We’re At The Entrance Point: The 2020 Solstice Energies and Same Day Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction.

The solstice for 2020 has arrived. Along with it the same day Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in the sign of Aquarius. I knew that today would finally come eventually. I have been counting the days until this very  moment would arrive and it is an extremely important moment in our history. It is important for our earth. It is important for all people currently in a physical body. It will be important for those who will want to incarnate here. It will no longer be possible for many souls to incarnate here in the old world we’re just coming from. These will be more evolved beings. From specific locations that hold a higher frequency, than where many came from prior to us in the Piscean age. 

I am so elated, anxious, exhausted, but grateful to have made it to the entrance, the opening, the bridge itself and we’re now beginning our ascend, over and into the next phase of our Evolution. This is the climax of what I have been writing about since the beginning of this month. This is the moment. This is the time. This is the now.. This is everything. 

This week. I’m going to be writing two article(s) and this is the first of the two. This is an important week. Which is why there is a lot to write about. There is a lot to talk about to. This first article will once again be an Energy Update and it involves the Solstice energies, the same day Jupiter/Saturn conjunction (which is going to be conjunct all day today.) Then, I’ll write about the physical hell that I have been through all week long starting Monday and up until this point. There is a lot to discuss, to bring out into the open and of course I also want to share my experiences with people. I know that there is a lot that is going on and I am not the only person going through the physical hell, the daily struggles, the evictions, the awakenings, the realizations, the pain, the suffering, the annoyances and everything else that comes along with living on this planet right now. At this time.  

The second article will be about The Bridge Of Light.  I’ll be explaining What it is? What it means? and if your like me, you have psychically seen, felt, this Bridge. You would have seen and felt us move closer to it and it moving closer to us. You will have felt this bridge in your dreams, out of body, or while physically awake. Fully aware of it. What it meant and why it started manifesting itself. There are some connections between the two article(s.) but, they are generally  separate  from one other. 

I want to begin by fully acknowledging the animated gifs that I have included in this article. The three animated gifs that I chose and found for this article. They all have some form of energy, but they also have waves of energy, slowly moving into different directions. The colors do not matter. The waves of energy do. They look awfully a lot like the Aquarian waves, that are associated with the glyph for the sign of Aquarius right? That is because they are. They are the same waves. We’re at this point in time. Where these waves are going to be an important aspect of our daily lives. Full disclosure: I and every first, second and third embodier and those around the world who have embodied these energies. We have been embodying waves and waves of Light. Aquarian waves of light. Over the last few years all that I have done on this earth, was and still is, embody waves of energy. Much like it is depicted in the Aquarius sign glyph. Ever wonder how waves of light energy manifested into the stream of human consciousness. Who ever first felt, saw, wrote waves of Light energy. Was really tapped into the fact that they and all of us were slowly edging into the Aquarian age. Finally. This has been happening for decades.

Every year, over the last few years. The week leading up into the Winter Solstice we have been hounded, pummeled, radically shifted, mind, body and soul, by incoming Light energies, from where ever location they were coming from. The sun. The GC. Eclipses, Full Moons, New Moons. The 12/12 Portal way. God directed. This year. It was the most physically challenging lead up, to the Winter Solstice that I have ever experienced. I’d like to share my week. 

Monday, Dec 14 – Sunday, Dec 20th

The entire week from Dec 14-20th was one of the most challenging weeks on a physical level.  So, I know if I felt it so did everyone else. On some level.

On December 14th. I remember beginning to feel extremely tired. the entire day on the 14th. Which lead into the afternoon. Then I felt that pull where new energies were manifesting, inside of me and were coming in and I needed to just relax into it. I passed out sleeping not very long afterwards. On December 15th. I felt slightly better than the previous day, but, my entire body felt weak. 

On December 16th. Saturn entered Aquarius where it will stay for 2.5 years. This specific day was the worst for me. I believe the shift in signs for Saturn, were the results of this sudden embodiment period. Along with energies coming from the Sun being near the GC. I was tired. I was weak. My heart was beating fast. Chest pounding. Strange upper back pain and movements near the center of my shoulder blades. Strange need to urinate but could not release it completely. In and out of sleeping. Deep need to sleep.

On December 17th. Some, of the previous days pains had subsided. The need to rest and be still did not. My body went from hot to cold. Stayed cold for most of the day. Especially, hands and feet. On December 18th. I felt really calm within myself. No issues. No real physical pains. The need to sleep a lot did not really come on. 

