The Bridge Of Light: The First Few Steps On The Bridge For Wavers.

I’ve spent the entire month of December, especially this last week dealing with the new energy patterning that has seeded humanity and the earth. It has been extremely difficult. This past Christmas was horrible and the days leading up to it were depressing, tiring and extremely revealing to me. I did find it interesting. I got to see a few thing’s that I did not before and concerning a few people in my life. Another awakening. Another moment of seeing the shit for what it really is. 

This very important moment which I will talk about. Is one of the many indications (for me) that I and the First, Second and Third wavers have reached The Bridge of Light fully and that we have now begun crossing into it. With Humanity to soon follow when they are ready. I know that over the last few years, that we usually do everything before most of humanity does and that we know we’re doing it. So, I’ll explain why it isn’t humanity moving into this specific phase. Why it is just the first, second and third wavers. 

This week. I’m going to finish off the second article that I said that I would. The first one earlier in the week discussed the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction and same day Solstice. Which felt like a million years ago already, but, at the same time, literally felt like I was jolted into a completely different reality, dimension, higher vibrating location than before. I’m very familiar with this happening. We shift ourselves to match the incoming energies, because we do this, we are either forced to, or, we recognize that we must immediately say goodbye to every single person, thing, location, that we were residing in, or with, before the shift happened. This is important information that I am sharing. Which will make more sense as you get further into the article. 

The article for this week is specifically about The Bridge Of Light. Which I’ll be explaining further as you read more into the article. What is it? Why have many first, second and third wavers felt it? why have we seen it? What does it mean for us? These questions will all get answered. The one image and two gifs are exactly what I have seen in regards to this bridge of light, it is also what I have felt about it to. The middle one being the very closest representation. The bridge is a space. It is a place within the current earth location. We are moving through and into something, so remember that. 

The very first thing I want to state is: The movement through this Bridge, this Space, this Light, this Dimension, this new Reality, because that is what this is. A movement through another higher reality where the energy frequency is a much greater match for the first, second and third wavers. This place we just shifted into only involves us. This is not for humanity. Humanity is only just beginning to awaken. The majority of them are awakening physically and have no clue that they are, why they are, and there are very different reasons for this. The most important one. It is a huge burden on billions of people, who did not agree to be aware of the fact that this is what is happening to them.

There are so many reason(s) why.  The first: There are jobs, embodying, work, that needs to be done by us first and then for humanity. The second: Most of humanity did not agree to do this work, move into various timelines and realities. The Third: There are specific events that will happen for us that will not include them. Which goes for them as well. A huge energetic “stay at home” pandemic, or, you get sick from interacting with people. This event was for them not us. It really is a huge burden for them to all of a sudden feel, see and experience what we do. Let alone go through what we do on a physical level. A job for every one. Our job is not their job and their jobs and experiences are not ours. Plain and simple. 

I first started psychically seeing and feeling The Bridge Of Light only very recently. This year. The middle of November to be exact. This was what I felt and saw. I am a third waver. There are other embodiers, psychics, seers, visionaries, light workers in my group, but there are, older, more wiser, workers in the second and first wave of people currently on their Ascension process and who know it. Who have done this longer. Who have more knowledge on the subject of Ascension and Evolution. I only can write about my own experiences and I do. So, when I first began to feel and see myself suddenly become very aware, of the fact, that I/We were going to be moving through another first for us, first movement that we tend to experience. I felt really confused about what I was seeing. It was showing up for me as this Bridge of Light. At times from what I saw it was a bridge of pure white light, other times it was a golden light bridge and I have even seen a mixed rainbow color bridge at one point. I finally realized that there are and were multiple bridges. However, the main bridge that I saw was the pure white/golden bridge. 

