Ascension Cycle Two Connections: The Ascension Process & The New Solar Cycle. It Is One In The Same.

Today was the Full Moon and it was the first of the two Eclipses. The Lunar eclipse had me feeling extremely wired and I could not stop, then I got extremely tired, sleepy and I felt that way for most of today. All day I have found it hard to get much of anything done. Despite all of that. These are the new codes, energies and it feels so exhausting. These recent energies, Full Moon and Eclipse energies are the next steps, before finally crossing that bridge. Which has a lot to do with the sun and the current cycle. Which is what this article is about for this week. 

This week. I am going to write an article about the connection between the Sun and it’s new Solar Cycle and our entrance into Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process. It isn’t really an energy update. However, it has a lot to do with the many article(s) that I will be writing about in December. Also, it is really time for me to finally disclose this connection, that I have known for a very long time. Which I do not see anyone really mentioning and or talking about. It has been a really difficult year to navigate through. The strangest aspect of all, has been realizing that not many people who once used to be all knowing, all seeing, very well known in the Ascension community. They have absolutely no idea what is even going on. So, I have had to feel all of this myself. For myself. By myself. Which is the best thing that I could have done for myself all year long. It has been hard. Harder than usual, but not impossible. 

While I am not surprised that there has been a lot of deception, over the decades, in regards to those who have claimed to be embodiers, light workers etc. However, I am dumbfounded by a lot of those people who over the years, who have claimed to know anything, about what is going on, suddenly not realizing just how different everything has looked and felt like in 2020. How we have leveled up. How new the physical pains have felt. How different the sun feels. How different reality is. Why? and it makes me wonder if they really knew anything, about what is and has been going on this entire time at all.

I have been trying to get this article done for months now. I do mean months. I just have not been able to find the time. I have either been kept busy with family, semi-working, being too tired, dealing with the physical pains, aches, along with constant disruptions, while on my path all year long. So, it has been a challenge to find the time. I have wanted to write this for such a long time and it all has to do with how connected both the sun, it’s new solar cycle and all of us moving into Cycle Two Of the Ascension Process really is. The connection is so important. So, you can imagine my frustration this entire year, at not being able to write down what I can feel and see. However, I am putting all of these obstacles aside and I am getting it done now. Whether tired or wired. Whether there is yelling going on or not. It needs to get done and I am finally going to disclose what I have wanted to all year long. 

I knew that the sun started doing thing’s really differently back in December and especially in January. I knew it was because I felt it in my body. For me, when the sun is transmitting new light energies, codes, and imprints, that feels so different to me inside my body than anything else. Portals and gateways. They do not compare. The sun and whatever it is doing, always hits my body the hardest. Lately, it has been doing a lot. Why? The new solar cycle is beginning to pick up. In May and June as well as July. The sun began doing something different again, as well. Which I felt and it made me feel ultra sensitive. My body as well. It has all felt very different to me and that all has to do with humanity moving into Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process. Around December I realized that the new solar cycle and the new second cycle of the Ascension Process, they were going to begin at the same time. What I have always known, was that both of these cycles are one in the same. It is all connected. Here is when the beginning of Solar Cycle 25 began, as reported by NASA, earthsky and Spaceweather.

December 2019 marks the beginning of Solar Cycle 25, and the Sun’s activity will once again ramp up until solar maximum, predicted for 2025.

Solar Cycle 25 officially began in December 2019, when solar minimum occurred, marking the end of Solar Cycle 24. Because the sun is so variable, it can take months to calculate when the new cycle starts.

As you can see Solar Cycle 25 began in December 2019 and into January 2020. What else happened during this time? Humanities entrance into Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process. There are never any coincidences. Only destined points, periods, and moments in time. To me fully understanding what this meant, was like finally taking a breath of fresh air since I incarnated on this planet. It was so refreshing. I felt renewed in this way, because it didn’t just mean a new Solar Cycle would begin. It meant that The Ascension Process was going to change for all people. Whether they liked it or not. How has 2020 been? It has changed everyone lives and turned it upside down. Totally. Completely. But why? … Humanity is finding itself having to evolve. What better way to experience evolution then finally reaching a totally new, different, better, and higher level than you have ever experienced before in your life. It isn’t just about that either. December 2019 and January 2020, was another big shift, or, first stage(s), into the Aquarian Age. Which December 2020 will be. We will experience another big shift, or, stage of humanity moving into the Aquarian Age. Just like we have on/off for decades. 

That’s right. We are slowly and we have been slowly, moving into the Aquarian Age this entire time. One decade at a time. The 60’s. The 70s. The 80s. The 90s (especially.) The 2000s. The 2010s. The 2020s and beyond. It’s not just that these two cycles are one in the same, it’s that they were part of the first stages, of all of us, moving into the Aquarian Age. How wonderful is that. I am so excited that this is where we are. Finally, after decades. To finally be apart of our shift from the Piscean age into the Aquarian age. It’s happening now everyone, so prepare yourself for more Aquarian jumping through the hoops. As we leave the Piscean age completely. Much more will be written over the next few weeks, as we’ll be experiencing more of this in the days to come. However, I just needed to get this written. I just needed this to be shared, so that people can realize that we’re edging closer to this point in the future. 

As for the New Solar Cycle 25 that is slowly coming to life to, because I have been feeling all of the recent eruptions coming from the sun. Which recently erupted on Nov 29th with a M4.4 Class Flare. Which can only mean one thing. Gear up as we’ll be experiencing more solar light energies in the coming years.

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