Early December 2020 Hurts: It’s The Lunar Eclipse, But We’re Also Entering The Age Of Aquarius.

This week was the beginning of December 2020. Oh man, oh man. It was by far the worst transition that I have experienced this entire year. When I mean the worst, I’m talking about the physical symptoms and pains. It was by far the worst. It has been so extreme all year long. However, this Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon. It was beyond anything that I experienced this entire year. There were embodiment pains that just felt like my body was being crushed, especially my head. I was on/off sleeping. I could not eat and anything that I tried to push down, just made my stomach ache even more. I had to lay still and do nothing for almost four days straight.

The worst physical symptom of all this was that my scoliosis flared up. Which means, the left half of my body, got really tight and everything was swollen from my lower back, down my leg and all the way down into my feet. When I finally started feeling better, which began yesterday for me on Dec 3rd and even then I was on the couch, relaxing. I still felt so weak. Despite all of this. I made it through. You made it through and we all made it through, the first of the two, end of the year eclipses and gigantic pushes for humanity. 

This week. My second article for this week is going to cover two specific aspects of the same topic. I’ll be very busy this month and you might receive more than usual articles from me. It’s just that this is a big month, with a lot of stuff going down and I want to cover as much of this as I can. It needs to be shared as quickly as possible, while also at the same time at just the right moment. The two topics that I’ll be combining in this article involves: the cringe worthy first Lunar Eclipse and those specific events. As well as how they are connected to a lot of the big pushes. going on right now that many people might not be aware of. Everything, is always connected. So, do not be surprised to find out that one aspect, ultimately, is always tied to another aspect that you might not have been aware of. 

The two aspects that I am referring to involves humanity, the earth, finally moving into The Age Of Aquarius. This is a momentous point in time. While many will protest the new way(s) of life, we’re at this first stage moment and it is so beautiful. It is also rewarding, a privilege, amazing, different, a little nerve racking, because it has felt so different. This is it. We should be moving forward with this knowledge, that more stuff is going to change. It will feel and look odd. However, out of the current world-wide chaos. There will be serious Aquarian changes being made, throughout the world and for people all over our world. Not just for people, but the earth will also be undergoing more massive evolutionary changes. Like I said. There is a lot to write about and I am so proud to be alive and living at this current point in time. 

The Lunar Eclipse on Nov 29/30th was hellish. It was such an enormous shift, with new different energies unlike what I felt before. The fact is that all year long I have felt new energies, but this Lunar Eclipse it felt like something new and different was entering my body than ever before. Which is true. We are always evolving and so are the Light Energies and Codes that we embody. This part of the Ascension Process is not new. We are here to experience changes within our consciousness. Changes within our body, as well as, our higher spirit self. We experience change in our DNA. The physical body, it’s internal core structures. We all are going through these mind, body, spirit evolutionary changes. It is all okay. It is all normal. It get’s a little uncomfortable at times, but, eventually, it all goes back to normal. The only difference is it’s just that all year long, we have needed to really adjust. A lot of us have made it through. Many of us have struggled. A few have decided that being here on earth, is/was and has been a huge burden, especially on a physical level. Physical modifications due to increased light embodiment, while living and being an ever-evolving, being of light, stuck in a human body, while living out your own specific Ascension process, on a planet filled with 7.6 million people, well it can be extremely hard. It isn’t for everyone.

This was the most uncomfortable that I felt since the Triple Eclipses this past year. What I went through during those months, were far worse and it came close to feeling that way. However, I pulled through all of that and these very new codes. I’m going to share the events that transpired for me, during these last four days that I got hit by non-stop solar energies, Lunar energies, astrological placements and the new light codes. 

The Day of The Eclipse 

On Nov 29th/30th the day of the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Gemini and Sagittarius, I was feeling fine initially. I felt alright within myself and there wasn’t anything too big going on. The next day and as we entered the month of December. That is when thing’s started to change for me and my physical body. 

