The Second December 2020 Wave: The 12/12 Portal Way & The Solar Eclipse Energies.

The start of this weekend into the beginning of this week has been extra draining. However, while I have been feeling a little more wiped out more than usual. I have not forgotten why I and other’s alike have been feeling like this.

This specific period that we are currently living in, that we are experiencing, in our history, is far more important than what humanity realizes right now. They were never ready for this. The regular folk. I do not think any of the first, second and third wavers and light embodiers, who have been doing all the hard work, over the decades and years, in various timelines and in different locations around the world. We have not been ready for the regular folk freaking out like this. However, this is not going to end. Not for a very long time. People need to get used to this. They need to get used to becoming embodiers themselves and stop fighting the process. Which is what this second December 2020 wave of codes and light energies are all about as we transition into this new age. 

This week. My article is going to focus on the energies, so this will be another energy update. There are also some connections in regards to The 12/12 Portal Way and the Solar Eclipse of December 2020. Those energies and why this second wave in December hit is very important. These connections involve the Aquarian age and all of humanity. Mostly, these connections involve how hard it has been for me, you and really sensitive people, to live through what I and you do, what we have all year long and for years, while feeling how chaotic everything has been, in just the last three months of this year, for all of the regular unaware people, who continue to freak out all of the time. If it hasn’t been easy for them this year. Imagine, how hard it has been for those of us who have done this for years and decades and since birth. 

I wanted to write this article yesterday on the day of the Solar Eclipse and as per usual, because this is the Ascension Process and I am embodying these new energies constantly. It didn’t work out in the exact way that I wanted it to. Which is fine. I am always ready to write what I need to, when it is the right time to do it. Which is why I had to live this Second December Wave of Energies first. Now, it will make much more sense to everybody and people who read this article, who can relate to it in a much more intimate way. Where they can personally feel every word. As they have lived it too. Experienced it. This week I’m going to share what I experienced first and then write about why the energies are happening now. 

The 12/12 Portal Way

As we approached this past weekend. I was surprisingly fine. I had energy. My body wasn’t in the usual state of ascension related pains. I did notice a very big difference in how my body embodied and handled the incoming energies. When the Lunar Eclipse hit at the beginning of December. I found it very difficult on a physical level. I almost completely exited. My body felt crushed. To compare it to the 11/11 portal way, that time period felt increasingly far more difficult than the 12/12 Portal way and these energies. 

I understand the more you embody the more immune to the energies you get, they do not bother you or me, the more we allow into our physical being. We sort of get adjusted to them. 

The Solar Eclipse

This was a different story. Leading up to the weekend I was fine. Saturday I was also fine. Sunday morning that changed. On Sunday I began to feel more weaker than the previous day. I also knew why I was feeling this way. Incoming energies. On Sunday, I was also experiencing more headaches. Head pains. I was more tired. By Sunday night. I was hungry. Almost to the point where I almost felt like I was starving. I ate well, but I had to pig out a bit. My body was demanding some serious fuel. This was different than every other period this year. I was allowed to eat. Usually. I cannot eat and my stomach pays the price for it if I do. Especially, during these intense wave periods.

Monday. The day of the Solar Eclipse. I was out cold. I slept from 11 am until 2 pm. I managed to stay awake for two hours. Fell asleep and was in and out from 4 pm until 6 pm. Then I went to sleep from 6 pm and I woke up at midnight. I’m currently writing this article and I feel cold and tired. Just exhausted. When I say tired, exhausted, weary; I really mean it. The Solar Eclipse was an in/out of consciousness event for me. I haven’t felt that tired in such a long time. Despite this all. I slept really well. I also felt at peace throughout this entire experience. I also felt one. I also felt very connected to myself, to god, to the process. It was easy and it was simple. 

That was my entire experience with this Second Wave of December Energies. It felt really good. I know it sounds strange to say that a comatose-like sleep felt good, but it really did. If this is similar to what you have been experiencing, then your probably still sleeping as you read this, or, at the very least in and out. The whole entire take away from this specific embodiment wave that I experienced. I felt seriously connected to the process, which brings me to the entire point of this article. I was, am, have been, for years, like many of you, prepared and ready for this all to happen. To me. To my body. To the earth. There is no question about that. There is no doubting it. There is no second guessing all of this. However, for humanity. Those people who have no idea what is going on. This entire year for them has looked and felt like hell. 

This entire year. I have watched, kept up to date with the world, people, how they have spiraled, how they perceive and perceived this pandemic and when I could no longer do that, I tuned it and them all right out. I tuned out all of the world. Every-one. For me. This year has been about a global awakening. I have understood this. Not a lot of people have. Feeling all of them and how afraid of this global awakening, change in New Age, entering a very big second cycle of evolution, they are not ready for this. Which is why we do have small steps that they can take. This little step has and will continue to be too big of a step for them. The transition towards and into  this new cycle, has been too much for the regular people to deal with.

It is in many cases a global energy issue. A global energy pandemic. A Global separation of people and world(s) physically manifesting. A Global Consciousness Separation. A manifestation of the darkness on this planet finally being removed within every person. A release of imbalances, impurities, chaos, insanity, wars, pains, wounds, from the earth and all people from the beginning of time until now. Which is what I have sensed. This and much more. 

It Sort of reminds me of when a light person, psychic, energy sensitive born being, goes near a regular human being, who has done, lived and carries lower energy, within them, or, on them. Then that visionary of light then feels so ill or receives visions, can pick up on things they have felt or done. Do you know how many times that has happened to me? Countless. How being near the energy of another person has made me feel ill and then when they leave my space. I feel better. Do you realize what I am getting at here, finally. A pandemic where energy effects energy. Energy of a person, of an event, negativity, different energies making other energies sick and ill. 

I have to say, over the last almost seven years. I have felt many of the symptoms that they are stating is Covid. I’m not afraid to say it. I have thyroid issues, I have scoliosis, I have allergies, but I embody like no tomorrow. However, I guarantee that many health professionals would assume I have Covid-19. Who cares what they think. I know me and my body is embodying new light energies. This second December wave of Light energies tells me that. I can feel them. However, over the last seven years especially and for most of my life. People have made me ill. They have me feel ill because they are vibrating at a different level, beat, rate than I. They have or hold old codes within them. Old codes of how the world used to function. That does not match my codes. It hasn’t since my birth. Energy making energy sick.

Recently, more cities and towns near mine have gone further into lockdowns. Which I am not surprised by. However, this is the reality. It does not bother me. I have lived a substantial part of my life inside my home. I was either to sensitive to leave or I was embodying. I still am on both counts. I am extremely sensitive. I always have been. A slight remark or negative comment, physically makes me ill. When I could I tuned it out. I observed and felt what I need to. When I could not physically do that anymore. I stopped and shut it all out. It is too painful. People all around the world are waking up globally in waves. They are and because of this they are becoming more sensitive themselves, more psychic, more connected to the energies of those who are not functioning at a higher level. It shows. 

The 12/12 Portal Way and The Solar Eclipse of the second season of eclipses for this year. They are done. However, they have distributed more Light energies and codes through this wave. More and more people continue to be affected and effected by these energies. This week is going to be another big, powerful, final stretch into the Aquarian age. We have Saturn entering Aquarius on Dec 16. Jupiter entering Aquarius on Dec 19. Then it will continue as we approach the Dec 21 solstice and same day Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. Take care of yourselves in any way.

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