On December 19th. Jupiter entered Aquarius. It was one of those days where you have mild headaches and especially on the right side.  In the midst of experiencing head numbing head pains, everything decided to go wrong. The car battery died. My parents were stressed. The family was having to quickly deal with old thing’s being removed, getting broken, not working properly and having to either say goodbye to these thing’s, or, fix them as quickly as possible. There was a lot of negative attacks. Negative thing’s occurring. Issues with people within my family. When that happens. I stay away and stay clear. I’m here for me. Not them. I let them experience their own stuff.  It does not involve me at all. 

On December 20th. I woke up at 2 am. I could not sleep. I was too wired and filled with energy. So, what did I do. I painted the base boards of one of the basement rooms me and my mother have been painting. I felt good. I felt at peace. A few beings from other dimensions came through. Visited me. Spoke to me. It was one of the best moments I have had as an incarnated being of light, living through this god-awful year that has been 2020. 

The rest of the day felt good. I noticed my body was weak. Other than that. Everything, that I had experienced earlier in the week. The lead up to this Winter Solstice. It ended. It was the worst, that I have experienced since my physical activation in 2014. Never felt anything like that. 

That was what I experienced during this past week. I know other’s have felt the exact same way. I know that you have all felt similar body symptoms, changes, needs, wants, pains, frustrations, but, we all get on with it and move past it all.  Now … here comes the second part of why I and you have felt so awful this entire week. That’s right. The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in early Aquarius. 

Today is the Solstice and same day Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in early Aquarius. I specifically wanted to write about this earlier this week, but it never ended up happening. Now, is the right time. My body is fine. I am fine. It feels right. Jupiter and Saturn do this dance every twenty years. If your big on Astrology and the planets, then you already know this. They make a conjunction and this is the cycle that takes place every twenty years. The last time they did this was in 2000 and it was in the sign of Taurus. An earth sign. Here are the conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn since 1900.

Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction 1900 -2020

Year 2000: There was a Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction In Taurus at 22 degrees. Although they were both in Gemini briefly at one point. Air signs. So, that transition was beginning to show up even then. It just never made the exact conjunction in Gemini.

Year 1981: There was a triple conjunction of Saturn/Jupiter between December 1980 until July 1981 In the sign of Libra. The first on December 31 1980 into January 1st 1981 at 9 degrees in Libra.  The second occurrence on March 4th 1981 at 8 degrees in Libra. The third and final time on July 23 1981 at 4 degrees in Libra. Pluto was also in Libra. All three times they were in an Air sign. Which was the first of these many air sign conjunctions. 

Year 1961: There was a conjunction between Jupiter/Saturn on Feb 18 in the sign of Capricorn at 25 degrees. This was a one time only needed conjunction for humanity. By January 1962 both Saturn and Jupiter were in Aquarius. Just like they are now in late 2020.  The pattern is repeating every so 60 years it seems. 

Year 1941: There was a triple conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn in the sign of Taurus from Aug 1940 until Feb 1941. The first conjunction was on Aug 7, 1940 at 14 degrees. The second time was on Oct 19, 1940 at 12 degrees. The final occurrence was on Feb 14, 1941 in the sign of Taurus at 9 degrees.  Once again Uranus was involved with this pair in that sign. Another 60 year cycle. Which happened again in 2000.

Year 1921: There was a conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn in the sign of Virgo at 26 degrees on Sep 9 1921. This was a one time hit for Humanity. For a brief period they were both in Libra in 1922.

Year 1901: There was a conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn in the sign of Capricorn at 14 degrees on Nov 29 1901. This is a one time hit for Humanity. There was a pattern that began and it finished in 1961. 

As you can see there is an earth/air pattern taking place, between Jupiter/Saturn. The pattern that began for us was in 1901 and continued in 1961. Because we are now moving from the earth signs. The conjunction is taking place right at 00.00 in the air sign of Aquarius. Thus the beginning of the Aquarius age. Fully and completely. Stage by stage. This is full disclosure. The next one happens in Libra in the year 2040. Another air sign. The one after that happens in 2060 at 00.00 in Gemini. An air sign. The next after that is back in Aquarius again. Another air sign. It is all about air. That is the pattern. 

The last time Jupiter/Saturn was this close in the sky, was back in 1623. The last time Jupiter/Saturn were together in Aquarius was in 1226 and that was also in early Aquarius. 800 years. Too bad we were still in the Age Of Pisces back then. This time it is considered The Great Conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn not because it’s so close. It is great because we are moving into the Aquarian age. You wanted evolution and well you got it baby. Let’s hurry up and embody these energies today and take this thing all the way home. It is time to cross that bridge. Me and you and all of humanity. 

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