As We Entered December

December 1st 2020 started off bad. I started having headaches. My stomach would not take any food and I had a lot of sensitivities. I noticed I felt weaker and my energy dropped off more than the previous day. I spent most of the day relaxing, or just sitting down and not doing too much of anything. December 2nd. My body went berserk and it went that way really fast. I had the most irritating headaches that entire day. It would not let up. I was in and out of sleeping. Then my left lower back and leg into my feet started feeling heavy. Then it started getting tight. It got to the point where no matter if I was in my physical body, or, out of my body sleeping. I felt embodiment pains and aches and head pains, even in my sleep. I remember Dec 2nd late morning. 

Almost Physically Exiting My Body Twice

December 2nd, 2020. I almost exited my physical body twice in the late morning hours. I have had OOB experiences before, ND experiences before. I know what they look like, feel like and how they are for me. Those processes are not new and I have had so many opportunities to physically exit, in this life, that they almost happen and then they just do not.

I was having a rough time that morning. My body felt tight. I had headaches all damn day! I couldn’t be awake. The majority of the day I was either sleeping or too tired to do anything. It was 10 or 11 am. I had been sleeping for a while. However, it was one of those sleeps where your doing more in your body, asleep, than if you were in your body and wide awake. The embodiment process does not give a damn, if you need to sleep. At times, I have had to be asleep, and still feel all those aches and pains, while asleep. I’ll not leave the body. I’ll remain there. Just stuck there. That morning. That was the case for me. When I first felt it. It felt like there was energy moving around in my head. Once I began feeling that. Everything, else started working in different areas, in my body. For a slight moment, I began to feel lighter. It was a lightness that felt like I was beginning to move out and away from my body. I had felt this before. Many times. This time it was a slight movement. 

That was the first occurrence. Then for what seemed like a short passing of time later. A second attempt, or occurrence of this lightness began happening again. The second time. A being of light. Female. As her energy felt very big, strong, and feminine. Prevented it from continuing. I moved back in. Then, a few hours later I woke up and I remembered everything that I felt and what had happened to me. 

The Next Day

The next day I felt better. The tightness in my left back, leg and feet began to wear off. It got better slightly, but I could barely eat. I was still feeling weak. My head ached momentarily. As the day progressed, I felt the embodiment pains subside, more strength came back and I felt so much better. Today, Dec 4th. The damn headaches have not stopped. However, I had so much energy, despite of it, that I ended up disinfecting the entire basement. I ate constantly. Probably, because I didn’t have an appetite for so long. Now, I’m writing this article. From almost literal death, separation, too life continuing on. 

If you have read this and feel traumatized. My intention was not to alarm anyone. This is just how the process happens for me. It is how I feel things’. It is how it all happens for me. It might happen for you in the same way. It might not. I am fine. I am okay. I have thyroid issues. It flares up. Along, with all of my other issues when I am embodying. My body has to sort of break itself down due to the process. Then all you have to do is surrender to the process as best as you can. It is hard catching that Light. 

One thing many do not know is that The Embodiment Process is very normal. Everything, that you have just read involves the Eclipse, the new light energies and codes. The second aspect of all of this, is all about why this is happening now. Why December has suddenly felt worse than all of this damn year, put together, all has to do with what is happening for us in December 2020. It all has to do with us moving into the first stage of the Aquarian age. According, to a lot of people. Apparently, we have been living in the Aquarian Age for years and decades now. While, they believe that. I do not. I do not believe that because I tend to rely on my own instincts, I trust my internal self to help me feel what is what. It takes time to transition, shift, move, into Ages, they take years and decades. What I instantly knew. Is that there was no specific date that would tell us this. It is up to us to feel it. For me. I feel that this moment will take place this month. During the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction at 00.00 in the sign of Aquarius. However, this is one of the very many first few stages. It all happens and will happen in small doses. Because like anything, we cannot just jump into the Aquarian age. Humanity needs time. People need time. Not everyone is even aware that this is going on. Not a lot of people give a damn either. 

Astrologers maintain that an astrological age is a product of the earth’s slow precessional rotation and lasts for 2,160 years, on average (one Great Year equals 25,920-year period of precession / 12 zodiac signs = 2,160 years).

