Approaching Point Of Recovery: Multiple Existing Blurred Lines & Shifting Probabilities

Points Of Recovery

The last few days have been off the charts dynamic on an energetic level. I especially experienced a period of intense Energy Acceleration on Wednesday the (28th) and Thursday the (29th.) It felt to me like I moved into another period of these latest upgrades, modifications, that were taking place inside of my bodily vessel. Which means that other embodiers are also experiencing this exact same modification. This small interval felt absolutely different than anything I have felt before. This completely knocked me out for two days and shifted me completely. I wrote about these new codes last week and they continue this week as well, especially with the Second Full Moon of this month approaching. It’s big right now. It’s in our faces and we have to get through them as best as we can. 

The majority of my physical symptoms for both days included: Early morning headaches, throat tightness, weak body, racing heart and ear ringing which got loud, roaring, like there was a jet plane right beside my head. There were different sounding noises other than buzzing, ringing, roaring plane-like sounds. I heard slight chirping and light music. I also felt extremely wired and especially during the night. Which disrupted my sleeping pattern. It was like this for two days. Little to no energy and there was just no rest, because life had to move forward. Then on the 30th; I had one of the best days physically that I have had all year long. 

This week. My article is going to focus on everything that I have been feeling and sensing, since September about what is and could transpire for the world right now. For some time now I have been picking up on intuitive messages, vibes, inklings, in regards to the end of this year and how it might very well go. This happens to me a lot. I will go through intense periods of absolute nothingness, boredom and quiet. Like I need something to happen and life is just so damn boring. Which I should be grateful for. I will not see anything. Then I go through awful period(s) where everything is accelerated, too much is happening and I need it to stop. Then, I can see too much stuff happening. Since, September I have been going through periods of quiet nothingness, to periods of extremely loud chaos. This is how it goes. This is how it works for me. It very well could work for you in the same way. 

Now I really do not share much about what I see, feel, or perceive could happen in the future. I have known and so do other people, who have been on the path for a long time, that nothing is ever set in stone. Which is why I might mention information, but I do not go fully into the information about what I see. I know better. I know that one small change or thought form, can literally shape the direction of the entire world. I’m sharing it today, because I feel that I need to and it has to be now. It has to be in this article. 

Timeline: A timeline is a direction that is in movement in which people and events take place. At times it can seem to feel like this timeline is moving in a chronological order in which it feels like things are making sense, but then at other times it seems like events and people are all over the place in a dis-organized order. Linear and Non-linear time and movement can occur in timelines, where you think your in one place and time and then in another. 

Multiple Timelines: Are more than one possible direction that a person, a collective group and or the world can move into. Individual consciousness. Group consciousness and collective consciousness. 

I wrote out what a Timeline is and what Multiple Timelines are, because this article has everything to do with this. Timelines and directions. Possibilities and there are many different kinds of place(s) that I, You, and the whole entire world could go into during November. The three images of the three different world(s) illustrate this concept. One world and one direction. The second world and another direction and the third world and that direction. One moving lower. One moving at a steady pace to a steady progress and another moving into a higher ascended earth world. This is happening with more than just three world(s) and yes there are many different timelines and probabilities. 

Most of my life I have had to deal with these Blurred Lines as I call them. Lines that move into different directions and that have different outcomes about people and the world. These lines have been extremely blurred over the years, but I have always been able to receive the initial design plan(s). These blurred lines involve a design plan, with site plans, floor plans and all the proper documents that go along with it. We are literally constructing that timeline, that possibility, through us. We are the creators and the planners. We are strong enough to think it and create it. At times. Design plan(s) need to be revisited and revised. Certain plans will remain the same, while other’s will have many aspects removed from that design plan. Which creates another line and the result then becomes blurred. We won’t know what the initial outcome is, but because it has modified it can be a better direction to move ahead into. Then we can build what we need to from there. This is what we have all been doing individually and collectively. I especially have been working hard at getting myself to the highest timeline that I can, where I can be at my best. Where I can be positioned at my most valuable for where everyone needs me to be and where I want myself to be. Which is why this website is here. I am at my best here. 

What I saw in September and I am going to go into detail that involves a lot of these shifting probabilities. However, no matter which direction that ultimately transpires in November. I have been intuitively picking up on the fact that humanity is going to Approach A Point of Recovery. While this point of  recovery has been happening since we entered cycle two of the Ascension Process. However, it is going to unfold and manifest in new way(s) in November and as we move into December and January. Which will be the most important few months. Here is what I saw happening in November. 

In November 2020 I saw that the energies were going to get stronger and it was going to effect the world.  They were going to be so advanced to such a degree that many would not be able to do much of anything. Many would continue to struggle all around the globe. Many would continue to die. The complete system that was in place will continue to dismantle even more. There are two points in regards to the energies that were of strong interest for me. The week leading up to The Double {11} Portal Way and the week in-a-half leading up to the first eclipse. After these two points of energies. It will be non-stop all of December and January and February. 

The covid-19 virus will continue into next year. The cases would increase in the coming months. However, I saw a few major and important scenarios play out. Which ultimately influenced how the entire world would shift. 

There is a great, great opportunity for the entire world to enter a timeline. To make that shift and jump collectively and it all has too do with Biden being elected. I am not saying that he will be elected. I am saying there is a potential for him to get elected. Knowing what I know and for as many years that I do, timelines either remain the same. Or change. Allowing, for group(s,) or, the entire population to move into a higher consciousness altogether. 

A second major timeline that I saw involves trump being re-elected and the world remains in that timeline. It is not the best timeline. Considering, that this is where we currently are right now. Which is not so great. It is an opportunity for us to remain where we are and move at a slower pace. Eventually, we will get to where we need to go.

However, despite this the Approaching Point Of Recovery will still happen as planned. It will just happen at a much later period. There were also multiple other timelines. Like, other stand in president(s) taking office in that country. There are timelines where Covid-19 is extended for more years than what people think. There are timelines where covid-19 disappears and people and life does slowly return back to normal. Faster than expected. There are timelines where people are becoming awakened to such an extent, that the world just decides that there is no need for the current systems that we have. No presidents. No governments. Self governed. Which would go into effect immediately. 

The one I felt had the strongest possibility was Biden being elected. This does not mean that he will. It means that out of all of the timelines, this one was less blurred. There was more information that I could access. Information that I could see. Events taking place in December and January which were connected strongly to this timeline. Remember the design plans. I saw more of the layout for this than in any other timeline. There are so many possibilities. So many directions. So many place(s) that we can all move into. The probabilities are there for each scenario and more that I see. 

No matter what timeline plays out. The point of all of these scenarios, possibilities, probabilities and where are we moving towards, involves moving towards that Approaching Point Of Recovery. The one point where collectively we are going to begin recovering, recovering from all of the outright darkness that has infected this planet and human consciousness. This is what we are working for. Each timeline will take us there. A few will take us there faster than others’, so it really should not matter who wins. Who is involved. It is all about the unification of our body, spirit and consciousness. 

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