Life Afterwards Has Been A Pain: New Solar Light Codes, Upgrades, & A Lot Of Physical Discomfort.

Moving Out Of The Double 11 Portal Way

Over these past two week(s) we have made it through a New Moon. Mars went direct in the middle of the sign of Aries. We also left the Double 11 Portal Way and those new energies, that we have embodied and still continue to do. Among other specific codes, being sent from various locations within our milky way galaxy. This has been one of the most trying, frustrating, physically painful few weeks, as we continue to move through this transitional phase out of this awful, but, necessary year.

All that I can say is that this month especially has not been easy at all. Neither will it be as we move into December and into 2021. Hold on tight cause it is going to be a bumpy ride. Be prepared. Give yourself lots of attention and care right now. Rest when you need to. Eat when you feel like it and make life as comfortable as you can. 

This week. My article is going to be another energy update like I said that I would do. I really should have and wanted to have this article written this last week, but, like it often happens a lot of the time. The Ascension Process does not give a damn about dates, our plans, our hopes and dreams, all of the hard work that it takes just to get through the day comfortably. The Ascension Process really does reign supreme and we usually experience what we need to, just at the right time. Whether we like it or not. There is no stopping it. These past two weeks have been like this completely and entirely. It has been so busy. It has been so painful. It has been everything all at once, that I have not had the time until now to write this. Also, I have had to live it all and get the wide range of multiple experiences. Familiar ones and not so familiar ones. Needless to say, life after The Double 11/11 Portal Way has been a big pain. 

This article is a continuation piece and it leaves off from the last article that I wrote, when I wrote about The Pre-Double 11/11 Portal Way energies. This article is going to focus on what transpired and manifested during these two weeks. What these new codes brought to us afterwards. 

I am still recovering from everything that I have dealt with over these last two weeks. The new codes. The planetary transits. The upgrades. If you are sensitive to newly implanted light energies, codes, patterns, forms and the manifestation of them within the earth, our bodies and all of our organs. Than you have also had a difficult time as well. This was something that I had seen months ago. This was also something that I felt was going to happen during this time. The intensity of these first November energies, from various location(s) within our planetary system. Mainly, from what I can sense these new energies are coming from the sun. New solar energies from a new solar cycle and ascension cycle. They have felt so uncomfortable. I have felt uncomfortable during these last few weeks. As well as this entire year. This is just the first wave of these energies, the second wave will occur towards the end of November as we enter December. Then it will last for the entire month of December. So, everyone please prepare yourself for these final weeks of this enlightening year. Life after the 11/11 Portal way has been a big pain. 

The majority of these last two weeks, since I have last wrote about the current energies. I have been dealing with a slew of physical issues, stemming from the current portal way we just moved through. This latest energy upgrade was very difficult to endure and it caused some pains and aches. A lot of them are still with me today. Here is a description of what I felt and when I felt it. 

During the week of the (11th) of November.

At the start of that week I knew that something was going to quickly shift. It did shift later on in the week, as we moved into this past weekend. On the (13th,) Mars went direct and all day I felt weak, my neck was tight on the left side and my body was cold and my thyroid issue began to flare. Which meant that I was about to embody the energies from this 11/11 Portal Way. Which was then exasperated even further by Mars and then the upcoming New Moon on the (15th.)

The night of Friday November 13th Into The 15th

Friday night just about after Mars turned direct I began to have headaches, third eye downloads, cramps and stomach pain. Which lasted all night long, into Saturday the (14th.) All day Saturday I was on the couch and I could not move. My neck was in pain and my stomach ached, but got better throughout the day and with the help of a lot of water. By Sunday the (15th) while going through all of this and finally getting better. The energies subsided and my body started getting better. I started getting stronger.

Than the new moon energies began to be embodied by other people in my family. My lower conscious sister had an anxiety attack, she has been forced to grow this year and is finally embodying. My mom who is semi-aware had an accident while she fell off of a ladder. This was a blatant attack on my mother. She is light. Those negative entities saw the opportunity and they ran with it. She is okay. She is healing now. But, I have had to deal with doctors who are useless and these people are so awful for me to put up with. There have been a lot of attacks lately and I knew that this would happen. Which is why I have been shielding very hard. This all happened on the day of the New Moon, which was also the third and final Supermoon new moon for this year. Ever since, it has changed a lot of timelines.

This week of November the 16-20th

I am back at work. I am feeling slightly better the further away we are moving from this first November wave of codes. However, I am so exhausted. This week. I am so tired. I have been taking naps in the afternoon and sleeping during the night. My ears are ringing and I am hearing those high tones, rings, chimes, songs, and messages from various beings, about various thing’s, about December and how those energie will play out. Mainly, I am just physically exhausted and need much more sleep. 

As always none of this is pleasant. None of this is easy either. However, this is what I went through and probably what you, along with other light embodiers, have been going through all month long. All year long. For years. This is how these energies manifested for me and this is how they are manifesting this week. Everyone is going through their own individual circumstances, pains, attacks, frustrations and annoyances. There are reason(s) for all of this and it is because we are at a totally higher place than we have ever been. The entire month of December is going to be like this times two and it is a good thing. It hurts like hell. However, no-one else in the history of the entire earth, has ever been able to have this experience like this. At such an important interval in our history. At such a difficult time, but, at and in a time period, where we’re literally on the cusp of change. 

Keep it together. Keep moving … because December is going to be so important for all of us. The beginning of humanity finally moving into the beginning stages of the Aquarian age. I did say stages, and as we move further into December I’ll explain why I said stages.

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