have to do there own work. They have to live their own experiences. Which for me, has been the worst entire part of witnessing all of this. 

A few thing’s that I have always known from my birth is that 1) I did not want to come here again  2) This place is hell. 3) I did not want to come back to hell again and re-live everything that I already did in previous other lives, when I was here before. To complete those experiences. To integrate them. To finally deal with last minute issues, wounds, imbalances within myself. Then you realize that you are doing this and during a global awakening. Are you kidding? That’s a lot of pressure. Pressure on me. Pressure on you and pressure on the entire world. However, it does make sense. It was literally the only way. While it has not looked easy while we have experienced this, in some strange higher way it all makes sense. It’s all sort of aligned perfectly and it does work. When you really step outside of yourself and observe the world. It does work. This global awakening. You can see why it is happening. You can see why it is happening to you. It makes sense why some people are being exposed now. It makes sense why some people are finding this easier. Why some are finding it harder. You can literally see why there is so much chaos, riots, lack of people in our world wanting to change. Most of humanity and if not all of them, who are not currently awake and aware, right now, don’t give a **** about experiencing anything beyond themselves, that is higher than themselves. However, as I have learned and I am sure many of you.

The Ascension and Evolution Processes do not give a damn if you want to evolve or notIt does not care if your even ready for it. It is going to happen. It will happen to you as so many in our world are finally seeing, experiencing it all, first hand, for themselves. There is not much that you can do about it, when you agreed to it and then at the last minute hold on for dear life,  hold on in avoiding it entirely, so that you can continue to do what?  Avoid it. Ignore it. Waste more time. Most of humanity enjoys being lazy, stubborn, stagnate and set in their way(s). Most of us already knew this coming down here. 

Where are we right now? We are in a transitional phase. When I wrote in my opening paragraphs “It’s higher creating time,” I really meant that. We are in a period where we are going through a global awakening, and you can already see some of what we have created. Virtual studying. More self isolation. Less need to be living in the external and greater opportunities to live in the internal. More time to spend for self and time spent reflecting. Living life more simply. Less daily stress and the need to rush around. I know that last one was kind of ironic. Considering. However, these are some of the new earth creating that we have done. So, it all comes down to what you want. So, what is it that you want? What do you want to create for yourself. What do you want to create for your life. What do you want to create and bring into new earth. Into the Aquarian age. Into the world that will help change it. That will help make it a better place. What are you going to create in 2021 and beyond on new earth? This global awakening is an opportunity to create the new earth and you can create whatever you want. I’ll leave this article with that and let you the reader ponder …What are you going to create in new earth? 

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