Clairvoyant Messages From Our Galaxy: The Current Commotion Among Certain Galactic Beings.

Every once in a while. I’ll get a break from the oncoming onslaught of energies, which have been full on since the beginning of this year. This week it seems that way (for me,) but I know that it will not last. As the Double 12 Portal Way is on Saturday and it will extend to the Solar Eclipse on Monday. So, I am preparing myself for more energies, codes and lots’ of light to rain down on humanity and the earth. Which it literally has been doing, since the start of this year. Which is why everyone has felt like this. Which is why all of humanity, people, alive right now, have been experiencing thing’s this way this entire year. Ride these fast coming waves, as they come. There is nothing else really that you can do. 

This well needed physical break for me, has come at a time where I can focus on other subjects, information, that I know of and have been dying to share. I love Full Disclosure. I feel like people need to share more, in regards to what is really going on here. This is what this article is all about. 

This week. I am going to be writing an article about a few of my own personal experiences. Experiences, that first began happening to me in November and which have extended into December on and off. They generally involve a lot of clairvoyant images, a multitude of different sounds and plenty of information, which have been shared with me, from specific higher dimensional beings in our galaxy at this time. I have been wanting to share this for weeks now, but I knew that I needed to share this in December. It did not feel right for me to reveal this at that time, neither these experiences that I had. This article is the article, where I am going to write about this finally. It also is connected to everything that is going on right now. The connection to the first, second and third wavers and humanity as we begin our entrance into the Aquarian Age. As we cross that Bridge of Light.

Did you think that we were the only ones who knew about this? Did you think there weren’t other 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D and higher dimensions and those specific beings of light, that knew, this was going to happen at this time? Did you really think it was just our earth and our planet? No. It is our entire galaxy and all of these Galactic beings, who are helping us at this time, who are also experiencing this to, personally and separately, as they watch us, go through all of this at this time. There is so much that makes sense now and I hope once everything is put into it’s place like a puzzle completed. You’ll understand why I am so freaking giddy. 

Most of my life and especially everything that has happened to me since 2014, until now, as we almost enter The Age of Aquarius and cross that Bridge Of Light. Into 2021. There have been periods in my life where I am either seen, heard and felt by other higher beings of light. In their specific home dimensions. Near or far. Scattered around or joined together in a group. In the light where they returned to, or, from which ever star system that they are directing themselves from in our galaxy. Most of the time I can pick up on them and I have, where they were sharing information with me, or, trying to communicate with me. I have either understood the message in which ever way it was delivered, or, I have been too into the three dimensional role in this life, that I live out, to pick up on any of it. It’s normal. I do not always end up receiving that message. Other times I do. It just depends on how focused on them and the message that I am. 

A lot of the time I pick up on the message that they send me. It is either an image. It is either a sound or noise. It can even be direct telepathic communication. If your like me and you can receive these messages, understand the images, make out the sounds, then you know, they can come on extremely direct, or, they are so vague you have to really think about what your shown. This specific message and messages, sounds and noise, from these specific beings. They were not vague at all. It was a very direct set of information, that they were sharing and mainly about what they wanted me to know. Mostly, about what they knew was happening for our planet and the people on it. I also could tell that they were content with it on their side, I picked up on the fact that they were also a part of this and their entire race and where they came from. They were practically celebrating, there was commotion among this specific group of galactic beings. Also, the entire first connection I experienced with them was sudden. It happened so fast that it left me really confused at first, jolted, because it was that quick. This specific group of beings were The Arcturian

I have heard of The Arcturian before. I just have never had any connection with those beings, neither have any of those beings connected or communicated with me. This time they did. I have only had communication with Pleiadian and Sirian beings. I also have a strong and powerful connection to the Pleiades. Very strong. I also, remember having a lifetime as a Pleiadian female. So, those are the connections that are the strongest for me. I was a little bit amazed, because aside from those two Galactic Races. None of the other ones have contacted me and there are plenty of them scattered all over the place. I’m going to share these few connections that I had with them, which began for me in Mid to nearing the end of November. 

Connecting With The Arcturians

Like I mentioned already two paragraphs ago, in this article, the first connection with a small group of Arcturian Beings happened rather suddenly.

I was in bed at this point. It had to have been after the Nov 15th New Moon and last Supermoon of the fall season. I had not been feeling well. Due to increased energy integration and hormone changes, because of my thyroid condition. I was in bed and I suddenly heard really loud banging. Extremely, loud banging. It wasn’t the kind of banging you hear on this earth, where someone is slamming a wooden broom against the floor. It was a bang that could only be heard on a psychic level. It was a psychic noise. If you experience this, you know EXACTLY what I mean. It is otherworldly. Not in your immediate area or space, but, you can hear and feel it from another location other than on earth. 

Imagine, being in bed listening to this shit, startled and it was the most random thing that I have ever experienced. Just, the suddenness of the experience and then how it unfolded. Because, you do not expect this sort of thing, while being alone in your room. Well, you expect it and know it can happen. Just, well no, you never really do get used to this sort of stuff.

Then, the banging sounds continued. While I tried to figure out where outside of earth it was coming from. Then a clear image came through of a really small group of tall, thin beings, with really specific shaped heads all in white. Just white as can be. Transparent. There were about 3 or 4 of them. I had no idea who they were or what they wanted. I just heard banging and then an image came through of about 4 of them. Then they began making noise that I cannot explain in human words, they seemed happy and that is when they revealed to me who they were. Arcturians.

Now, this was not what they shared with me at first. I knew instantly that it was them. Then they allowed me to know it. Which I thought was strange. I never had the experience of knowing something, but then have who ever it is allow me to know it. 

They began moving around. All 4 of them. They were extremely elated. Then I realized that I was hearing like Galactic drum beats, sounds, noises, drum banging, but not like the kind we have on earth, these ones were louder, lasted longer, were more heavy, like each bang bounced off the other. Then they began telepathically saying “The Aquarian Age is here,” then began beating the drums, making noise, and being elated. They were showing me this. They were sharing this with me. 

The Second time they attempted to do this again. I was in my room. I was alone. When I heard the banging again. I distinctively remember saying “No, shut up” and I covered my ears and then they eventually went away. They did this on/off as we reached the start of December. Then the Lunar Eclipse came and went. I couldn’t speak to anyone for days. Then it happened again this week. 

This is what I heard, felt, was shown and what was shared with me by these Arcturian Beings. This occurred on multiple occasions. These on/off again experiences were extremely important to me. They were so important, because their connection helped me realize we were moving into The Age Of Aquarius. I had felt it slightly, but it never felt like a definite thing to me. Then when they literally told me what I had suspected, but wasn’t sure about. It finalized everything for me. That it was true. That it was happening now. Then it all made sense to me. It made putting all those pieces of the puzzle, together, all that much more satisfying. The interesting thing about all of this was, that they were also elated it was happening. They were glad, happy, content, that we were moving into this new age. That we were making this change-over. 

The biggest impression that I got from them. Was that they were also ready to be moving along with us to. That they were making this change-over as well. That it isn’t just our earth, the people here, making this change, it is everywhere in our galaxy. All different beings. Them included. This is the final stretch into the age of Aquarius. I cannot believe this. Like I have said before and many times. Everything, in small stages. One step at a time. There is no need to run through the race, when we all are already winning and ahead of the game. Take the next few weeks to reflect, release and sleep.

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