An Interesting {11/11} Portal For 2020: Reclaiming Our Individual Self Sovereignty.

It is still very early to tell and I usually wait until after any significant  energy shift, to write about what I feel. Wait to write about what I have experienced. However, this week I am going to have to write how It has felt for me pre- Double 11 energies. Which have been coming on really slow. They have felt equally really painful as well. The next few days will unfold more and more as we move along, which trust me it will be and feel extreme. This is the weekend, before The Double 11/11 Portal Way and this is going to be one that we will never forget. 

This week. My article is going to be an Energy Update and next week will most definitely also be another energy update. I need them to be like this because there will be so much to say, that I’ll likely need two articles to write everything that I need to. The first article for this week will discuss the energies as we have entered November and as we approach The Double 11 Portal Way. The article for next week will discuss the energies as we exit that initial shift. It will be extremely striking. In the sense that we will all feel it when it happens. Mainly, there is a lot going on and if what I experienced today, earlier this morning, is any kind of indication of how the next few days will be. Then the next few days leading up to this portal way is going to be exhausting. 

November started off in the most unusual way for me this year. Which follows the theme for this entire year and this new cycle. Every, single, aspect, of everything, that I have gone through and witnessed this entire year. It has just looked and felt bizarre. As soon as November began the first thing that I noticed, was how many times I was involved in many moving timelines. One timeline after the other. Back and forth. I have been jumping timelines this entire month so far. I have no doubt that every Light Worker and Embodier has felt and experienced the collective timeline changing. That they were part of this individual and collective jumping, from one timeline to the other. At the very least witnessing the timeline change so that many people, were stepping into their very first major higher timeline. We have been living this and witnessing this, from moment to moment. It has been a very difficult time for me and it has left me confused at times. When I experience these quick paced movements; I get temporarily disoriented and I need some time to get myself back. Time to return to my own timeline. Not to be somewhere else while being physically awake. 

That happened to me this morning while waking up. I was awake. I was back in my body. However, I was not in the same timeline that I was in the previous day. It took me some time to get myself together. Time to realize where I was. When I did I got myself moving and went about my day, in the correct timeline that I have been used to. 

The first incident of witnessing the timeline change, happened to me on Sunday the 1st. Then on Tuesday the 3rd I was witnessing multiple timelines move back and forth. It was in a struggle. Wednesday the 4th and then again Nov 5th, it happened again and at greater intervals and for longer periods of time. It became clear to me by Friday Nov 6th, that I had entered and so did the entire world, enter into a higher timeline. A timeline that I knew there was a possibility for us all, to move into, now we’re just stuck in this transitional period. We will remain in this transitional period, between these two timelines, for some time until next week. 

Another important thing that I have wanted to mention for a while now, which is very important, as it has to do, with the current solar cycle that we are currently in. It involves the sun and it’s new solar cycle, along with cycle two of the ascension process beginning at the same time. Last year we entered a new solar cycle. Solar Cycle 25 began last December. If you go back and read my other article(s) you will notice, that I was talking about how we began a new cycle. A new Ascension Cycle. We have now been living in this Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process, for nearly a year now. What many people do not know is that: The new ascension cycle and the new solar cycle started at the same time. This is so important. This is was what I had been picking up on for months in 2019. Why no-body has been writing about it. Is beyond me. When we entered this year and into the spring and those damn summer eclipse(s,) I noticed the sun was different all of a sudden. It had changed. I had changed to because of it. I was ultra sensitive to the sun and what it was doing at that time. I have been for this entire year. 

Over the last few weeks solar activity, solar energies, light energies from the sun have been growing more and more intense each week. The activity on the sun is starting to pick up again. What happened this morning and this week, with the c-class eruptions and Ellerman bombs (light explosions on the sun.) It tells me that we are embodying solar light energies from our sun. New layers and higher levels that we have not felt or experienced before. I’d like to share an experience that I had early Friday morning.

Friday Morning,

I woke up after having gotten a decent amount of sleep during the night. I did not feel awake and fully there, I felt like I was somewhere else. As time past by I began to return to myself. After an hour or so. I began to receive head aches and pains on the right side of my head. A feeling that I had not experienced, or, felt very much for this entire year. Since February, I had received left side aches and pains. This pain continued and continued. It lasted all morning long. It was so strong and severe that I ended up falling asleep, because my body could not stay awake any longer. I could not hold out any longer; I needed to get out for a while. I just allowed the energies from the sun, to do what they were doing to the right side, of, my head. 

This usually happens exactly like this, for me, all of the time. It has happened to me all year long. The embodying and the random aches, pains, and modifications that leave me needing to step out of my body for a while. Then I go somewhere else, where I don’t have to feel that happening to me. It used to bother me all of the time. I would get scared, because I never understood why it was happening to me. It was a daily thing and it has been this entire year. The anxiety from these embodiment experiences, have left me traumatized at times. I have learned to go with it and not give it a second thought. It is never an easy process for me. It is never an easy process for anyone Which is why I have worked so hard on becoming more self sovereign. 

Every single day I work a little bit on reclaiming more of my self sovereignty. Learning how to master my emotions. Learn how to master my anxiety and fears. I have had to learn to master every single aspect of myself. How to remain in control of myself while I am on my path. It is so important for anyone who is alive right now. To reclaim there own power and learn to become a self sovereign human being.  Especially, during these times. It is going to continue to look and feel like this for the rest of this month. Especially, next week and the end of this month. Do what you think is best for you at this time. In control. Completely focused. That is the way to be.

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