The Age of Pisces. Is and was heavily focused on the need to transcend beyond controlling behaviors, control of consciousness through religion, control of ones consciousness beliefs, values, and in general allowing our consciousness to stray, become confused, lost, and be led astray by outside, controlling, forces, who want to dominate how one thinks. How humanity thinks.

The Age Of Aquarius. Is and will be heavily focused on reclaiming self sovereignty. It will focus on serving all, serving the higher self, self, without ego driven needs or wants. It is about and will be about reclaiming ones own consciousness back, from outside forces, and be in control of it. It will be about service to the earth and service to obtaining complete control of consciousness. 

I always knew that when I incarnated back onto this planet once again. That I was going to come back here during The Transition Of The Ages. This just means, that I was going to be physically incarnated, when the earth and all of humanity were going to be in that transitional phase. Moving out of The Age Of Pisces and into The Age of Aquarius.

I have known for some time now, that we have already crossed some serious first stages of this transition. In the 60s, 70s, 80s, and especially the 90’s. Then the 2000s. The 2010’s. Now, in 2020 this is when the biggest first stage is going to really, push us into the Aquarian Age fully and totally. As we enter this Air Sign and please re-read that again. Air sign. A lot of changes will continue to occur. They have already in some instances. Have you noticed how all year long it seems humanity and the entire population of earth has been struggling for air? Have you noticed we have been wearing masks? Have you noticed that there is a viral pandemic that attacks the lungs? These are not coincidences. Have you noticed how much technology, computers, laptops, televisions, cars, systems, machines, planes, flying cars, flying jet packs, all of these gadgets that we now have? Have you noticed how many people die, or get, side tracked by all of these new Aquarian, future-like, gadgets and technology? We are technologically already living in the Aquarian age. On a conscious level, we aren’t there yet. When we are fully in the Aquarian Age we will all know it. We will all be able to be aware of ourselves and be able to control our consciousness.

I cannot write about humanities entrance into The Aquarian Age without mentioning The Dark Ones, along with they’re negative agenda. However, the dark really does know how to trick us, control us and for many of us it is these new technological inventions. The phone. The television. The many places we can go, that keep us too busy, doing meaningless crap, to take the time to look within ourselves. Goodbye, religion and control through guilt, confusion, chaos and all those lower forms of consciousness. Hello, technology. The dark ones have known that we were going to transition into this age now. So, the invention of anything and everything, for anyone to do at any time is another massive attack against people and all of humanity. So, that they can continue to be in control of consciousness. In control of people. The ignorance of looking within to see the state of ones own conscience. That is just what they want. 

Putting, everything, aside, we are all entering into and crossing that bridge. The bridge into the Aquarian age. I am overjoyed, relieved, intrigued and finally able to relax a little bit, knowing that this is where we are at. Whether you know that this is happening, or, you do not, or you do care, or you do not care, this Lunar Eclipse and the upcoming Solar Eclipse and Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. It is all apart of something bigger. Which is why thing’s felt huge, heavier, more crushing and crippling to the body over these last few days, as we entered December, because we are on the verge. As always. I have a pulsating headache as I write this. Take care of yourself. Relax when you need to. Eat when you need to. Release and allow yourself to open up to the new. It is here and guess what it isn’t going to go back to normal. Nothing like it. 

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  1. Hi Pegasus8mywings,

    Yes. I have been having some of the tightest left side/whole body, aches, pain, and I have scoliosis and when the energies hit hard. It get’s really tight for some time and then it let’s up.

    Stay safe and I’m glad you found Energetic Earth.

  2. OMG…is that what I have been going through the last 3 weeks? The worst case of sciatica/pinched nerve(s) I have ever gone through! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading your future writings regarding our transition into a new age!

  3. Wow wow wow! Please keep writing these articles. We are truly all connected! Every word you write seems to describe most of my transitioning experience. You are not alone! I also know many people who are having a lot of body aches and pains etc. We’re all in this together! Stay strong and please stay authentic! Love and blessings!

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