Entering The Eclipse Season Once Again: The Golden Eclipse(s) And More New Transitions.

Welcome to Eclipse Season everyone. What a November it has been! Also, what a year it has been as well! As we move forward through these last few weeks of 2020, there is a lot of stuff to get through. A lot of stuff to get to and more information to share and to disclose.

The golden Eclipse(s). This is how I have been referring to these two eclipses that we are approaching. There has been tons of information coming through. Especially, for December. This is what I have seen and what I have been experiencing all November long. The Golden Eclipse(s) are a perfect name for them, because we’ll be experiencing many thing’s come December. These two eclipses will be a big part of this, as well as, the 12/12 portal and for many of us, finally crossing that golden bridge that we have all been seeing and feeling for so long. Right into the first stage of the Aquarian Age.

This week. I am going to write an article about the Eclipse(s) and the upcoming energies, shifts and new transitions that we will move into next month. There is a lot of information coming in at this time, with a lot of that information coming through over these last few weeks. The majority of this information is about the two Eclipses, one in November and the second one in December. Then the 12/12 portal way. Which will then transition us all into the very first stage of exiting one age and then beginning the first stage(s) of the new age. It is going to be an extremely important month, mainly because we are approaching a lot of thing’s at once. The entrance into the first stage of the Aquarian Age. The crossing of our planet and the first, second and third wave of embodiers, moving across the Golden Bridge of Light. All coinciding with our entrance into Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process. Everything together. All at once. In such a short span of a year.

Way back in September I received information about the last three months of 2020. I was specifically shown and told separate, detailed information, in regards to how certain events would play out on an energetic level. Meaning, how strong the energies, codes, and upgrades would be and feel. Here is what was shared with me and it is what I wrote about at that time. 

In December we will all feel how intense it will be. Mainly, for December I felt and saw that the energies were going to be the main thing all of humanity was going to deal with. Just wave after wave of new light energies and codes. Also, we will have the second eclipse of the fall season and then the equinox and the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction at 00.00 in the sign of Aquarius. Which really will feel like the beginning of the Aquarian age and it will feel like we have fully entered into it. 

We are about to enter Eclipse Season once again. This time around there are only two of them, in this last push out of this never ending year. However, it isn’t just a push out of this year. It is a push out of the Age Of Pisces and the beginning stages of humanity fully entering the Age Of Aquarius. It does not mean we have fully entered this new age, but we are making a very small shift into that specific age and period in our upcoming history. Which is why December and all the astrological changes involving Jupiter and Saturn, are so important at this time. Putting that aside. Why only two eclipse(s) this time around? Why not three like this past summer? The honest truth. Two is really enough. Two is really all we need in order for us and humanity to make this small first of first stages into the Aquarian Age. Besides, after what we all went through this past June and into July. Would you want a third one? There is still a lot that I want to say about the Aquarian age and when, or if, we are in the age of Aquarius already or not. A lot of people have speculated, already believe, that humanity has already entered into this new age. I do not feel this at all. I feel that we were on the cusp, but that we are now slowly, very slowly, going to be making small transitions over the next decades and centuries. I have more to write about this topic coming up next month, in regards to all of this and the why’s behind it. Getting back on track. Firstly, when are these eclipse(s)?

We have two eclipses happening during this second season of the 2020 year. The first one is happening very soon and the second one is happening in roughly three weeks.

  1. Lunar Eclipse – November 29/30th: There will be a Lunar Eclipse during the 29/30th and this is the first one for this second eclipse season of 2020. 
  2. Total Solar Eclipse – December 14th: There will be a total Solar Eclipse during the 14th and this is the second and last eclipse of this second season  of 2020. 

Secondly, why have I chosen to call them “Golden” eclipses? The Golden Eclipse(s.) Why golden? This is what I felt and sensed while picking up on the energies, along with some of the events that were going to transpire in December. The Golden Eclipse(s) are extremely important. Especially, because it is connected to The Golden Bridge Of Light. Over the years I was well aware of this bridge. That those of us who were first, second and third wavers of the embodiment process, were going to be separating from the lower earth and those realities. While still living on planet earth, with all those we were going to be separating from. Many times and often I saw multiple bridges. So, I thought. There were times that I saw a rainbow bridge and up until recently; I began to see this golden bridge of light. Along, with all those telepathic images that were shown to me of this golden bridge of light, there were a lot of messages’ coming in. Messages’ coming in from a group of beings within our solar system and galaxy. Up until recently, they began to hound me and this hounding has not stopped on a daily basis. Each message or telepathic image is on repeat, they stress the importance of the bridge of light. 

These two eclipse(s) are indeed connected to this bridge. Those first, second and third wavers will be passing, crossing, entering through and exiting out of The Golden Bridge Of Light. This is of course happening in December and we of course will be the first ones to do this. A lot of this also has to do with the Division of World(s) and Earth Realitie(s). As we now know and understand, not everybody is living, or existing, within the same level on this earth. Just because there are so many different realities. It does not mean that other people will not cross this bridge. The main point is that we will be crossing it first. We will be reaching that point. Which opens everybody else up to crossing that bridged point, in their near future when they are ready to do so. These eclipses, will be like builders building more of the bridge, so that we can cross it and get to the other side. Which is why these eclipse(s) and everything that we will go through, what we embody, in December, is going to be so important for us and our evolution. There is a lot that I do have to say with regards to these subject(s,) I will be writing more and more than what I usually do next month. As I have been called to really write more for next month. Due to it being an important phase in our evolution and our history, there is just a lot that I need to say and it may take more than just 4 articles a month to state it. 

This will be an accelerated time period. There will be a lot of new energies, that will look and feel very different at times. It will be a time period of more physical discomfort, because of all the work that we will be doing with our bodies. Take it easy. Try to stay hydrated. Eat well. Sleep well. Release what no longer serves you. Most importantly, enjoy the ride through the Golden Bridge. We are and have been given the chance to experience this, now, at this time. No-body else but us and who ever is on earth alive right now. Nobody can say that. You should feel proud and privileged that you are here and living through this great change. The time is not tomorrow, it is now. We are doing this now. We have been doing this all of 2020 and this is what we have been preparing ourselves for. 

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