The Bridge is not really a real Bridge. The Bridge is another word, symbol, way of sharing with me, with us, that we are moving into some place new. We are moving into, stepping onto or in through a new place of entry, that we cannot really physically see when we’re roaming around this earth world. However, if you have felt it like I have then you know we have moved into some other place that is totally different. I felt it during the beginning of December. Then right after the Jupiter/Saturn and same day Solstice. The movement was and is complete. For us. Not humanity. Just us. We’re currently on those first few steps on that symbolic bridge. The first to take step into this new Aquarian Age/new physical dimension, where it’s a hell of a lot lighter than and brighter than it was before. There is a lot of responsibility that goes with this. We are going to have to work hard first and then move further into our new location, then allow those first in the group of humanity to enter later and when they are ready.  This is what the Bridge of Light is: the entrance for the first, second and third wavers into the Aquarian age and new earth dimension. The rest of humanity is experiencing their first real global physical activation awakening ever. Think about that. Ever! Why us and not them? Because we have been ready and prepared and preparing, for this moment, from our own individual births into this hell world. We carried that knowledge into our body and bodies and we were coded for it. The next few years will be about more and more first steps, more first building, more first of everything. As we literally are going pave the way for everyone else. 

One way that I know that I have crossed this bridge and that I am fully in this new place, in the Aquarian age and taking my first ever steps into it, has to do with the events that transpired for me right after the Solstice. Like I mentioned prior. The days after the Solstice and leading up to Christmas were awful and this had to do with an event that shifted me, which involved my family. Every time, that I find myself needing to make a gigantic step towards being in a different timeline, reality, or crossing another bridge into some unknown place. That always means that I have to leave people behind. If I do not willingly do that, or, am willing to let go on my own. God/light helps me to become aware of certain thing’s that I am not seeing clearly. This is a small little bit of what I experienced that shifted me. In regards to leave more of the old space I was in. Along, with some more family members. 

I have been living with my mother and father and we share a home together. We help one another. They know very little English and I generally help them and they help me. We are a team. A family. I also have a sister. Who is completely not about family and I have known this since I was young about her. I have known since I was little, who were the ones that I could trust and who weren’t the ones. I knew who were potential lower conscious people. My father can be one too. At times. He get’s used and loses control of himself at times. 

My sister and her three lower conscious kids have been living with us since May 2019. Ever since they moved in here life has not been the same. When the pandemic started, it forced us all to stay inside with one another. It was like the sun and moon living together. Light and dark. Fire and oil. Nothing has gone right. There are constant issues. There is always a battle going on between higher consciousness and lower consciousness. There is abuse, arguing, blaming and we’re the ones usually getting all of it. The pandemic showed me who they were and who they were always going to be. When they aren’t lying about various thing’s. There are strange occurrences happening. One such incident involved a huge lie that involved a man and the three children, they all said a lie about this man and could have ultimately destroyed his reputation. However, despite this it was such a negative and lower thing that it showed me instantly, after a few weeks of thinking they were finally getting better. That they could change. That they were growing and evolving. That I was sort of blind to who they still were. 

We all go through this with family members. We get abused when they need us. Manipulate us. Want us to do everything for them. Be responsible for their stuff. House them. In general just put up with all of their shit. However, this time I couldn’t do that anymore. The light let me know that and showed me that, so the only thing I could do was leave their story and continue to play and live my story out. Live my life. It was another awakening moment. It was time to finally say enough is enough. It was the only way to make that first big step.  At first it was scary. Then after a few days of feeling depressed and tired, because the actual event was really a doozy and lies generally tend to make me feel low in vibration. 

Eventually, after the 25th I made sure to make that necessary shift easier. I do not communicate with them. I do not involve myself with them, their issues, their problems. I shield and ask for protection. 

This was the initial experience that I had that let me know I was making another huge shift. The biggest shift that I have made thus far in my 30 years of living as this person. In this life. This is how life after the Solstice and Jupiter/Saturn conjunction has looked, felt like. Crossing into The Aquarian Age and planting my first steps onto this new space filled with highly different energies. It’s only going to get much better as we move forward. It’ll be strange, but we can manage. We’re the first ones to experience the new. We’re the first ones to do the initial work and because of this, expect to say goodbye to many other people as we move into 2021. As they most likely won’t be going with you, if you have made this initial shift. 

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